Mercedes-Benz EQB World premiere: all facts & technical data of the SUV

Mercedes-Benz EQB World premiere: all facts & technical data of the SUV-data

Mercedes-Benz has been preparing the introduction of a new GLB SUVs, internally, this is currently being carried out as X247. With the world premiere of the fully electric compact SUV EQB and its timely market launch, Mercedes complements the already available portfolio on now five fully electric cars and vans. The automobile manufacturer had already been able to protect the corresponding brand names for the EQ series in 2017. What you can expect from the EQB, you will learn below.

The seven-seater (optional) offers the new EQB of Mercedes-EQ space for many family constellations and a wide variety of transport needs. He has an exceptional position among the electric cars. The two seats in series three can be used by persons up to 1.65 meters body size, also the assembly of children’s seats is possible there. Compare to the ID.6 of VW, which was presented yesterday in China, are close. The EQB presents itself with a length of 4.684 mm length, a width of 1.834 mm and a height of 1.667 mm. The wheelbase becomes 2.829 mm indicated. This causes the stromer to offer a corresponding space offer. The charging volume has 495 to 1.710 or 465 to 1.620 liters (information for five- or or. Seven-seater) The qualities of a compact combination.

Mercedes-Benz EQB World premiere: all facts & technical data of the SUV-technicalMercedes Benz

How to understand Mercedes-Benz the EQB will be the first purely electrically powered production vehicle from the Hungarian factory KECSKEMeT. Currently the plug-in hybrid models CLA and CLA Shooting Brake run from the band. The A-Class with plug-in hybrid drive will be produced in the future in Kecskemet – in addition to the German Mercedes-Benz plant Rastatt, where the EQA is created. In China, the EQB also runs from the tape, at Beijing Benz Automotive Co., Ltd (BBAC), a joint venture between Daimler and his Chinese partner Baic Group, this is made. This would like to ensure a market introduction in 2021. According to Europe, the international, Hungarian Kecskemet produced version of the EQB at the end of the year, the market launch in the US follows 2022.

“China is not only the most important car sales region for us, but also the world‘s leading electric car market. We are very pleased to present the fully electric EQB here in China for the best. With its seven seats, the new EQB meets the needs of very family-oriented customers. In addition to the right products, our local production footprint is one of the crucial factors for sustainable growth in China. That’s why we are very pleased to produce the fully electric EQB in Beijing.”- Hubertus Troska, Board member of Daimler AG, responsible for all China activities

As a customer, the choice between different drive alternatives is obtained: front and four-wheel drive will be possible. In China, the EQB starts as a fully equipped top model with AMG Line and a capacity of 215 kW. In Europe, the customers will have the option of choosing between different drive alternatives (front / four-wheel drive) and different power levels with partly over 200 kW. The usable capacity of the batteries in Europe is 66.5 kWh, these batteries are manufactured in the Daimler works in Kamenz (Germany) and Jawor (Poland). Also a particularly rich-wide version is planned.

Mercedes-Benz EQB World premiere: all facts & technical data of the SUV-mercedes-benzMercedes Benz

No matter what battery size you decide, at some point every battery is empty. This can be recharged in the case of the EQB with the help of the onboard loader comfortably with up to 11 kW with AC (AC). The respective loading time for a full charge depends on the available infrastructure and the country-specific vehicle equipment. Much faster than a household socket is loaded on a wallbox.

Depending on the SOC (State of Charge, German: Loading state) and the temperature of the high-voltage battery, the EQB loads at a corresponding column with a maximum power of up to 100 kW. The charging time is then a little more than 30 minutes from 10-80 percent SOC. For the AC and DC loading, the EQB in Europe and the US is equipped as standard with a CCS combination plug (Combined Charging Systems) in the right side wall. In China comes a country-specific charging solution with cans on the right and left in the side wall.

Mercedes-Benz EQB World premiere: all facts & technical data of the SUV-premiereMercedes Benz

Similar to the other EQ models, the EQB interprets the progressive luxury of Mercedes-EQ on a edgy and particularly strong manner. The typical Mercedes-EQ Black Panel Grill with central star can also be found. Furthermore, the EQ is typical lighting tape front and rear. A horizontal light guide connects the two daytime running lights of the full LED headlamp with each other and ensures high recognizability by day like night.

Striking inside is certainly the size of the instrument panel. Before the driver is a widescreen cockpit, operation and presentation take place via MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience). The robust character of the interior underline pipe elements in aluminum optics. They sit as a handle in the doors, in the center console and in the dashboard on the passenger side. Notes on the electrification of the vehicle are shown in the interior, depending on the equipment line, by a spectacular backlit ornament and rose gold-colored decorative elements on the ventilation nozzles, sitting and the vehicle key. The instruments with electric carpecific ads grab the color concept with rose gold-colored and blue elements.

Mercedes-Benz EQB World premiere: all facts & technical data of the SUV-factsMercedes Benz

With regard to the occurrence of the electricity, the brand relies on muscular and sensually modeled vehicle shoulder, which dominate the side view, which is reinforced by the increase in the on-board edge again. Outwardly positioned wheels give the EQB a powerful character and self-confident stand on the road. An eye-catcher are certainly the up to 20 inches large alloy wheels in Bi- or Tri-Color design with partly rosegold-colored or blue decorative elements.

Despite its powerful appearance, the Mercedes-EQ EQB is presented with a CW value from 0.28. The end face A is 2.53 m2. Among the most important aerodynamic measures are the cooling air control system completely closed in the upper area, the flowful front and rear apron, a very smooth, almost completely closed underbody, specially optimized Aero wheels and wheel spoilers adapted to it at the front and rear.

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  1. 100kW DC and 11kW AC loaders are no longer state of the art, there could be more in it. A third row of seats on 4.68 m means a lot of fun comfort, but toddlers are there too.
    About vehicle design can be argued, very design and future-oriented it is not exactly.
    Where is the Mercedes Highlights?
    LED lametta around the car with bombastic grille?

  2. So the only thing Mercedes is still as a lead over other manufacturers is the MBUX, which works really well and driving comfort but what EVS is concerned, the technique is crucial and because Mercedes lags a bit behind, because the measure of things is probably probably the measure of things at the moment Hyundai Inoniq 5 and since the price also plays a role there is no one at the moment. It will probably be like this as always, who relates to it departs on Mercedes or another German Premium Brand and pay more accordingly!

  3. Just go to the row of seats in the EQA, where an adult encounters the tibia, is something contemporary? Fortunately, in the EQB sitting in the back only half-profit.

  4. A bombastically boring mobile – like almost all SUVs that are intended for obese people and Chinese large families (see 1-child policy) – and of course for the profit maximization in the manufacturers.


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