Many driver’s licenses run in 2022! Who has to hurry now

No longer valid from 2022!

Many driver’s licenses run off – if you have to hurry up now

Many driver's licenses run in 2022! Who has to hurry now-hurry
dpa / Oliver Berg / Archive Many seniors need a new driver’s license from January 2022. The old document is then no longer valid.

By 2033 at the latest, there should only be the driver’s license in the check card format in Germany. The first major change will take place from January 2022. Drivers who were born between 1953 and 1958 must then apply for a new driver’s license. Site says why you should already make an application.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More infosim summer vacation make gray and pink folding leader certificates every now and then. In the EU, especially in the EU, the driver’s license has prevailed in check card format. From 2022, this document should now gradually replace gray and pink -colored driver’s licenses in Germany.Although the EU is asking the member states to accept the different driver’s license documents within the Union, the applicable classes on the old driving license and outdated photos of the driver’s license owners are not recognizable straight away. As a result, Germans run the risk of police control abroad abroad. From January 2022 this also threatens in Germany.

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Exchange deadline was extended by half a year: First driver’s licenses should no longer apply from January 2022

Who between 1. January 1953 and 31.12.Was born in 1958 and at the same time has a gray and pink driver’s license, must be until 19. January 2022 have replaced his old driver’s license with the check card. This exchanging deadline for the old paper guide notes has now been extended by half a year. The citizens could not be blamed if they could not exchange their old documents in the prescribed period, said Infrastructure Minister Lydia Huskens (FDP) on Thursday. Factors such as pandemic and technical problems would have made the conditions in exchanging more difficult.

The exchange is even mandatory. From this date, drivers continue to drive with the old one "Rag" And if they are caught, a warning money of 10 euros applies. Truck and bus drivers with no longer valid old driving license also commit a criminal offense.

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Many driver's licenses run in 2022! Who has to hurry now-hurry
Andreas Arnold/dpa/illustration A “pink driver’s license” lies on the dashboard.

Where can I exchange the driver’s license?

The driver’s license points are responsible for the exchange – i.e. the town hall, the district office or the district administration department.Site advises: Ideally, those affected should already make the application. At the moment the processing time is three to five weeks. Shortly before the deadline, the authorities could cause a rush, which in turn can push the duration significantly backwards.The exchange takes place without a health examination and costs around 25.50 euros. A surcharge must only expect those affected if the exchange is to be made in the urgent procedure (Express) or the new driver’s license is to be sent by post.Not all authorities offer this service. Fees are also due if the key number is additionally entered or a second entry must be made. In Munich this accounts for an additional 28.60 euros.A biometric passport photo must be included in the application. For this, the professional photographer demands between 12 and 30 euros. At the photo machine at the train station there is the necessary passport photo from five euros. However, it is advisable to have the biometric passport photo taken by a photographer, since there are certain provisions on how the biometric passport photo should look.

When do I have to exchange my old driving license?

Who before the 1. January 1953 and after the 1. Was born in January 1959, the following deadlines should note:

Many driver's licenses run in 2022! Who has to hurry now-licenses

For drivers who between the 1. January 1953 and the 31. December 1958 was (as already mentioned) a period of 19. January 2022.Anyone who was born after 1981 usually received his driver’s license in 1999. The date of birth does not apply here, but the date of the exhibition. Driver’s licenses that from 1. Was issued in January 1999, the following stage period applies.

Many driver's licenses run in 2022! Who has to hurry now-many

The old driver’s license must be exchanged by this date.

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Many driver's licenses run in 2022! Who has to hurry now-hurry

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11 thoughts on “Many driver’s licenses run in 2022! Who has to hurry now”

  1. I’m slightly confused now
    Based on the many comments. Can I keep my gray rag unpunished now … there is no expiry date on it, or not?It is valid for indefinitely as a document? Who has an absolutely safe and correct answer?

  2. The driver’s license
    is valid indefinitely . This applies to all driving permissions issued to this day ! The "driver’s license" is not a driver’s license … just a documents that documents the driver’s license in daily handling . Even if I am controlled by the police without a "driver’s license", the police can query my data and determine whether I have a valid driver’s license .

  3. The title is still wrong (!)))
    "Drivers who were born before 1953 must then apply for a new driver’s license." That is not true (!!!) The rag only has to be rewritten for 1950-52/ exchanged from 2033, the old ones only come at the very end…. And who drives a car – then everything is already autonomous (!)))

  4. Restrictions on contact
    Only the second age group of corona -threats have been forced to the contact regulation. Life depends on the plastic card and no politician can implement the temporal shift. As a result, I know the bureaucratic effort with an internet appointment and walking around the officials without a mask and then the control entrance through security services. As a taxpayer, I can also pay for this, led by the CDU. My election decision will be derived from this and I hope that the mass of those affected also recognizes it

  5. How often
    In my driver’s license, none of them are that it will run or invalid at some point. I have a good driving license. Properly issued by an official. So a document. Or should I now also bring my birth certificate to check card format. So now for the third time again. Dear EU…….., You can…….

  6. What do you have about it?
    I know people who are now driving around with a gray rag that still includes the youth photo with 14 from the moped license. If the rag is lost, pretty much everyone can use it if only the gender and the approximate age is right. It is not wrong if a more current photo is taken from time to time so that you can see the driver’s license holder.

  7. So let’s count ..
    The “old gray rag” never runs, the new one is only valid for 15 years. 26 € + 26 € (for keys 7.5t), + 25 € Pass photo = approx. 75 € plus 1 exchange for € 50 (photo +fees) == Ca. 130 € I can pay the penalty 13 times and since on average I only get into a police check every 5 years, 65!! Drive for years without problems … Then I only drive around in heaven. The two vacation days for the authorities come on top of that: I will not exchange anything.

  8. correction
    Dear site. When do the citizens who were born before 1953 have to exchange the driver’s license for a compulsory fee? Please correct the article. Thanks!

  9. Clearly, first
    pensioners.Have most of the time, a lot of money and can best be deducted.There are also no anti -exchange groups on the streets.But note: Exchange costs a good € 25 plus a new passport photo, once catching the old driver’s license (relatively unlikely) 10 €.There is indefinitely on the old glow!

  10. Check card format
    The report says that even driving licenses issued from 1999 to 2013 must be replaced from 2026 to 2033. There were still paper leading notes out? My documented document (2000) at the time (the gray had become illegible) is already in the EU check card format. Or is there a new, different check card document that was only introduced in 2014? The report leaves questions open to me, it says at the beginning, only the paper document owners should react, not the check card holders.

  11. On the older check cards is still
    no validity date printed. In the future, all driver’s licenses will have a validity date such as travel passes and personnel cards. Unfortunately, this became necessary to pull fake documents out of circulation or incorporate new security standards.


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