Mercedes-Benz wants to reinvent e-SUVs for more efficiency

Mercedes-Benz wants to reinvent e-SUVs for more efficiency-mercedes-benz

With the Mercedes-Benz EQS, the exciting brother of the S-Class has officially already covered 784 kilometers – the EQXX study is intended to conquer the four-digit range. At the same time, there is an outlook on how important the aerodynamics for electric vehicles is, and that SUVs have to go the same way to keep the market in the future.

For this reason Mercedes-Benz will reinvent the concept of traditional SUVs to improve the efficiency of its next generation of electric cars. This indicated Daimler boss OLA Kallenius in the presentation of the EQXX. These considerations should be in an aerodynamically more efficient design for their models in the important and increasingly popular SUV segment to provide customers with greater range per battery charge.

Markus Schafer, Chief Technology Officer, was addressed by Autocar on whether the pursuit of greater efficiency leads to a departure of SUVs in favor of smaller cars. His answer: “The fact is that the biggest factor in efficiency is aerodynamics times the size of the car. We will definitely see different shapes of SUVs. I really think the shape of SUVs will change, at least if efficiency is important to an auto company, and it is for us.”

Specifically, Schafer makes it clear that “the car has to slope down a bit towards the rear, and the width of the front and rear axles may not be the same. There are some small tweaks that can be made to a vehicle to drastically change efficiency and fuel consumption.At the same time, one should not lose sight of the customer, because they love SUVs, as can also be seen from the increasing market share from various reports.

The traditionally larger front ends of SUVs and the flat rear ends in the hatchback style are not conducive to optimal efficiency, explained chief designer Gordon Wagener. So “SUVs can never be as efficient as these lower cars”, with which Wagener is targeting sedans. All of these considerations are taken into account when developing future models: “They will be so much more efficient than all previous SUVs: a bit more ‘flowing’, less boxy,” Wagener continues.

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5 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz wants to reinvent e-SUVs for more efficiency”

  1. Vain blah blah chatter from an apparently rather desperate management crew. Is Mercedes the first dinosaur to give up or be taken over by the Chinese??

  2. Well, it’s difficult when you’ve been persuading customers for decades that corners, edges, beads, etc. are indispensable for a brand car.
    And if the majority of customers now consist of ‘it’s always been like this’..

  3. What goes up, must go down..
    In the era of resource conservation (read: efficiency), SUVs, which 99.9% never leave the asphalt, do not have a rosy future ahead of them… Except for a few crossover models (currently only through MY, or?) represented will get rid of themselves (hopefully soon)..

    I can already see the flying tomatoes 😉

  4. These texts remind me quite well of the demise of the smart brand. There was a bunch of rubbish published there and some “visions” were shown.
    You had nothing and you wanted nothing more.


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