Market: Tesla Model 3 the best-selling EV in Europe in 2021

Market: Tesla Model 3 the best-selling EV in Europe in 2021-europe

Automotive analyst Matthias Schmidt has been scrutinizing the European electric car market for some time. In his year-end analysis, he was able to work out that in 2021 every ninth newly registered electric car was a Tesla Model 3. Thanks to this achievement, the Model 3 was also named the number one electric model in the region last year.

According to his analysis, in the 18-market region, which includes the original EU Member States before enlargement in 2004, plus Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and the United Kingdom, 139.600 Model 3 approved. The Tesla Model 3, for which the production base was shifted from the USA to China in the second half of the year, accounted for almost twice as many vehicles in the region as the next best electric car model, the Renault Zoe (70.300).

Most Model 3s were sold in Germany – thanks to the strong state support, which also contributed to the fact that attractive leasing offers were offered without a down payment, with installments starting at 299 euros per month. To be precise: The top ten most successful electric car models are the Tesla Model 3 with a good 35.000 new registrations. The now no longer available (soon again) VW e-Up! ended up almost 31.000 registrations in second place, followed by the VW ID.3 with a good 27.000 first registrations.

Volkswagen Group’s combined MEB-based models reached fewer than 200 in the same period.000 pieces across Western Europe. Only 189.000 models of the Skoda Enyaq, the VW ID.3 and ID.4 as well as the Audi Q4 and Cupra Born came on roads from Dublin to Dresden and from Oslo to Olbia, as Schmidt knows how to explain. The details show that the models (excluding SKODA) manufactured at the newly renovated Zwickau electrical site last year were sold for less than 150.000 deliveries in the region were responsible. In addition, the VW ID.4 exported to the US. only 16.700ID.According to VW, 4 arrived on US roads last year. 2022 will now show who can scale production faster and, above all, serve the market accordingly.

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3 thoughts on “Market: Tesla Model 3 the best-selling EV in Europe in 2021”

  1. The great art of making something appear completely different from what it really is. If you read the intricately written article, you somehow think that Tesla was more successful than VW.

    “According to his analysis, in the region … 139.600 Model 3 approved.”

    –> madness!

    “Volkswagen Group’s combined MEB-based models reached less than 200 in the same period.000 pieces throughout Western Europe”

    –> Buhhh…!

    Why is 139,600 a great number while 200,000 is meager?

    Overall, the situation of the two groups in 2021 with regard to BEVs in Europe is very simple:
    –> Tesla has approx. 150,000 BEVs sold.
    –> The VW group has approx. 300,000 BEVs sold.
    As simple as that.

  2. For the past 10 years, Tesla has been closely associated with a thick wallet in every man’s mind (interested in technology). That’s always a real bonus. the sales of these cars. But Tesla’s numbers will certainly not be that impressive very soon because other car manufacturers can also build cars..


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