Mazda is said to want to bring three new electric cars by 2025

Mazda is said to want to bring three new electric cars by 2025-want

The Japanese car manufacturer Mazda, which is considered to be a latecomer when it comes to e-mobility, wants to expand its range of electric cars and is scheduled to add three new electric models to its portfolio by 2025. The three new Stromers should all be based on the new, dedicated Skyactiv EV Scalable Architecture, which the manufacturer announced last year. At that time it was still said that the three new electric cars should be introduced between 2025 and 2030 – i.e. later than according to the current report from AutoExpress. Unfortunately, the British trade journal does not name a source for the information about the advanced schedule.

The new platform can be flexibly expanded between the axes. With a longer wheelbase, the battery capacity can also be increased. This platform strategy, which several manufacturers are now pursuing for their electric cars, has the advantage that vehicles of different sizes – such as a small car and a large SUV – can theoretically be screwed together on the same assembly line, which is considerably more efficient than previous ones from a production point of view procedures.

Mazda has not yet announced any performance data for the new platform. It is known that the rather smaller segments should be filled first. It can therefore initially be expected with electric cars in the format of a Mazda 3 or CX-30.

Despite all the investments in electric technology, Mazda still hasn’t given up on the internal combustion engine. The company plans to launch five new hybrid cars and five new plug-in hybrids by 2025. The Japanese manufacturer promises that its next-generation petrol and diesel engines will offer lower CO2 emissions, lower NOx emissions, better fuel economy and more power. These new combustion engines will continue to build on Mazda’s Skyactiv Multi-Solution Scalable Architecture. Buyers should choose between 24V or 48V mild hybrid drive strands (whereby the former smaller vehicles and the latter are reserved for larger cars), plug-in hybrids and a range-extender system with Wankel engine.

The company says it has also engaged its engineers to develop renewable synthetic fuels. In this way, Mazda wants to reduce the CO2 emissions of its entire fleet without the need for huge infrastructure changes – the fuel could be obtained at conventional petrol pumps. Mazda is currently studying synthesized fuels made from carbon, which is to be pulled directly from the atmosphere through huge filters. The carbon is then blended with hydrogen in a ratio to give it exactly the same properties as conventional gasoline and diesel. If green electricity is used in the energy-intensive production of this fuel, the process is almost completely CO2-neutral.

Mazda also works on biodiesel fuels to be made from sustainable raw materials such as microalgen fats and used cooking oil. It is important to the manufacturer that these raw materials do not compete with land areas for food supply, as is usually the case with biodiesel fuels.

All these innovations should help Mazda to achieve its climate goals. The aim is to reduce the CO2 emissions compared to the level of 2010 to 2030 by 50 percent. Mazda also plans a complete CO2 neutrality in every area of its business up to 2050.

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  1. From the article:

    “Currently, Mazda investigates synthesized fuels […]. When the energy-intensive production of this fuel is used eco flow, the process is almost completely CO2-neutral.”

    Also concealed here V.a.,

    • Which Tons of green (not enough already available!) that on the same route vs. a BEV requires and
    • that the combustion of eFuels – in addition to the alleged balance sheet CO2 neutrality – other toxic and climate-damaging substances released (and.a. NOx and SOx) …
    • of the Noise pollution by the way apart from that!

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