Mercedes-Benz imposes an order stop for e-class sedan

Problems with the E-Class

According to G-Class: Mercedes imposes an order stop for the next model

Mercedes-Benz imposes an order stop for e-class sedan-imposes
Manufacturer Mercedes E-Class Limousine

According to the G model, the E-Class from Mercedes can no longer be ordered for the time being-apart from the station wagon. The cause should be the chip deficiency. Car manufacturers are currently preferred to supply electric customers.

The car maker Mercedes-Benz has imposed an order stop in Germany for the current version of the E-Class sedan. Due to the world’s increasing number of order, the production volume was exhausted, a company spokesman said on Wednesday on request in Stuttgart. The newspapers “Stuttgarter Zeitung” and “Stuttgarter Nachrichten” had previously reported.

Order stop for Mercedes E-Class

The order stop has been following since Friday last week. Customers would be available to a few exhibitions, demonstration and dealer vehicles, the spokesman said. The E-Class T-Model (station wagon) can be further ordered. The successor model of the current E -Class is planned for the coming year – more detailed appointments were not made. Mercedes had recently imposed an order stop for his cult open-road G-model (read more about this here).

1.6 liters of consumption – really? This Mercedes should save the diesel

Mercedes-Benz imposes an order stop for e-class sedan-sedan

Site 1.6 liters of consumption – really? This Mercedes should save the diesel

G-model also sold out for the time being

The order stop in the German market is also related to the supply panel at chips, reported the newspapers. Mercedes-Benz made no more detailed information about this. The manufacturer had delivered five percent fewer cars last year because of the semiconductor crisis than in 2020. With around 2.05 million vehicles, the Stuttgart were behind the arch -rival BMW.

Mercedes-Benz imposes an order stop for e-class sedan-imposes
By the end of the 1920s, due to the bottlenecks in chip and battery cell production, a shortage of 27 million new cars. Photo: Daimler Effects of chip and battery cell deficiency- 27 million fewer cars by 2029

According to the manufacturer, the E-Class is the best-selling model series of the brand with the star. Around 14 million vehicles have been delivered since the introduction in 1946. The current model series was therefore revised in 2020.

Electric buyers are preferred

Because of the lack of chip, the high funding premiums and because car manufacturers have to meet the EU CO2 requirements, electrical buyers are currently being treated preferably. "We deliver electric cars faster than combustion engine, i.e. primarily operate electricity-driven vehicles with chips," said Opel boss Uwe Hochschurtz of the "Automobilwoche". This means that Opel wants to help the number of electric cars in Germany and Europe increase. By calculating the EU, electric cars count with 0 grams of CO2 despite its emissions through electricity production in the fleet balance and therefore help manufacturers with the achievement of goals.

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Mercedes-Benz imposes an order stop for e-class sedan-e-class

Dining Root bread: tastes hearty or sweet: how you can easily bake bread with sourdough yourself

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15 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz imposes an order stop for e-class sedan”

  1. Maybe quite good
    Then you notice that the old man does it longer than just a few years. And if you have the box … a few years longer then you can hang on for a few years. Then you not only save yourself a new car, maybe two or three. This is called sustainability in our disposable partnership.

  2. That’s correct
    However, I have the impression that many cars are no longer designed for a long term these days. the "Half -life" seems to be suddenly sinking further and more. Too bad, but the industry prefers to sell than repair.

  3. Easy
    Avert the new car. That consumes what others emerge. And as already clearly described here, soon we will only buy from China with a German name. Good that we continue to transfer millions of development aid there.

  4. Downsizing
    the auto industry not only calls its low -displacement turbo engines, thanks to the political will according to E cars, the quantities are already being numbered "down"!!!

  5. That is because of it
    that the current E-Class will run out and the new one has to be raised. This results in a number of pieces that can be produced. More is not possible. Furthermore, there is still the round of the new GLC … Which runs in parallel over the same systems. That is the explanation for the order stop.

  6. great.
    Small cars are removed from the program due to supposedly unfulfilled EU requirements. Available chips are only installed in pure electric cars. What else can the automobile and unfortunately former high-tech country Germany come up with in order to suggest to the last car buyer that he should continue to drive his old one. What would be much more ecological than to order a new one on the side.

  7. So I got my E300de in March 2021…
    Ordered and picked up in Sindelfingen in October 2021. A feature (mbux augmented reality for navigation) could not be delivered due to a missing chip. I had the choice to wait or the vehicle without taking. In retrospect, the right decision probably, because now for everyone (!) To have neglected the own chip development and production in recent years. And it is rough to say that only Mercedes Benz has these problems. For my part, I am happy and enjoy this beautiful high-tech vehicle. For me personally, this hybrid is the best of two worlds, the perfect transition to a future with clever and affordable electrical or hydrogen vehicles.

  8. Solution: Use the latest chips
    If you use standard chips that have been on the market for a long time and are used by many device manufacturers, you have to swim with this market. But you can also rely on the latest chips as a manufacturer of top products, there is no larger market here, but here the programs have to be rewritten.

  9. I have in January
    Ordered a Smart EQ Fortwo (Elektro) from Mercedes. Delivery date according to the purchase contract 2nd quarter 2023.

  10. Has not been buying a Daimler for a long time
    Mercedes has long turned away from his former regular audience. In the past, classic, timelessly beautiful vehicles that had style were produced. Then there should be the "Daimler" in every vehicle class and for everyone to bind the younger layer of buyers to the brand. In the meantime, the classic has given way to the cheap. The vehicles look like overwhelmed girls in too scarce outfits, which in their motor and optical surpluses should particularly appeal to those buyers who are not lacking in correct knowledge of German, but not in the case of thick cash bundles. And now the next trend is running after: e-mobility. But, the Chinese have long since won this race. The German auto industry has disgusted itself.

  11. Yes good
    Volvo is not premium and has long since not what it was. It’s just a wannabe premium car for those who absolutely mean the German manufacturer "mainstream" are. Please why not. Such a meat nor fish Volvo doesn’t come into my house. If I only look at the grotty operation and these ridiculous 4 cylinders in cars like the V90. Laughing.

  12. Fruher called ….
    -By calculating the EU, electric cars count with 0 grams of CO2 despite its emissions through electricity production in the fleet balance and therefore help manufacturers with the achievement of goals.- … such tactics taushy or fraud!

  13. There we have
    After the alleged diesel scandal, finally an issue: the electrical scandal. Where are the media who take up this? This German hypocrisy in the various eco-environment issues is unbearable.

  14. According to
    I can no longer order my Mercedes seller for this year. Only in the GDR did it take longer. But fun aside. If one follows the strategic direction of the Group MB, it can be clearly seen that the seating towards China takes place in the long term. It will be the car area as an intermediate step, because the splitting of the group has made it easier "move" to make it understandable for the citizen. Trucks are almost exclusively companies or vehicles that are bought and used in the public sector, so you test the reactions and that. In the end, part of the development area will remain in Germany. Let’s follow the pioneer Opel with France and we will see how the process goes with China.

  15. the
    German government, especially the new one, really do everything that such corporations in our key industry are looking for width ..


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