Mazda wants to be Premium – with new petrol engines

Unusual drive strategy

Against the trend: Mazda now wants to be a premium – with new petrol engines

Mazda wants to be Premium - with new petrol engines-mazda
Mazda Made in USA: Mazda CX-50

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While more and more manufacturers are completely saying goodbye to the combustion world, Mazda not only relies on electric drives and hybrids, but also on new petrol engines and diesel. By the way, one wants to climb into the premium league.

Even if crossover such as Mazda CX-3 or CX-5 has been earning most of the money for years and you have so far only been crazy in the electric wing with models such as the MX-30, the core of the brand is still the MX-5. Over the years, despite a few ups and downs, he has hardly lost anything of his fascination about the different generations. Since 1989, the two -seater has been largely successful, puristic, easy and with manageable engine output, largely unchanged to customer catch and more or less worldwide.

Mazda and its electrical retention

When it comes to the large automotive electric trend, Mazda is relatively back. The increasing influence of Toyota due to the grown cooperation also changes only a little. The Mazda 2 is now also to be obtained as a part-time electrician as a twin model of the Toyota Yaris Hybrid, but a large change to electromobility looks different.

Mazda wants to be Premium - with new petrol engines-petrol
Mazda New longitudinal engine platform from Mazda

Advertisement Toyota Yaris Hybrid with the Mazda logo on the radiator grille combines a 68 kW / 93 hp 1.5-liter three-cylinder petrol engine with a 59 kW / 80 horsepower electric motor. The system output of 85 kW / 116 hp ensures 175 km / h top and a standard consumption of 3.8 liters. However, you cannot charge the Mazda 2 hybrid on the socket.

Premium league – with a new rear wheel drive platform?

Instead of fully relying on the electrical future for individual models or when driving, Mazda wants to grow up today and unlock with its new models for the premium league. Even if hardly brands like Audi, BMW or Mercedes appear tangible when the first jump, it looks different with Alfa Romeo, Volvo or Cadillac.This is supposed to make a new platform that the technology -loving Japanese have developed with a lot of dedication and inventory in recent years. Unlike many of the competitors from the volume segment, this is a platform for larger vehicles with rear -wheel drive and corresponding all -wheel drive. The platform does not rely on electric drives, but on combustion engine with four and especially six cylinders that can be hybridized on request.

Mazda MX-30 in the test: The first E-Mazda is missing the most important component

Mazda wants to be Premium - with new petrol engines-wants

Site Mazda MX-30 in the test: The first E-Mazda is missing the most important component

Mazda CX-50 only for Americans

However, the latest group model named CX-50 is not yet based on the new platform, but is intended solely for the North American market and is optionally available as a front or all-wheel drive. The Mazda CX-50 is the first vehicle that has recently been produced in the new work in Huntsville / Alabama built together with Toyota. The new European models Mazda CX-60 and CX-80 will only change to the new platform with rear wheel / all-wheel drive and longitudinal engines in the coming year. In the USA and some other non-European markets, the Japanese are introducing the new Mazda CX-70 and Mazda CX-90 models based on the same platform, which are slightly larger and wider than the European variants.

Opponent of Tesla Model Y: The Mercedes EQB can do that

Mazda wants to be Premium - with new petrol engines-petrol

Site Opponent of Tesla Model Y: The Mercedes EQB can do that

While the Mazda CX-60 has two rows of seats with five seats from mid-2022, the larger Mazda CX-80 offers up to seven rows of seats from 2023 from 2023. The two SUVs are the first vehicles with the new plug-in hybrid drive as a row four-cylinder, which is supported by an electric motor. In addition to this drive, the newly developed in -line six -cylinder also find their way into the new models – as a petrol engine and diesel.

Hybrid, diesel and petrol engine

Something surprising: In addition to the plug-in hybrid drive, there will be a turbo-loaded version of the new inline six-cylinder petrol engine in addition to the plug-in hybrid drive. There is the order in Europe: four-cylinder phev, six-cylinder diesel and only then a six-cylinder petrol engine-again without charging. Instead, there is a SPCCI drive for the current models that combines the advantages of petrol engines and diesel in a engine.In addition, Mazda offered a new variant of the Mazda MX-30 in Europe and the USA in the first half of 2022 in Europe and the USA. The electrical crossover is then also available in a variant with a circular piston engine, which drives a generator for on -board power generation. The new plug-in hybrid drive, which always drives the bikes electrically, enables purely electrical driving on shorter routes and the covering of longer distances with the circular piston engine. It was not until 2025 that Mazda released a number of new electric vehicles to customers all over the world. By 2030, there should only be fully electric vehicles and hybrid versions in the European model program. And not only then you want to have arrived in the premium league.

At 180 the stallion is neutered: is the electro-mustang muscle car or muesli car?

Mazda wants to be Premium - with new petrol engines-petrol

Site At 180 the stallion is neutered: is the electro-mustang muscle car or muesli car?

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  1. the "Burner"
    Our premium manufacturers are consistently with a suction.small additional electricoosters with the … to have the necessary battery. No more. Hybrids and pure e -vehicles are not yet "duty". So I was also slept past Mazda for the last time. One should keep in mind that electric vehicles to the "real combustion" can become. Faster than you are lovely. German politics does not report on this. Not even if the third bus depot flares within a few months.

  2. Unusual drive technology?
    Everything that is offered and does not fit our media is unusual or nonsensical. The story is written by customers . In 5 years we will see whether the Germans or the Asians were right. Now everyone is trying to enforce their personal interests. This is electrical for the Europeans and both for Asians. What is of course demonized by us, because you don’t go completely our way. The German being has always been frowned upon.

  3. Where is the 1-liter car from VW?
    VW had presented the 1-liter car at the IAA several years ago. Where is it now? Still not ready for series production? Only seem to work at VW. How to hear on the Messe-Vidoe Winterkorn: "BMW cannot! We can’t! How can the???" (Meant the new Kia). And the "Nothing scepper! Why does nothing scepper?". You just have to have seen.

  4. Against the trend?
    They suffer from loss of reality? Name the green nonsense trend? The German power grid currently has an output of 68.5 gigawatts (easy to read in the specialist sources). For 1. Million. Electric cars are needed 350 gigawatts (also easy to determine). Where is the mistake. It is simply not possible to supply 42 million electric cars with electricity from renewable energies. In England, the loading time is already limited in a few electric cars, because otherwise the power grid will collapse (Site reported) The hype around the electric car will be over in a manageable time. Until then, the car companies (at the very front of VW) will be happy to use the gigantic grants made available by the incompetent government, which the taxpayer has worked hard

  5. Fortunately there are alternatives
    The thinkers at Mazda continue to think as our automobile manufacturers. It is completely clear that the e-automobile alone will not please customers everywhere in the world. In other countries, the electric car is not funded as massively as in Germany with tax money. After all, I feel that there will also be combustible cars, even if VW and Co make the error only to build e-cars. Then I drive as before, Japanese!

  6. Class Mazda !
    Great, then we finally know where we will buy our new car in the future ! In any case, an e-mobile does not come into the garages.

  7. Against which trend?
    Green idealism is not a trend and will never prevail in the crowd. There will be a long time and who will no longer make them will notice this in the cash register

  8. Unusual drive strategy?
    Mazda builds a petrol engine and this calls the site "unusual drive strategy"? The combustion engines have been the most widespread drives for over 100 years! If something deserves the term "unusual drive strategy", then these are probably clearly the left-green electric cars ..


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