Mercedes brings its SUV GLB as an electric version

25 percent e-cars by 2025

Mercedes brings its new SUV GLB as an electric version

Mercedes brings its SUV GLB as an electric version-battery broken means scraping e-car nonsense
Computer drawing: Reichel Car Design The new Mercedes GLA / GLB will not be as angular as expected

Daimler assumes that a quarter of all cars with electric drive will roll off the assembly line in six years. CEO Ola Kallenius also announced a new SUV.

From the compact SUV Mercedes GLB, which will be shown at the car show in Shanghai in spring, there will also be an electric version in two years. This was revealed by the designated Daimler boss Ola Kallenius of the magazine "Auto Motor & Sport". Kallenius will follow Dieter Zetsche in May.

Mercedes GLB is supposed to hunt Tesla Model Y

However, the e-version only comes much later than the gasoline versions, namely 2021. This means that the GLB belongs to a total of ten models of the brand, which are also offered by 2022 with a battery -electric drive. The start of the EQC based on the GLC-based in autumn. Daimler positions the GLB, which is also supposed to exist as a seven -seater, against Model Y from Tesla; But that will be on the market much earlier. Model Y’s world premiere could also take place in Shanghai, parallel to the presentation of the GLB then conventionally driven.

Caber the battery broken means scraping the e-car? nonsense!

Mercedes brings its SUV GLB as an electric version-battery broken means scraping e-car

Site Caber the battery broken means scraping the e-car? nonsense!

This pursues Daimler a clear goal. "In 2025, up to 25 percent of the fleet should be electrically powered," said Kallenius "Auto Motor & Sport". A total of ten billion euros would be invested in the expansion of the electrical fleet on a car basis in the coming years. In addition, the group will rely on plug-in hybrids in the future. They are necessary to create the EU CO2 limit values of the EU. It remains open whether only petrol engines are hybridized and diesel – there are currently both solutions in the Daimler Group.

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9 thoughts on “Mercedes brings its SUV GLB as an electric version”

  1. The Tesla has to hold out for a few years
    Then you will see if it is suitable for long -term. I personally don’t like the thing. to have … Then you will see if it is suitable for long -term. I personally don’t like the thing. German manufacturers have more experience in automotive engineering. I feel a safe Mercedes, Audi or BMW … Better than a quickly screwed electrical list from the USA. If you want to buy such a Tesla, please do not complain if the money is thrown out later. You have to have such a thing at home and gain a few years of experience – with me the disillusionment came after a little more than 3 years. I don’t want to keep looking at the capacity indicator, I don’t want to plan my route according to the position of powerful charging stations before starting driving. I want to get in and drive off – I now have a petrol engine again and I am free with that…

  2. Hello Mr. Feddermann,
    What does "scream" mean here, Tesla doesn’t do that. Not even advertising does this small company. You scream and fire against a few "fans" who buy such a car. What does to develop through? The presses for the car come from D., The chassis comes from D., The steering comes from D., The paint shop comes from D., The chassis comes from D., Only the idea is from the USA. What more do you want! If you have a better one, please write here…

  3. But, "scream" It fits somehow
    Or know a second CEO of the hits on the shit skin when announcing news? So that’s Mr. Musk special. Developing means, for example, no water runs into the trunk when you open the ceiling, this is exactly what happens at Tesla. And this detail is certainly not developed in Germany.

  4. Supplier for the lithium cells?
    What would interest me burning: Who actually delivers the many lithium cells for the future EPKWs of the so-called German manufacturers?

  5. These are
    Currently samsung, LG and Panasonic, the three share the market. Whether German cell production is ever able to survive can be doubted.

  6. New SUV…
    Again a small and above all light and very economical "Box" For the fresh air….Politicians are happy for this luxury…

  7. Thrifty
    What is economical for you? If you need a big car, you need a big car. Dogs, children, hobby with load space requirement… A seven -seater with a lot of loading space under 7l diesel* in everyday life is not good enough? (*Needs the larger GLC220D of a friend)

  8. Tomorrow, tomorrow just not today,
    All lazy people say that. The German automotive industry has completely overslept the connection to electric cars. What use with an announcement for 2022 if I need a new car to be allowed to Stuttgart now. Then it will be not a Mercedes for the first time for the first time.

  9. Stuttgart
    What are you talking about there? According to Stuttgart, you can with every Euro6 diesel and with every petrol engine who has the green badge. This fulfills this almost every 20 year old petrol engines and 10 -year -old diesel.


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