Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR relies on organic battery technology

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Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR relies on organic battery technology-relies

Just in time for the CES2020, Mercedes-Benz also waits with a concept vehicle, which has it in itself. The name of the concept vehicle already lets you close the source of inspiration for this. This is not just for intensive collaboration during the development of the showcar together with the Avatar Team, but also for Advanced Vehicle Transformation. Own statement according to the vehicle embodies the vision of designers, engineers and trend researchers for mobility in the distant future.

Mercedes-Benz releases views of completely recyclable battery

In particular, the points sustainability and drive are of interest to our portal and are therefore considered more precisely. The electrified concept relies on a novel, organic battery technology from recyclable materials. Battery technology is based on graph-based organic cell chemistry and is completely free of rare earths and metals. Furthermore, the materials of the battery are compostable and thus completely recyclable. MercedesBenz wants to create electromobility independently of fossil resources through these organic battery technology. According to its own statement, it is stressed with the high relevance of a future circular economy, the “Circular Economy”, in the raw materials area.

Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR relies on organic battery technology-avtrMercedes Benz

In addition to an exponentially high energy density – compared to today’s battery systems with up to 1.200 WH / liters – the technology also impresses with its exceptional fast-loadability through automated, conductive charging technology. This should make it possible for the fully electric concept vehicle that the battery is fully charged in less than 15 minutes. With a capacity of around 110 kWh, the Vision AVTR enables an electric range of more than 700 kilometers. In addition, the Vision AVTR “Vehicle to Grid” is capable, ie that vehicle fits seamlessly into the economic ecosystem of the future. By not only save electricity, but can also deliver again.

“IT Takes Sustainability to New Levels Through A Fully Recyclable Battery, Which Is Based On At Organic Cell Chemistry And Doesn’t Need Materials Like Nickel Or Cobalt. This Means in The Future, The Battery Could Be Compostable. AND IT OFFERS INCREDIBLY FAST CHARGING, TOO.”- Ola Kallenius, Chairman of the Board of Management Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz AG

Vision AVTR thinks the drive differently

With the energy from the organic battery storage, it is possible for the Concept Car to supply its four powerful and cycling electric motors with electricity. They have decided for this drive, as this allows the vehicle a particularly agile progress. With a combined engine output of more than 350 kW, the Vision AVTR sets new standards for EQ Power.

Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR relies on organic battery technology-visionMercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR relies on organic battery technology-mercedes

Mercedes-Benzdank The intelligent and fully variable torque distribution is the performance of the four fully individually controllable motors not only in terms of driving dynamics best possible, but above all highly efficiently managed. Due to the possibility of driving the front and rear axle in the same or opposite direction, the Vision AVTR can be approx. 30 degrees, in contrast to conventional vehicles. The so-called “cancer cycle” gives the concept vehicle a reptile-like appearance in its movement.

“The actual potential of this technology is currently in basic research. All in all, the Vision AVTR is another important step towards sustainable emission-free mobility in the luxury class. With the concept car, Mercedes-Benz shows completely new opportunities to make large and luxurious automobiles in the future marketable and environmentally and socially responsible.”

Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR relies on organic battery technology-visionMercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR relies on organic battery technology-avtr

Mercedes Benz Source: Mercedes-Benz – Press Release from 07. January 2020

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  2. “With a capacity of around 110 kWh..”

    Quick course for journalists:
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