McDonald’s Austria starts charging columns offensive

McDonald's Austria starts charging columns offensive-starts

The system gastronomy market leader McDonald‘s Austria lays down new environmental and energy standards for its restaurants and brings the German e-mobility service provider to the German e-mobility service provider for a nationwide supply of electric petrol stations. That’s out of a message. According to the end of 2023, all restaurants with parking with powerful E-fast charging stations are equipped with up to 300 kW. In addition, all newly opened locations with photovoltaic system, bioshredder, waste oil exhaust system will be equipped for the production of biodiesel and sustainable heating system.

As it is said, McDonald‘s Austria is supported by the German provider’s e-filling stations – until recently known under the name E-Forest known and daughter of Statkraft, according to its own data Europe’s largest producer of renewable energy. This year, the first ten 150 kW strong Alpitronic hypercharger with two charging points are installed at selected locations. High-frequency locations are still more powerful stations with 300 kW, where approval with a range of 300 kilometers in 20 minutes is possible for appropriately equipped vehicles in 20 minutes. By the end of 2023, all restaurants with parking with e-charging stations should be equipped.

“Electromobility will prevail as technology in the transport sector in the coming years,” believes Operating Manager Michael Ohler von McDonald‘s Austria. This development wanted to support the company. “Take a break, enjoy a burger or cappuccino while charging the e-car in about 15 minutes will soon be possible in all restaurants with parking.”Mer Managing Director Anton Achatz:” With the expansion of the charging infrastructure and the connection to the smart power grids of the future, we develop solutions for the challenges of our time.”

The expansion of electric petrol stations is part of the new building standards, which has set McDonald’s Austria now for all openings and larger conversions. In addition, the company has recently qualified as a long-term partner for participation in the “Climate Active Pact 2030”. The ambitious target of the partners is the reduction of their CO2 emissions by 2030 by at least 50 percent (base 2005).

Since 2005 had been more than halved by appropriate measures of energy use per guest, it is called McDonald’s. Intelligent energy management, sustainable technologies for heating, room air technology and lighting, optimal recycling of the resources incurred in the restaurant, the reference of 100 percent green stream and the expansion of photovoltaic self-production. For the current projects in Steyr, Hohenems and Eisenstadt, the new standards would already be implemented.

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3 thoughts on “McDonald’s Austria starts charging columns offensive”

  1. Find this initiative great! (Although no big fan of Mc’d)

    You have to offer something useful and pleasant to the people, what you can do during the store. And what is there pleasant as food & drink?

    I think the initiative of MC’D will find in many of his competitors or also restaurant operators inheritanceers who do not want to stand out in the competition.

    It is important that here is a positive upward spiral get started.


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