Mazda3 – the best of two drive worlds

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The best of two drive worlds

The attractive Mazda3 convinces in the test with its Diesotto engine and its balanced handling.

Also available with all-wheel drive: the Mazda 3.

When the Mazda 3 pulls up in front of the house for the first time, the young family members immediately think of a comparison: the Mazda 3 looks very similar to a Tesla or an expensive sports car.

In fact, the front of the 4.46 meter long Japanese looks very sporty, and the car is aesthetically pleasing across the board. The Mazda, which costs 38,000 francs, not only looks good, it also drives that way. You sit safely in the comfortable and sporty seats, switch quickly through six gears manually, feel the advantages of the new chassis and get away from the traffic lights very well when accelerating.

Mazda3 - The best of two drive worlds-best

Pretty stern with enough space.

Responsible for this acceleration is the new Skyactive-X petrol engine with a displacement of 2 liters, 180 hp and 224 Newton meters of torque. Mazda has developed a special engine that, so to speak, combines the advantages of petrol and diesel engines, known as the Diesotto engine. To do this, Mazda uses a special fuel injection system that creates two different fuel-air mixtures within the combustion chamber. In two steps, first a lean mixture is injected, then a richer one. At the right time, like in a diesel engine, this triggers a type of self-ignition. This compression ignition reduces the consumption of the Mazda 3 to 5.5 liters per 100 kilometers and CO2 emissions to 124 grams per kilometer. In the test it was 1 liter more, but a good 6 liters is also a good value for a sporty driving style with all-wheel drive. Matching the brisk acceleration, the interior of the Mazda 3 also has a sporty design. There are few buttons, the operation is digitized. Driving information appears on the head-up display projected onto the windshield.

Among other things, safety is taken into account with a knee airbag used for the first time, but also with many electronic assistants. The cross-traffic warning for the front of the five-seater is also practical, the 351-liter trunk of which is not huge, but even provides enough space for a dog box.

Mazda3 - The best of two drive worlds-worlds

Solidly made and easy to use: the cockpit.

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