Mercedes E-Class 2016 in the test

Driving report Mercedes E-Class E 300

If you caress this car often enough, you don’t get a park

Mercedes E-Class 2016 in the test-mercedes

Site/Wochit Look, without hands: Daimler’s autopilot in the first motorway test

  • Site editor Sebastian Viehmann (Lisbon)

With the new E-Class, Mercedes 5 Series BMW and Audi A6 wants to drive to the wall. The sharpest weapons are driving comfort, "Steve Jobs Memory Cockpit" and the new autopilot. We tested it on public roads – including "dead man"-function.

The struggle for the left motorway lane is open again. This time Mercedes is ahead of Mercedes – at least in time: the new E -Class is already there, while the new BMW 5 Series at the end of the year and the new Audi A6 will not even roll up in 2017. And in this premium league, in which some customers spend the price of a new city apartment for a car without batting, you have to have a lot to offer.Mercedes tries with a mix of classic virtues (driving comfort, ambience) and high -tech. Highlight is the new autopilot, "Drive pilot" called. But does he also think what he promises? For the first time you could now test the system and the whole Benz on public roads.

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Steve Jobs Memory Cockpit

The first impression: everything as always in the thick Benz, which is a bit longer at 4.92 meters than its predecessor. You can fall into cozy armchairs is happy about the pleasantly unexplained cockpit with not too many switches and buttons. Double -glazed slices (unfortunately cost surcharge, like so much in this car), hold the annoying world where it belongs: outside.

Mercedes E-Class 2016 in the test-mercedes
Mercedes Cockpit of the new E-Class. There are three different instruments/displays – in the picture the top version with two large screens

The hammer is that "Steve Jobs Memory Cockpit": A huge screen in the iPhone look almost takes up the entire dashboard. Instead of perpendicular as in the Tesla Model S – the car that somehow all have to imitate – the two -part screen (12.3 inches each) was placed across the BENT. When getting in it is black, then the completely digital instrument board in front of the driver and finally the navigation display lights up.

Mercedes E-Class 2016 in the test-e-class
Mercedes What would taxi drivers do without Mercedes?

Big downer: Neither the navigation system nor the digital cockpit are standard on board. In the basic version you look at normal round instruments in the Mercedes "most intelligent business sedan in the world" – Tube TV, so to speak, instead of flat screen. According to Daimler, the reason is that there had to be a slimmed -down basic version for taxi drivers. May be stupid anyway.

Chassis and driving behavior

Classic virtues-which not only appreciate droschken pilots-has the E-Class as ever: thanks to (optional) air suspension, which works with a multi-chamber system and therefore becomes a bit tighter while it becomes a bit more tighter while Almost every bump in city traffic without swallowing the chassis without the quietest rulpser. The steering is smooth and perfect for the big star cruiser. This remains trimmed in comparison to Audi A6 or BMW 5 and not at lap times. At least until the AMG versions roll.

Mercedes E-Class 2016 in the test-mercedes
Mercedes Mercedes E-Class E300

Despite its lush dimensions, the E-Class remains well in the frame even in fast curves, the empty weight (depending on version 1.6 to 1.7 tons) remains within the framework. An ideal choice was the always standard nungang automatic. Perhaps it sometimes switches a nuance slower than the eight-speed machines from BMW, but buttery soft. Typical Mercedes (at least for several years): The automatic selection lever is not in the middle of the car, but on the steering wheel.

Autopilot at – Read newspaper now?

The most exciting thing about the new Benz is of course that "Drive pilot". It also does not exist as standard, but only at the end of an assistance system-"cascade", which begins with the standard cruise control and the Drive pilot including distance control, automatic track guide and traffic sign detection with automatic speed adjustment ends. But how does the car (train) work in practice? More on the next page!

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  1. Huh??
    "In the event of cases, a controlled brake with warning indicators is still likely to be safer … Be as a car that is uncontrolled over the motorway." Stop on the third trail in front of Munich to cure a heart attack. This is how I imagine it when programmers are released on humanity in addition to their mad ideas. Seriously: really someone believes that you can survive? If you are too stupid to drive a car to the right to the edge, leave your fingers off the computer or play Pacman.

  2. Will never be allowed, …
    … Because with an automatic observance of speed limits, our brave state would escape around 2 billion for criminal mandates, a large part of them due to the speed of speed.

  3. wrong direction
    I think that everything goes in the wrong direction, there are already enough you now "nap" make on our highways. They will be even more in the traffic jam because the box simply stops and the "Driving operator" is defined. Incidentally, I don’t like to imagine what it says after an accident, "My system program was to blame" ! To the e class, it becomes angular again, so every four years. Then the delusion to ever easier and slimmed down, which means in a small accident "Blechbuchse survived in disposable mode so far" !

  4. The technology takes care of driving
    Because many drivers are no longer sufficient for this in many drivers. The right of the stronger already counts on the highways anyway.

  5. oh God
    Totchic in the inside, but ugly and old -fashioned from the outside.With as much money as the car costs, I would then use the competition, or would rather drive the old E-Class on.


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