Mercedes-Benz EQA 250: Copper Medium Size – Impressions Review

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Mercedes-Benz EQA 250: Copper Medium Size - Impressions Review-mercedes-benz

The EQA 250 is a nice e-car. But with nice thing is such a thing. Everyone knows that can also be evil. The compact SUV, the little brother of the EQC, is perfectly processed. There is nothing to criticize. But it also stucks out what real praise deserved.

Daimler-CEO Ola Kallenius wants to launch the start of other E car and emphasizes the importance of electromobility for the Group in every address. At the beginning of the CES 2020, Kallenius presents even a futuristic AVTR vehicle with organic battery in cooperation with avatar director James Cameron. But the reality in the EQA has nothing else visionary. It may be because the EQA is based on the MFA-2 platform. It is a hybrid architecture for all drive types. So there is a small tunnel in the back of the footwell and the charging port is where else the fuel nozzle is – rear right. For most quick loaders, I feel this placement as impractical. The GLA, the burner counterpart to the EQA, offers a little more space in the trunk. Here are only 340 liters available (1.320 liters with folded back seat). The charging cable must be under the ground. There is no room in the front.

Mercedes-Benz EQA: 316 km are possible

Opening the front hood ensures a torque. While otherwise you can see in electric cars on plastic covers and storage compartments, you get the entire circumference of the front engine, change and rectifiers, cooling and high-volume cables at the EQA. Nice for technical fans. Bad for people who want to lay their charging cable here because the trunk is fully luggage.
Mercedes-Benz EQA 250: Copper Medium Size - Impressions Review-impressionsDirk customer

The asynchronous motor makes up to 140 kW power and brings the 2.040 kg heavy compact SUV in 8.9 seconds on tempo 100. At 160 km / h the EQA is sealed. The battery provides the subsidiary ACCUMOTIVE from Kamenz. With the 66.5 kilowatt hours, the EQA should create 426 km (WLTP). First, 365 km are the highest range display after my first charging stop. After the 14 test days, the car has become accustomed to my driving style and shows realistic 316 km with complete charge. In addition to the driving style, the Navi also includes weather data and topography (altitude meters) and comes to a reliable range calculation.

The charging speed is also a positive aspect. 11 kW at AC and 100 kW at DC connection. At ionity, I can manage to a warm summer day (28 degrees) in 34 minutes from 13 to 90 percent. In the top shows the display of the charging column 113 kW charging power. This remains up to 61 percent SOC three-digit. So long stretches with the e-car fun.

A comfort dream in white

According to MBUX infotainment system, my consumption is 18.7 kWh per 100 kilometers. This is just a kilowatt hour over the brochure value. 83 percent of energy is spent on driving, nine percent for other consumers (Navi, music, ambient lighting) and only eight percent for air conditioning. Here, probably the standard heat pump shows your positive effect.

Mercedes-Benz EQA 250: Copper Medium Size - Impressions Review-impressionsDirk customer

Driving with the EQA is extremely comfortable. The EQA is soft springs. The white leather seats can be set electrically to the desired position and lumbar support. Memory buttons on both front seats remember a total of three positions. The engine is acoustically decoupled from chassis and body, so that no vibrations and noises are transmitted. The Burmester speakers together with the configuration possibilities in the menu ensure concert hall atmosphere. The large glass sliding roof ranges from the front to the back seats. Unfortunately, it is interrupted after 58 cm from a bar. If the glass roof moves backwards, there is only an opening of 38 cm.

Attitude with assistant

On the highway but also in the city I often activate the assistants (distance pomat and track holder). In the head-up display (HUD) I see the corresponding green symbols next to my pace, the permitted speed as well as the navigation information. If you do not like that, you can customize the layout of the ads in the HUD as well as driver’s display. What I like extremely well is the automatic adjustment of the speed when a new tempolimite is detected. Accelerates or delays the EQA not with all power, but extremely gentle and energy-gentle. The recuperation performance adjusts the driver in four steps with rockers on the steering wheel. D-the highest recuperation performance, which does not correspond to one-pedal drive. A kick on the brake pedal is still necessary.

The driving assistant remains active even with a short traffic light stop, so that a slight tap of the accelerator pedal is sufficient and the car continues its journey. If the assistant sets its service at a stop, helps a pressure on the reset button on the steering wheel and a lighter occurs on the accelerator pedal.

When turning, the Navi Augmented Reality Elements displays. But not in the HUD, but in the middle display. In the camera image, blue turning arrows as well as the street name are displayed. My highlight is the traffic light camera. If I’m the first to be a red traffic light, the front camera turns on and shows me the ampellet in the wide-angle mode. As a great person, I often do not see the upper lights without preventing me. I can now save that. Even if wave in the shelves, I still get in the corner of the eye when the traffic lights jump on green.

Mercedes-Benz EQA 250: Copper Medium Size - Impressions Review-mediumDirk customer

At a high summer temperature I would have liked to cool the car before the departure. Even at the charging stop I would like to have seen the condition in the app, but my test I had to decide: use app or Mercedes Me Charge Card? Both could not be unlocked for me. Since I have tested the EQC together with Mercedes Me-App, I know that such things work out of afar. With the Mercedes Me Charge, the user is 450.000 AC and DC charging points available in 31 countries. In the test I could not find any who had rejected my charging card. The card costs 99 euros per year and the charging prices are based on the operator specifications. With the ionity package, Mercedes driver load for 0.29 euros per kWh to the fast loader. Unfortunately, you still need the plastic card for the start, soon the customer account stored in the vehicle will work directly.

Full of environmental bonus

For Apple’s carplay, I still need a cable. The connection is directly under the inductive charging mat. Two more USB C connections are located in the middle armrest. On “Hello Mercedes” the voice control reacts directly and relies my wishes in terms of air conditioning and navigation error free. That makes a good impression.

With its 4.46 m, the EQA is 30 cm shorter than the EQC. When parking is practically. With outside mirrors, the carriage measures 2.02 m in width and 1.62 m in height. With a wheelbase of 2.73 m, the interior drops compact. But the square is enough for four adults. The rear seats are sufficiently leg and headroom and two ventilation outlets and a USB-C port. In the middle armrest stuck foldable cup holder. Who likes, gets the EQA with trailer hitch, with which up to 750 kg of heavy loads. Or you mount a bike carrier with up to 80 kg of support load.

Mercedes-Benz EQA 250: Copper Medium Size - Impressions Review-impressionsDirk customer

With a base price of 47.540 Euro allows the manufacturer to take the full environmental bonus. Anyone who ventures an entry into the electromobility is no risk with the EQA. He supplies solid mediocrity. In my test vehicle many to me as well as all riders first the copper-colored AMG rims into the eye. That’s why I say: The EQA 250 is copper instead of golden mediocrity. For Mercedes-Benz he is the entry into the compact segment. Other variants with four-wheel drive and stronger engine will follow.

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3 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz EQA 250: Copper Medium Size – Impressions Review”

  1. After reading the article, in my view fits the statement “mediocrity” with the many pleasingly positive findings in the text itself.
    I get an overall impression rather after school grade about “2+” rated out.

  2. I miss words for driving. I had disturbed me with the test drive the throttled approach. The front drive can be above throttling (Ca. 30 km / h) also slightly wrong. The seat behind is not so comfortable because the seat height is low to the inner floor. For the length, the trunk is relatively small. The store is fast, but it becomes through the compared to the ID.3 high consumption (asynchronous motor) compensated again. Positive I see the beautiful interior and the allowed Zugglast of 750 kg (better than nothing. The id.3 can only use bike racks). The disadvantage is that there is no battery with greater range as the ID.3 Pro S. Navi and speech recognition have not tried, but should be better than in the ID.Be 3. For fans of Mercedes quality the right car, for driving dynamic less. I would grab the EQA to 350 4matic. The is even more economical due to the PSM on the rear axle.

  3. What bothers me most is that, according to a seller, the car must have a customer service annually. I wonder what to do there. For an end-speaking bill you will find something … All others (Audi, Volvo, VW, BMW) are content with a 2-year interval. Tesla does not write anything at all.


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