Mazda: Whether Wankel engine comes as Range Extender is questionable

Mazda: Whether Wankel engine comes as Range Extender is questionable-mazda

The Mazda MX-30 we already had a guest. In addition to the purely electric variant, it was stated that another with a small, lightweight and exceptionally quiet Mazda circle engine, which serves as a Range Extender, should come on the road. The Range Extender invites the vehicle battery as needed and should contribute to the concerns of many customers with regard to the limited range of electric vehicles.

Now, the Japanese car manufacturers gave to understand that the circle engine, which is planned as Range Extender for the MX-30, does not originally confirmed in the first half of 2022. However, Mazda spokesman Masahiro Sakata is quoted that the company still thinks about the use of a circle engine as Range Extender. However, the time of introduction is still uncertain. The decisive factor is the fact that the MX-30 requires a larger battery, which would also hunt the cost upwards. And in contradiction to your own strategy. Officially, the drive forward from Pages Mazdas has so far:

For customers who need more range, MAZDA has announced a variant of the Mazda MX-30, in which the battery can be charged during driving by means of a small, lightweight circular piston or wankel motor with a connected generator. So several hundred kilometers can be driven at a piece. Especially in the phase of the still developing electric shop network a not to be underestimated advantage.

In the further variant of our electric vehicle MX-30 confirmed for the first half 2022, the circular piston motor is connected directly to a generator for power generation as part of a serial hybrid system and operates at constant, low speeds as a lighter and efficient range extenders. Further application possibilities are currently still in the minds of our engineers.

Mazda accelerates the electrification of its model program and thus makes another step towards climate neutrality up to 2050. Between 2022 and 2025, the Japanese car manufacturer introduces a number of new vehicles based on the Skyactiv Multi-Solution Scalable Architecture, predominantly in Japan, Europe, the USA, China and the ASEAN registrars. These include five hybrid models (without mild-hybrid, incl. Models with Toyota hybrid system), five plug-in hybrid models and three battery electrical models. Further details on these vehicles wants to announce the manufacturer later.

In addition, Mazda develops a specific platform for electric cars, the Skyactiv eV Scalable Architecture. It supplies the basis for electric cars of different sizes and body forms to be introduced between 2025 and 2030.

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5 thoughts on “Mazda: Whether Wankel engine comes as Range Extender is questionable”

  1. However, Mazda spokesman Masahiro Sakata is quoted that the company still thinks about the use of a circle engine as Range Extender.

    Maybe the battery development comes to this “reflection” before and in the middle of the decade there is the double kWh number and thus twice the range to the previous battery price.

  2. A Wankel engine has a much worse efficiency than a fashionable 4-stroke piston gasoline engine.
    Furthermore, one needs special production streets for wankel engines and thus complicates the electrification.
    Therefore, a Wankel plugin hybrid in the car does not provide relevant advantages over a conventional plug-in hybrid drive.

  3. I have been one of the confident plug-in hybrid drivers for several years and our next car in a few years will be a PHV again. Then look (t) I’m interested in the Mazda with Range Extender. But that’s how it will be the new Astra PHV, let’s see instead.

  4. It is enough to be fabulated again and again of hydrogen vehicles, which as a range extender a fuel cell lug with it.

  5. Rex I find technically fascinating only only brings that for the least driving profiles a convincing added value and only as medications against rich bidding is a Rex very expensive


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