Mercedes A-Class: First test, data and prices

Driving report Mercedes A 200

New A-Class shows change in the autobau: software is everything, engine is nothing

Mercedes A-Class: First test, data and prices-test

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Mercedes A 200: clock

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Mercedes is now also starting in the compact segment for the overtaking process: the A-Class convinces with a balanced chassis and shines with an infotainment system that sets standards.

At Mercedes there is nothing more as it was once. The boss wears sneakers on official appointments. Combined there are shirts with button-off buttons and the S-Class is no longer the technology pioneer that is enthroned. In the past it was said in Stuttgart-Unterturkheim: “First S and then nothing for a long time.“Say: Innovations were rolled out from top to bottom and for the A-Class, which also overturned, many traditionalists had only a tired smile at the Swabian car manufacturer, that was a long time ago, now the entry-level model should be with the brand to the brand tie the star.

A-Class for the Smartphone generation

A strategy that makes sense. Infotainment is important for the tablet and iPhone generation, so the A-Class gets the latest development. And the MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) leaves the time-honored Comand system, like a relic from a long-forgotten time.

Mercedes A-Class: First test, data and prices-data
Mercedes Benz The chocolate side of the new Mercedes A-Class is your cockpit design

The cockpit is reduced and instead of a rotary button – similar to the E -Class – two monitors with 10.25 inches and one touchpad dominate. Now many actions can be initialized by voice input. As with the role models Siri (Apple) and Alexa (Amazon), a "Hey Mercedes" is enough and the female voice reports with a friendly "Yes, please".

Restaurant search with Yelp

Many commands can be formulated colloquially, it becomes exciting if you are looking for cheap Italian restaurant near the navigation goal, for example, results are promptly displayed on the results of the evaluation portal "Yelp".

Mercedes A-Class: First test, data and prices-a-class
Mercedes Benz Among other things, the trunk of the A-Class has grown by 30 to 370 liters

The computer does not always understand the driver

The entertainment with the machine does not work very smoothly, but the conversation is already surprisingly fluent – even while driving. "The system is constantly being developed in this regard," explains developer Werner Preuschoff. As an alternative to the voice command, the two small touchpads on the steering wheel, the large in the center console or – very classic – buttons are still available. Among other things, the display of the round instruments can be adapted almost as you wish: instead of the tachometer and opposite the driving and consumption data instead of the speedometer – no problem.

E-Call now mandatory: This happens when you press the emergency button in the car

Mercedes A-Class: First test, data and prices-a-class

Site E-Call now mandatory: This happens when you press the emergency button in the car

An extremely useful detail is the "augmented reality": the navigation system is active, the image of the camera with real-time traffic pops up on the right monitor over the center console 200 meters before the next driving maneuver on the right monitor above the right monitor and arrows the way. If desired, the house numbers with small markings are also displayed – this really finds everyone their destination.

Head-up display and more-the prices are salted

It can be assumed that many of this information will soon end up in the head-up display. However, this beautiful new world is not cheap, at least 3016 euros are due, and there are also prices, such as for the head-up display (1178 euros) or the "augmented reality" 297.50 euros). Not to mention the basic price of 32.326 euros for the tested Mercedes A 200.

Mercedes A-Class: First test, data and prices-mercedes
Mercedes Benz Thanks to the extended wheelbase, the new A-Class can offer more space in the interior

With this technology offensive, Mercedes makes the competition from Munich, Wolfsburg and Ingolstadt look old. Especially since the A-Class of the W177 series is also a consistently successful car. The wheelbase has grown by 30 millimeters and you can feel this in the rear, where a 230 V socket (95.20 euros) is also installed on request. If you put on the back seat backrests, a flat loading area and the trunk (370 to 1.210 liters of volume) can be loaded more easily thanks to the lower loading edge with the larger hatch than with the predecessor. You also sit well in front, but the legs of the seats could be longer.

First trip in X2: What can the BMW mini SUV do?

Mercedes A-Class: First test, data and prices-first

Site First trip in X2: What can the BMW mini SUV do?

The steering wheel lies well in the hand and it quickly strikes that the chassis is more on the comfortable side. Unevenness of all kinds are ironed away painlessly, that does not change if you put the variable damper and the entire driving mode on sport and thus a firmer. It is not surprising that the front -wheel drive does not quite achieve the dynamics of a BMW 1 Series.

From October there should be an all-wheel drive option. Nevertheless, the A-Class is also very remarkable in curves, so you notice the work of the developers at the front axle. The steering is precise, but still feels artificially. Interestingly, there are two different hind axles in the A-Class: for the first time, a composite steering axis is available at Mercedes, while for example, a multi-wheel models will be installed in multi-wheel models.

Almost a minor matter: A-Class engines

The four-cylinder petrol engine of the Mercedes A 200 with the Code M 260 is currently 120 kW / 163 hp and comes with the 1.355 kilograms of compact cars (weight level of the predecessor could be held) well right. Within 8.0 seconds, this A-Class creates the 100 km/h mark, reaches a top speed of at least 225 km/h and consumes an average of 5.6 liters. The low noise level in the passenger cell is striking, but a bundle of temperament is not the four -cylinder bundle. As with the rear axles, there are also different double clutch transmission: the seven -speed circuit of GEPARIST is used for the entry -level variants in the A 180D and the A 200, the in -house gearbox is used for the more motorized variants. From May fifth, the A-Class will be at the dealer. Initially, only three versions – A 180D and A 200 and A 250 – are available. Later the portfolio is increased, both with weaker PS and more powerful variants, including with the AMG version, which is supposed to crack the 400 hp limit.

The old A-Class in comparison

How spacious and practical is the new A-Class?

Mercedes A-Class: First test, data and prices-mercedes

Site How spacious and practical is the new A-Class?

Type Mercedes A-Class A 200
engine Four-cylinder turbo gasoline engineer
Displacement (cm3) 1332
Performance in PS (KW) at U/Min-1 163 (120) at 5500
Max. Torque (nm) at UMin-1 250 Nm at 1620 rpm
Speed (km/h)
Acceleration 0-100 km/h (sec.))) 8.0
transmission 7-speed double clutch transmission
drive Front -wheel drive
Fuel great
Consumption EU third mix (L/100 km) 5.6
CO2 emissions (g/km) 128
Length (mm) 4419
width (mm) 1796
Height (mm) 1440
Weight, manufacturer-
Specification (KG)
Max. Payload (kg) 515
Price (euro) 32.326.00 €
Exhaust gas standard Euro 6 D Temp

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  1. Most things can be easy
    Smartphone where many already have. But for only € 200. Find the next pizzeria, navigate, … Language commands etc.. I can feel all functions in my car heating control turn signal etc. Without voice commands. So I can always concentrate fully on the traffic. € 95 for a 230V socket. Is an acceptable price when sinus tension comes out and not any rectangular voltage. Of course with min.300 watts.

  2. Living motto for an automobile
    A vehicle is still there to bring people from one place to another – as safe, comfortable and quick as possible. I strongly doubt that the "Generation smartphone", When she gets into her working life, and not everyone becomes a software developer or stock exchange broker, but a waiter, geriatric nurse, assembly worker, sales clerk, cleaning woman, window cleaner, industrial master, machine beams, etc., A rolling smartphone needs. I also have such a modern, networked vehicle. I use the navigation system, except 3 times a year, all of them "go to" Online functions hardly ever. You are 90% useless gimmick! Instead, I need good safety systems in the car, a strong, clean, low -consumption and reliable engine. And a chic design…

  3. Generation smartphone or not…
    …The positive development that the A-Class is characterized is counteracted by the inner values. Not only that Mercedes does not have a reasonable compact petrol or. Diesel engines can or want to develop more and now fall back on the over -bred displacement of displacement. No, too, this very getting used to "dashboard" Unfortunately only exudes the cheapest charm of a delivery van. Pity!

  4. A class
    Does not reach the dynamics of a BMW in the article. So it is and certainly not that of a Ford site. With that you can meet a cent piece in the curve

  5. The best or nothing
    Mercedes is premium and not made for everyone. If you can afford something like that, you can count on the class of something better. The others should stay with Opel or Ford. I personally love Mercedes driving. The difference to Audi is huge.

  6. Why do you do
    On the car, who is better or worse? For most people, the car is just a commodity. No matter what it says. I know very well -paid and educated people who just spend the most necessary for a car. I included. Sometimes I don’t understand human logic.

  7. great
    Class a lot of communculation with tax office, fine, car manufacturer.. So everyone who doesn’t do anything about what I do, where I go and maybe even say in the car! The glass driver! And please spend a lot of money on it and cheer over it! Stupidity is hip these days!! Orwell greetings! I don’t buy a new car more…Rather an old twelve cylinder without a badge!!

  8. What shoud that?
    Ultimately, this car can no longer be more than 100 years ago. Get from A to B by burning fossil fuels. Drive by hydrogen or electricity? False. Self -sufficient driving? NOO. Google, Tesla and Co guarantees this distracting frills much better. If the German carmakers continue to run, it goes fully in their pants

  9. So lucky
    that I am already too old for some things. In the past I might have irritated me. Today there is only a tired smile. The more meaningless stuff is built into a car just because it is technically feasible, the more I think about whether a vehicle with H license plate is not better. The focus is simply missing on the essentials. In addition, the more displays and the more for the more distraction. no thanks!!! Clearly… PS: I’ve been working with computer systems since the 90s. I developed and looked after laboratory systems. Where it makes sense, otherwise less is more.

  10. Probably not
    The majority of households do not face a annoying loudspeaker in the living room. And nor do you want to talk to your car. Here innovation is hypocritical where there is none. Probably should simply be distracted from the sleeping of the innovative drives. That will not succeed.


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