Massive criticism of Union program for mobility

Massive criticism of Union program for mobility-union

The Union Parties CDU and CSU have adopted their election program and also establishes principles for the future of mobility. In particular, they talked about technology openness. The Greens criticized the positions as spongy and discouraged, also climate protectioners and environmental associations condemned the plans, reported “ “Calling on various media.

“We want the best cars to be produced in Germany – with all drive forms,” says, among other things in the government program. And on: “We will make the switch to emission-free mobility for all attractive and submit a timetable.”This must take into account all interests.

CDU and CSU therefore also use synthetic fuels in addition to e-mobility and want to use them – as well as hydrogen – in perspective in heavy duty traffic. Taxi companies, driving and delivery services Want to support the two parties when switching to zero emission cars through special write-offs, including charging columns. A diesel ban backrest CDU and CSU as well as a general speed limit on highways.

For further expansion of electrified traffic, the expansion of the charging infrastructure is crucial, it means. The Union wishes that fast load columns can be achieved in the long-distance traffic nationwide within ten minutes and also simplifies and standardized the payment system as well as the connections.

The Greens had many ideas but no experience, criticized CSU boss Markus SOder. They would fall back “back to the old role” and work with forbidden – the starting position for the Union is therefore good. Nonetheless, the Bavarian Prime Minister considers the Environmental Party for the main competitor of the Union in the Bundestag election campaign. SOder was that you could do without the green green policies.

The Green Chancellor Candidate Annalena Baerbock threw the Union in response to their program to unable to finance many electoral promises and not to be brave enough. The CDU / CSU program was built on soft sand, said the co-boss of the Greens.

Also climate protectioners and environmental associations also adopted the election program of CDU and CSU as a completely inadequate in the fight against grounding. Luisa Neubauer of the climate protection movement Fridays for Future said the “Rheinische Post”: “This party program is a 139 pages long refusal to protect us from the climate crisis and to comply with the 1.5 degree target. The even largest folk party refuses to acknowledge the largest crisis, let alone tackle. Shocking.”

“With its election program, the Union has decided against every single measure that would lower emissions,” said Carla Reemtsma, spokeswoman of Fridays for Future, the magazine “Watson”. “The Union continues to hold the coal outward phase 2038, tax relief for coal, oil and gas as well as natural gas as ‘bridge technology’. Instead, she wants to comply with the climates all serious with projects such as air taxis.”

Martin Kaiser, Managing Board of Greenpeace, explained, CDU and CSU remained vague given the existential threat of climate crisis and species. “Armin Laschet pushes further in front of the obvious.”Climate protection necessarily need a faster coal outward exit, a fixed exit from the internal combustion engine and clear expansion goals for renewable energies. The Union has frightened openly, as they protect nature in the future and ensure their recovery.

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6 thoughts on “Massive criticism of Union program for mobility”

  1. Bla bla bla. Technology-facility does not mean anything else like “I want to continue as before”
    My gentlemen, repeatedly the same, loss -is fear, fear of change, the evil new world, what the farmer does not know he does not eat.
    Instead of confessing to the step, you prefer to get out. The next generation will thank you. The cars come from China and you can continue your naming for 5 Euro / liter.

  2. The CDU and the SPD have become unuseable alone from environmental and existential perspective. Who has children and wants to protect our only available habitat, the cross can not set these parties. The perfect party is probably not there anyway but the election program CDU and SPD is an absolute no-go!

  3. Then everyone should now really Something about our nature or planet is, or everyone with children or even degrees to know where he / she does not make the cross in September.
    Going – Take responsibility for our future!!!

  4. Of these parties, only a perfidic policy is to be expected. Environment is for the uninteresting, the main thing the corporations reach their maximum profit. That these types still want to sell us for stupid is a discrimination.

  5. Parties, election programs – they decide so little. Money is really true on this, still blue planet. Who has it – decides!


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