Mercedes-Benz reinforces “green” steel

Mercedes-Benz reinforces

Mercedes-Benz strives to use steel CO2-free production. As the first car manufacturer, the Stuttgart now participates in the Swedish startup H2 Green Steel (H2GS). The car manufacturer does not consciously not on compensation, but on avoiding and reducing emissions. A CO2 neutral vehicle fleet wants to reach the Group 2039 – eleven years earlier than it prescribes EU legislation.

“In the first step, we invest a single-digit million amount,” says Research Board Markus Schafer. “As a privileged partner of the startup, we will launch the market from 2025 green steel in different vehicle models.”A Mercedes limousine is about 50 percent steel. Thus, the material made about 30 percent of CO2 emissions in production. In the classic blast furnace per tonne of steel on average more than two tons of CO2, the company shares with. In the new process, the supplier of hydrogen and electricity of 100 percent renewable energies set up instead of coking coal. So trap at the end no CO2, but only water.

Mercedes-Benz works with all its steel suppliers to reduce CO2 emissions in the steel supply chain on the way to green steel. About the company set the application of recognized standards and certificates. Mercedes-Benz is also a member of the “Responsible Steel Initiative”. The aim is to ensure environmentally friendly and socially acceptable steel production along the whole value chain.

That also applies to other areas. Thus, suppliers who are for more than 85 percent of the annual purchasing volume of Mercedes-Benz have already signed an “Ambition Letter” and approved that the company will only supply the company with CO2 neutral products in the future. These are also important steel suppliers. At the same time Mercedes-Benz work together with its partners to increase the share of secondary material step by step.

H2 Green Steel was founded 2020 with the aim of establishing a fossil-free steel production on a large scale in northern Sweden. Behind the company is the Vargas Holding – one of the largest shareholders of the battery manufacturer Northvolt.

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2 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz reinforces “green” steel”

  1. A “single-digit million amount” listens to Adam Giant at € 9 million – and thus you want to decarbonize the steel for the Mercedes production of 2 million vehicles?
    Then from the million investments would probably have to be a billion investment with it that works.
    But you can still hide behind the “initial” investment, if someone asks questions.

    But a green press release always sounds great &# 128521;

  2. This message is a true Pr G gag of a desperate permanent burner. Technology Overslept, target group lost sight, wild growth in the fleet and design. It is honorable that you want to reduce the C02 outlet in steel production. How much, until when? There will be no second PR GAG message on this topic, because there will be no significant measures. Media presence, that’s the goal. Clippings achieve. Nothing wrong but also nothing concrete, obligatory. Third-class management I call that. The art of nothing say and but the attention is raised is a way, but no long-term. Too bad about a once dominant brand. What’s wrong with Mercedes ..


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