MEB beginner E-car: No rest around VW ID.1, ID.2 & other stromists

MEB beginner E-car: No rest around VW ID.1, ID.2 & other stromists-rest

According to a current media report of the automotive week, the VW Group is serious with the entry in the mass market. 2025 wool vw himself with the ID.1 bring a five-door CUV in Taigo format to the street. Two years later, so only 2027 should be ID.2 An urban hatchback – a hatchback for the city – follow. In mid-2024, insiders expect the Skoda Elroq, which is described as a compact crossover in the style of the Audi A1 CityCarver.

The Audi A1 CityCarver is a higher version of the A1, but without being a crossover or mini-SUV. Especially in the small car segment quite appealing for the mass. Provided the price is right. The starting point for the Group is not bad today. For Europe in the first half of 2021, Europe is alone in the first half of 2021, shows that the VW Group indicates the sound. Every fourth electric car, which was admitted until the end of June 2021, comes from the VW Group. With the entry-level models in the small car segment, sales could continue to rise.

The small electricians of the group should still build on the MEB platform. Since the new platform SSP starts only 2026. However, the operating system should experience an upgrade; as well as the batteries – here should be resorted to the current state of development. For the batteries used, we have already reported the following in one of our last article: to realize the low basic price of the small electric VW, lithium iron phosphate batteries are to be used. The low-priced, particularly secure batteries should according to VW information with up to 10.000 Loading cycles “Millions kilometers” hold. Through the cooperation with the Swedish battery startup Northvolt, these could be available from 2024.

Interestingly, it is certainly the fact that the developmental sovereignty of the entry-level streams has changed the hand again. “According to a media report, Volkswagen should be deprived of his daughter brand SEAT’s order for the development of a favorable electrical car based on the modular electro platform (MEB). Actually, as in early 2019, SEAT should develop the MEB small car together with Jac, the Chinese joint venture partner of Volkswagen and then from about 2023 for less than 20.Offer 000 euros for sale. Since SEAT has postponed its market entry into China indefinitely, VW has now deprived of the development order to the Spanish manufacturer, “says a message on EAN in May 2020. The developmental sovereignty should now be at Skoda, which is why the Elroq should come as the first model.

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5 thoughts on “MEB beginner E-car: No rest around VW ID.1, ID.2 & other stromists”

  1. If VW the ID.1 In “Taigo format” (ie as “SUV coupe in size of the T-Cross”) builds, then there will probably be a substitute for the much smaller e-up. That would be a significant clarification and cancellation of the VW Group to Urban Automobility. Then I let my money just elsewhere ..

  2. The LFP cells will certainly not come from Northvolt but by Guoxuan High-Tech (Gotion). The cells of Northvolt are mostly used in PPE vehicles of Audi and Porsche, as well as the MEB vehicles without LFP cells. There are many vehicles in planning, but at most are not planned for concrete dates yet.

  3. SOS-O, the little man from the people has to wait de facto for another 5-6 years … until then the market is powerful with competition “overflow”..

  4. The important thing is that there will be an entry-level series for a small price. Because of the economies of scale on proven technology and platform. Therefore, this car can not be arbitrarily small and it does not have to. More important are the 20k as an entry-level price and I think that’s what you get. With Tesla everything has nothing to do. Working on a competition model to the ID.3. For an ID.1 Do not have any solution.


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