Mega call back at Opel: 572.000 vehicles must be checked

"Check the rear axle for corrosion"

Mega call back at Opel: 572.000 vehicles must be checked

Mega call back at Opel: 572.000 vehicles must be checked-vehicles
Image: Opel Automobile GmbH Callback for 572.000 Opel Insignia

At Opel there is a mega recall! The reason is an error of the supplier when applying the electrolytic corrosion protection on the tie rods – the rust protection coating could flake off. The problem occurs around 572.000 vehicles of the General Motors subsidiary.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. The Russelsheimers get more than 572.000 copies of the first generation of insignia in the contract workshops, including 112.738 in Germany. "We have already started to contact customers in order to check the trace rods of the rear axle for corrosion and, if necessary.The former Opel mother General Motors announced u over a year ago.A. For the identical model Buick Regal in the north states of the United States and in Canada.

Opel recall: rust protection coating could flake off

Since then, the North American authorities have shown about 260 in several stages.000 units of different Buick and Chevrolet models as affected. Accordingly, the rust protection coating from the tie rods could flake off when the winter use on streets on streets with road salt.There is therefore a risk of a corrosion -related break of components and thus limited driving stability. Ten such incidents are known to the Federal Motor Transport Authority, and three more in which cracks were diagnosed in the component. Opel itself does not know about any property damage or personal injury that is related to the problem, the company spokesman emphasized.

When exchanged, Opel expects a short repair

According to the data from the USA, General Motors assumes that the rust problem will occur in less than one percent of the vehicles.

If the tie rods are actually necessary after the review, according to the Opel spokesman, the stay in the contract workshop takes an hour and a half.If the components have been checked purely, the visit is done within ten minutes. The recall runs under the internal manufacturer code "E202004350 (20-P-143)".

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When the eagle pulls his prey out of the river, the observers remain the spit

Mega call back at Opel: 572.000 vehicles must be checked-checked

Site/Wochit When the eagle pulls his prey out of the river, the observers remain the spit

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4 thoughts on “Mega call back at Opel: 572.000 vehicles must be checked”

  1. And again Opel and again rust problems
    And again security parts, the rust. 13 years ago in 2009 was a 5 … And again security parts, the rust. 13 years ago in 2009, a large article was already in the Auto Bild, which has already rusted through the load -bearing parts such as supporters and cross carriers in a 5 -year Opel Astra, and the car no longer came through the TuV. And after 5 years. 40 years ago, Opel was the number 2 of the most driven cars right behind VW. In the meantime, the Renault in the approval statistics has even been overtaken, and even Fiat does not have such safety -related rust problems. Opel had even exported cars to the USA in the 1970 years, but because of poor quality, the export was banned. Here in Germany, too, you can hardly see Opels driving. I wonder why?

  2. I hardly believe the reason
    Anyone who works in the industry knows the quality tests accompanying the series. There are salt spray tests etc. And the defect mentioned would have noticed the supplier. Or it is a supplier company from Asia, in which all of this was saved and that no longer works according to automotive Q guidelines. That would be the receipt for the most economical group buyer who deserves his incentive ..

  3. There you have yourself
    When choosing the supplier of the tie rods, apparently for a low -cost provider, the one also does not make any correct quality control. The main thing is that the bonuses of the board members remain high …

  4. Aha!
    That is interesting – I only thought Tesla has such extreme quality problems. But now that’s more than 500,000 cars. No problem GM does that. Funny only that in the USA and Canada it started to start a call back last year.


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