Mega recall because of airbags: Japan’s carmaker call back millions of cars

Mega recall because of airbags

Japan’s carmaker call back millions of cars

Mega recall because of airbags: Japan's carmaker call back millions of cars-japan
AFP Guard band in a Toyota plant

The Japanese carmakers Toyota and Honda recently made headlines with a recall campaign. Now the manufacturers are backing: worldwide they call millions of cars back for defective airbags. Mazda and Nissan also have problems.

At the end of last year, the Japanese car manufacturers Toyota and Honda had made negative headlines with a recall of millions of defective vehicles. But the breakdown low does not want to tear off: Because of possibly defective airbags, Toyota and Honda are now calling back to the workshops worldwide: Toyota started a recall for 1.73 million cars and Honda for a total of 1.14 million.
The competitors Mazda and Nissan also have problems with the airbags and called back more than 130,000 poor vehicles, as the companies announced on Thursday. At Nissan, 480,000 vehicles worldwide and around 45,500 are affected by Mazda.

Building year 2000 to 2004

According to Toyota, the cars concerned are said to have been built between 2000 and 2004. So far there have been five cases of malfunctions in the airbags, but nobody was injured in. The Airbags come from the Japanese supplier Takata, whose European division once developed together with Daimler the very first airbag.
Takata recently turned around three billion euros in sales in the 2011/2012 financial year. The Takata website was temporarily no longer available on Thursday morning. Takas’s share price fell by almost ten percent in Tokyo.

Takata supplies almost all major manufacturers

According to the Bloomberg news agency, Takata supplies almost all large car manufacturers in the world. In addition to the affected Japanese, German carmakers Daimler, Volkswagen and BMW are therefore just as much among them as well as the US manufacturers Ford and General Motors as well as the Italian group Fiat or Hyundai from South Korea.

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  1. The end of Takata?
    If it turns out that Takata has delivered Airbags that do not meet the specification, the car manufacturers will have the resulting costs of the recall campaign reimbursed in whole or in part by Takata. That could mean that from the supplier. Only the system relevance could be the rescue anchor. Who should be able to step in so quickly?


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