Mercedes-Benz EQA shows: 140 kW power – 426 km range

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Mercedes-Benz EQA shows: 140 kW power - 426 km range-mercedes-benz

With the Concept EQA, Mercedes-Benz has shown at the 2017 International Automotive Exhibition, as the EQ strategy is transferred to the compact class. Last year, the series version should celebrate its premiere as a fully electric brother of the GLA. Now in mid-January 2021 became. All data, facts and insights from the world premiere of the compact electricity of Mercedes-Benz have gathered for you.

The electric athlete on the footsteps of the GLA, as Mercedes-Benz describes the stromer itself, starts in Germany from 47.540,50 Euro. Due to the net list price of 39.950 euros can customers the 6.000 Euro environmental bonus of the Federal Government and the 3.000 Euro from Mercedes-Benz to use as a manufacturer. There is the entry-level model EQA 250. This comes with 140 kW power as well as a range to WLTP from 426 km. Further variants of the EQA should follow in the future. For a car manufacturer, a four-wheel drive variant with an additional electric drive train (EATs) and services beyond the 200 kW. On the other hand a version with over 500 kilometers range (WLTP) in view. In doing so, one does not want to achieve the more within reach by a larger battery, but also a consistent increase in the efficiency of all vehicle components.

“Progressive design and intuitive operation are two highlights of the EQA. With him, we offer our customers for the first time a fully electric, everyday-ready and high-rich Mercedes in the compact segment. Thus, the new EQA is another important vehicle on the way to electrifying all our vehicle segments.”- Britta Seeger, Member of the Executive Board of Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz AG

EQA 250 waits in typical Mercedes EQ design

Mercedes-EQ typical is the EQA with the Black Panel Grill with central star. Furthermore, as a succinct design feature, he attacks the luminous tape front and rear. Because the horizontal light guide is now used as a recognition feature during day and night. Exclusively there are up to 20 inches large alloy wheels in Bi- or Tri-Color design with partly rosegold-colored or blue decorative elements. Like Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer of Daimler AG, to understand the EQA 250 “Progressive luxury in its sporty form. With the compact, modern EQA, a fully electric SUV is born for the sustainable mobility of the future. Perfect proportions in the exterior and a spectacular interior set new standards, “says the Chief Design Officer.

Mercedes-Benz EQA shows: 140 kW power - 426 km range-mercedes-benzMercedes Benz

Driver and passenger benefit from the SUV shape of the stromer and can thereby set a high seating position. This is comfortable not only to get in and out, but good for the all-round view. In general, utility was a development focus. As standard, the Fondlehne is divisible in a ratio 40:20:40 and folded individually. The sophisticated design also contributes to a CW value of 0.28, which, inter alia, by the cooling air regulating system which is completely closed in the upper area, the flowful front and rear apron, a very smooth, almost completely closed underbody, specially optimized AERO wheels and Adjusted wheel spoilers adapted to it at the front and back.

Mercedes-Benz EQA shows: 140 kW power - 426 km range-powerMercedes Benz

Heat pump, MBUX infotainment and hitch as highlights of the EQA 250

As standard, the car manufacturer has installed a heat pump, which uses the waste heat of the electric drive and thus enables the system as high efficiency. Before starting the EQA also the interior can be pre-climated. This feature is operated directly via the Infotainment System MBUX or the Mercedes Me App. The mentioned MBUX infotainment system is standard on board and individually configurable with the help of various options. The most important advantages of the system: the powerful computer, brilliant screens and graphics, customizable representation, full-colored head-up display (special equipment), navigation with augmented reality (special equipment), learning software and the language control activatable with the keyword “Hey Mercedes”.

Mercedes-Benz EQA shows: 140 kW power - 426 km range-showsMercedes Benz

As a special equipment, an attachment device with ESP® trailer stabilization is available for the EQA. After unlocking, the spherical neck can either swing out or swing back behind the cladding of the bumper when not in use. The trailer load (unbraked / braked) of the EQA 250 is 750 kilograms, the support load 80 kilograms. The hitch is released for a bicycle carrier. Even more trailer load will offer the four-wheel models, so the company in terms of other models.

Mercedes-Benz EQA shows: 140 kW power - 426 km range-mercedes-benzMercedes Benz

Mercedes-Benz EQA 250 promises efficient driving pleasure in everyday life

Initially mentioned Mercedes-Benz first brings the EQA 250 to the road, which comes with a power of 140 kW, with a maximum torque of 375 nm and a range of 426 km to WLTP cycle. The consumption is 100 km with 17.7 kWh according to WLTP cycle. The energy necessary for this refers to the current of a double-storey 66.5 kWh lithium-ion battery, which sits as a structural element in the base of the vehicle. The electric car is powered by an asynchronous machine on the front axle. The E-machine, a solid transmission with differential, the cooling system and the power electronics form a highly integrated, compact unit – the electric drive train (EATS). Translation and gears were designed for the requirements of the front drive.

Mercedes-Benz EQA shows: 140 kW power - 426 km range-powerMercedes Benz

For the future, stronger models, the manufacturer relies on the rear axle on an additional EAT with a newly developed permanent synchronous machine. This builds particularly compact. In these variants of the EQA, the power requirement between the front and rear axles is then intelligently controlled by the driving situation 100 times per second. The Mercedes-EQ philosophy should come to bear. Their aim is to operate the rear e-machine as often as possible for consumption optimization, while the asynchronous machine on the front axle in partial load operation generates only low towing losses.

Mercedes-Benz EQA shows: 140 kW power - 426 km range-showsMercedes Benz

The acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h the EQA 250 graduates in 8.9 seconds. His top speed he has reached 160 km / h. If the battery is empty, the EQA 250 from Mercedes-Benz can be loaded in different ways. At home or public charging stations, the EQA can be recharged with the onboard loader comfortably with up to 11 kW with AC (AC). And even faster it goes to fast charging stations with DC (DC). Depending on the SOC (State of Charge, German: boost) and the temperature of the high-voltage battery, the EQA loads at a corresponding column with a maximum power of up to 100 kW. The charging time is then about 30 minutes from 10-80 percent SOC.

World premiere of the Mercedes-Benz EQA 250

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  1. And still a “SUV” with homeopathic trailer load – well for the hedge cut in the terraced house it is sufficient.
    I find it fun and again funny how many thoughts you make a good marketing – and how little for everyday use!
    And that, where the caravaning market explodes – German OEMs just.

  2. The part does not tear the part from the stool – a Kona or Niro would prefer it for all that. But the emblem is still worth some giants (hopefully).

  3. 140 kW Performance and a range to WLTP of 426 km. There would have to stand: CW value 0.2 … that would be an approach at the beam comparison. My favorite would be an electric SchlOrwag. Pity that no one has the courage to bring something to the street. Super CW means small battery (costs) with more range. Electric cars would have to be developed more on efficiency.

  4. “Electric athlete”, so without the promotional department of Mercedes I would not have come to mind. Athletic, or even sporty are neither the performance data, the price or the appearance.

    From the optics he adds seamlessly to the combustion program. That the I3 was not sold now so dolle, probably clenched the whole industry. A little more sparkling in a new drive age but the vehicle could already exude ..

    In the dashboard you have a lot pronounced. Blue, as far as the eye can see. The illuminated air outlet nozzles I would have expected more in an Asian or accessory from online shipping. Maybe change your color at temperature change?
    Maybe I’m wrong and the thing is sometime as a Standikonen in the museum, as a prey of all electric athletes ..

  5. Has the also the charging sport where else the tank cap is sitting? With the German carmakers seems to come in mentally not completely away from the burning tank.

  6. Battery larger, but range less than the Eniro. Quite strange. However, an AHK is missing at the Eniro of many. Maybe Kia equips soon in the direction.

  7. A step in the right direction, from the vehicle itself probably a typical Mercedes, but probably only a solid average.
    Over the design with the whole RGB lights, and goldrosè-blue you can argue of course.

  8. Great litter of MB ! With over 2 t total weight, it brings the car to a low energy consumption according to WLTP by only 17.7 kWh to 100 km ! My feeling tells me, because frustration is preprogrammed when the dignified MB driver recognizes the real rich width in winter !


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