Mercedes-Benz C-Class Plug-in-hybrid: full on a hundred – experience report

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Plug-in-hybrid: full on a hundred - experience report-c-class

That a star overshadows everything is considered a matter of course. But at least in Stuttgart-Unterturkheim you can not see this realization just astronomical. No wonder so that you advertise “the Daimler” with “the best or nothing”. The old Gottlieb already said that, it says. Nowadays, this claim is called “benchmark”. And maybe sometimes feels spontaneously reminiscent of Benz. Namely, you like Mercedes.

With the new C-Class it has succeeded again. The most successful series comes on more than ten million copies sold – and in the fifth generation, it is completely electrified for the first time. And yet it is a different value that can be found: the range of the new plug-in model, which comes in September in the shop windows. The double heart, which is called C 300e, comes purely electrically to 100 kilometers and more. Gottlieb Blessed is likely to be very satisfied.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Plug-in-hybrid: full on a hundred - experience report-plug-in-hybridWolfgang Plank

At Mercedes you keep the 4.75 meter PHEV for a kind of distillation from “far drive” and “Loading fast”. Both are finally in terms of e-mobility at the top on the wish list. For Daimler-Boss Ola Kallenius was therefore clear: “We once wanted more the bar as the most demanding offer in the segment.”And so the C 300e shines in the Benz parade discipline: the big entry. What doors are concerned – and technology. A system performance of 312 hp you missed the car – 204 comes from the engine with piston, 129 with winding. The latter is built together with power electronics in the bell of the nine-step transducer. Where – smaller dimensioned – also the e-help of mild hybrids is sitting. That saves space.

The inner chilled battery (25.4 kWh gross) the engineers have packed flat under the trunk. While the lap is round 130 liters to the burner, but wins slightly compared to its predecessor. And: The formerly annoying stage is a flat loading area woken. The T-model particularly clearly sets, for which two of three customers decide in this country: Behind full seating fit 360 liters, with folded back seats, the C 300 combination packs even 1375 liters away.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Plug-in-hybrid: full on a hundred - experience report-hundredWolfgang Plank

Prepaired by noble sitting somersault, chic behind the wheel and can light the plug-in and string to pull all radii. Anyway, if you trim tough the standard air suspension of delicate gene. Even more fun who stocks the four-wheel drive steering. This does not make the C-Class merely in the parking garage, but also stabilizes in fast curves. At the end, the additional battery kilo is more likely to limit the arc fun as the grown wheelbase.

Anytime attitude but is less the fashion trip than traveling by electricity. In the purely electrically completed test round, the sum of track and residual range hardly fluctuates. Schwabisch exactly stop – and predicted and supported by the Navi Klug. For a course of 47 kilometers in the fully equipped model at the end of 53 kilometers of rechargeable battery performance. And this by no means in Schleichfahrt. It may even be tempo 140 without it thunderstormed in the combustion chamber. The magical “100” therefore seems realistic. At least for all those cars that are not on “full of hut”.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Plug-in-hybrid: full on a hundred - experience report-fullWolfgang Plank

Either way: At some point itself is with restraint in the driving style and maximum recuperation of the juice all. Loading can be used to standard with 11 kW alternating current or better with 55 kW DC. Thus, the battery is then in half an hour full. Very much longer a fuel stop and coffee does not really take.

You certainly do not have to relax from the driving and right not from the six degree cockpit with the new high-edge touchscreen – but possibly from the sheer amount of technology. The assistant’s clou is the three-dimensional display behind the steering wheel. It projects swirring directional arrows virtually in front of the car. This is in the sense of the word: very big cinema.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Plug-in-hybrid: full on a hundred - experience report-hundredWolfgang Plank

Do not even direct and brake it would have to be, because the new C-Class is available on request all-round care, automatically remains in the track, paying attention to the right pace, held due, and – if nothing else helps – throws the anchor. Especially smart: The optional trailer ranging assistant for the T model circles the team up to 90 degrees around each curve.

Material and workmanship are how to expect it from Mercedes: noble. To the opulent decorative council of paint, wood or leather there are climate comfort, fragrance experience and music that wovens up to the seat. So you have to introduce yourself. For various amenities, the C 300E can be done at the base price of certainly good 50.000 Euro well and gladly once again create a five-digit amount. Who chooses the conscience – there are also natural fibers and for the ground recycling yarn from old fishnets.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Plug-in-hybrid: full on a hundred - experience report-c-classWolfgang Plank

For those who can not lure a bit of 100 kilometers of electric range: under the long hood debut the market start in June also diesel (163 to 265 hp) as well as gasoline (170 to 258 hp). Velvet and special supported by mild hybrid systems that use 48 volts helpful under the pistons. Also the in-house attack department AMG stops again a variety of offshoots. A second plug-in model, however, could be worth waiting. For identical electrical technology, there is a sparing self-referee with 200 hp there.

You may suspect that this combination sets standards.

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5 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz C-Class Plug-in-hybrid: full on a hundred – experience report”

  1. That with the PHEV and the 25kWh sounds good. This would be solved (almost) all traffic emission problems in Stuttgart and other cities. Or maybe not? After all, it took 24 years until you can drive back without remorse “Mercedes taxi”. From stupid Hame against everything hybrid one can not exist on the market. But this is only the CO2 penalty or. Compensation payments to Tesla. That was not funny himself. Daimler-Ole has it but that.
    Creepy, however, are still the “new” green fig leaves “mild-hybrid”. Not even to copy Toyota technology was in 1996 it has been enough!!!. In the test in Berlin at 34 degrees, the “milde” is 5-8 times the energy of a Tesla from 2012. Something is simply in the press (Attention! Doppelgutung, 1. At the Zeitungspranger 2. in the scrap press)

  2. Material and processing noble? That might still meet at its predecessor. Throw z. B. But take a look at the door panels, Mr. Plank! You do not want to know how it looks about the quality of the eye hidden components. There is no air suspension anymore, certainly not in line with. For my taste something too much lobby.

  3. You know that stars do not light up eternally. And with this “car” the Mercedes star is quasi imploded. In addition to the meaninglessness of the hybrid drive, Mercedes also has a business here to build the most beautiful car of the year. Outside the absolute boringness pure and inside – my dear swan – what did the blossom smoked when this design was designed. Just goodly. The Chinese shareholders are already rubbing their hands.

  4. The press photo is absolutely misleading. The color blue is despised by the white-haired target group SchnOde and elected over 50% instead silver or funeral gray. And on the ride to the cemetery visit, to the doctor or shopping at Aldi, the burner brumes. That’s the reality!

  5. Who buys such a car? Hardly anyone.
    Target group are company cars in leasing, the
    want to benefit from the tax benefit for Phevs and to buy the reduced trunk.

    Who wants to drive electrically has now in the price range so incredibly better options than a car that is a bad compromise


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