Mercedes-Benz eActros electric truck in real operation for the first time

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Mercedes-Benz eActros electric truck in real operation for the first time-eactros

Shortly before the start of series production of the battery-electric truck Mercedes eActros on 7. October 2021, four near-series vehicles went into real operation. Three vehicles are now in shuttle service for the company Logistik Schmitt based in the northern Black Forest and for the food logistics company Simon Loos in the Netherlands and Tevex Logistics in North Rhine-Westphalia. Another eActros configured as a waste collection vehicle is planned for Remondis, a leading company for recycling, water management, municipal and industrial services. The e-trucks are vehicles that were built as part of test runs in production.

eActros at Logistik Schmitt: flexible and mobile in continuous use

“An early prototype of the battery-electric eActros has already proven itself in intensive practical tests since July 2019. In total, the vehicle has so far had around 70.000 kilometers reliably covered in wind and weather and completed almost 7000 tours,” says Rainer Schmitt, managing partner of Logistik Schmitt. The prototype is now being replaced by a near-series eActros.

The new vehicle continues to drive daily in three shifts between Rastatt and Gaggenau. On the journey to Rastatt, the eActros transports the gearbox housing, and to Gaggenau it transports axle components. The total kilometers covered amount to up to 300 km per day. Part of the multi-year test of the heavy electric truck in the Murg Valley near Rastatt and Gaggenau is a concept comparison with the “eWayBW” overhead line project planned for a later date – Daimler Truck itself is not planning any overhead line trucks.

Local CO2-neutral transport at Simon Loos in the Netherlands

Simon Loos, a leading logistics services company based in the Netherlands, is using an eActros equipped with a refrigerated box for the Albert Heijn supermarket chain. The day tour of the eActros begins in a distribution center in Delfgauw in the province of South Holland. From there, the electric truck supplies supermarket branches in various cities in the region, including Rotterdam, The Hague and Delft, with fresh, temperature-controlled food. The eActros drives seven days a week and covers around 300 km a day in a locally CO2-neutral manner. The batteries are charged overnight in the distribution center in Delfgauw, where Albert Heijn has completed an innovative new building with several fast charging stations.

Mercedes-Benz eActros electric truck in real operation for the first time-mercedes-benzMercedes Benz

“We have been gaining experience with alternative drives in our fleet since 2014. Last year we had a successful practical test with the eActros prototype in supermarket logistics at Albert Heijn. We are proud to test the new, near-series eActros,” says Wim Roks, fleet manager at Simon Loos. Day-to-day operations will benefit greatly from the flexibility that is possible thanks to the greater range of the near-series eActros. “We are curious whether charging between trips will still be necessary, even if the fast charging capacity is available at our depot”.

Tevex Logistics: Sustainable food transport

At Tevex Logistics in Rheda-Wiedenbruck, the new eActros will be used as a 27-tonner in multi-shift operation. The logistics subsidiary of the TOnnies group of companies will deliver its own groceries to various customers in the extended local transport area on a daily basis. In total, the company expects to travel up to 600 kilometers per day. The e-truck is charged at a charging station on the company’s premises in East Westphalia.

“For Tevex Logistics, the logistics subsidiary of the TOnnies Group, the model project with the eActros from Mercedes-Benz Trucks is the next step in its ‘t30’ sustainability strategy. Our goal is to be the most sustainable food company on the market,” says Tevex Managing Director Dirk Mutlak. “The logistics play an essential role in reducing the CO2 footprint of our products.”

EACTROS as a waste collection vehicle at Remondis

Another EACTROS is already in the configuration and will be used in the future by REMONDIS as a waste collection vehicle. The disposer plans to use the EACTROS in the city center of Cologne for waste disposal for commercial customers. In addition, a test run is planned in the municipal house-to-house collection.

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