Market: small cars dominated by electric cars; SUVs through plug-in hybrid

Market: small cars dominated by electric cars; SUVs through plug-in hybrid-market

The “small car” area, which in the current market view – was attributed to February 2020 – the Peugeot E208, the Opel Corsa-E or the new Renault Zoe, experienced strong growth. This could be demonstrated in early January, explaining again in February. Interesting, however, is that when viewed on market segments, just this small car sector strongly through e-auto approvals, the SUV segment is strongly influenced by plug-in hybrid approvals. A fact that we want to look closer to.

Thanks to an increase through new (Peugeot 208e) and older models (Renault Zoe, VW e-up!-Family) dominated the approvals in the first two months of the year (combined) small and basic models, which together accounted for over 40 percent of total admissions. If one adds the segment of the lower middle class, the proportion of all three sectors was 68 percent. Interesting here is the proportion of purely electric vehicles; which we have included in the following consideration.

  • Basic – 7.834 units – 10.30 percent
  • Small car – 23.618 units – 30.90 percent
  • Lower middle class – 20.745 units – 27,10 percent
  • Near Executive – 4.783 units – 6.30 percent
  • SUV / Crossover – 16.322 units – 21.40 percent
  • Luxury class – 1.134 units – 1.50 percent
  • Commercial vehicle class – 425 units – 0.60 percent
  • Other – 1.974 units – 2.60 percent

With the exception of the SUV sector, which was curved by the Premium Model Audi E-Tron, the E-Auto approvals were found primarily in smaller and lighter segments. Which is partly associated with cheaper prices, which appear even more interesting for the market in combination with corresponding subsidies. For March, it is allowed to assume that the Near Executive Sector will have a strong increase. Because as we remember, the only model in this segment is the model 3, which is usually a registration boost just at the end of the quarter. Nevertheless, the times of 30 percent share in the European market for Tesla are likely to be over.

In the so-called Basic segment, growth is also expected, alone already due to VW. These piles for 2020 at 20.000 E-up! to bring to the street, which would make up about 20 percent of the overall forecast of the VW Group for 2020. Assuming that the Volkswagen Group is the 100.000 European MEB models, which had been hoped for 2020, can deliver the lower middle class as a determining e-auto segment the year.

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  1. Search yourself an e-SUV, but none, since each car now shows what is over 150cm height as SUV counts. The e-tron I pretend more to the combis, and for that he is too expensive. Who can afford such a car?


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