Mercedes Charging Set: So that it does not fail on the plug

Mercedes Charging Set: So that it does not fail on the plug-plug

Electromobility is on the rise, more and more customers opt for a sustainable drive – either as plug-in hybrid or as a solid electric vehicle. However, all vehicles with electrical drives have been shared: they must be loaded. Wallbox, public charging column or household socket – the possibilities are manifold. And every connection requires your own charging cable.

With the new flexible charging system, Mercedes-Benz has now a charging solution for those who are a lot with an electric car and need variable applications. As the company communicates, including various adapters for household sockets, industrial plates and public charging columns and wallboxes. On the system is a solid type2 plug. So the vehicle can be loaded with up to 22kW at any AC power source. The system adjusts the charging power accordingly. Integrated temperature sensors in the household adapters protect against overheating.

The system is packed in a suitcase in which all accessories find a tidy place. The cable salad in the trunk has an end. As an accessory, there is also an extension cable with five meters, a security lock and a wall mount; In addition, all adapters are also available individually. The selling price in Germany is 1225 euros.

As further means, the system is overwhelfast up to 1.1 tons and protected according to IP67 even at temporary immersion. It has integrated residual current circuit breakers, is designed for a temperature range of -30 ° to + 50 ° C and almost all components are AECQ certified. The total length of about five meters can not be used directly accessible power sources. In addition, it was also thought of the various sockets types abroad and in addition to the most widely used Schukostecker in Europe, the right connections for Switzerland and UK are also available separately.

Mercedes-Benz currently offers four emission-free models with EQC, EQA and EQV and the EQS starting in the summer. For this purpose, more than 20 variants of Mercedes-Benz vehicles are available as plug-in hybrid by the end of the year.

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5 thoughts on “Mercedes Charging Set: So that it does not fail on the plug”

  1. So I drive electricity since 2010 but I have never used such a part!

    then like today a peugeot ion (now only for short distance) and was thus in Croatia, Serbia, Italy, France and have never used another plug except Schuko, Type2 and Chademo.
    Also then there were already DIY solutions to come from CEE16 or CEE CARAVAN on brick stream, but it always went without and I had to push once &# 128521;

    Edit: Typos removed

  2. Similarly, most manufacturers provide free with the new car, even with the expensive Tesla. I find nothing special about it. Is just a commercial contribution again.


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