Mercedes E-Class 2020: All data, pictures and information

Mercedes E-Class 2020

Seven hybrid models, also with a diesel engine: the new E-Class in the first check

Mercedes E-Class 2020: All data, pictures and information-data
Daimler Mercedes E-Class 2020

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Despite all SUV tendencies and the overpowering S-Class, the Mercedes E-Class is considered the heart of the star brand. Now the current generation gets a revision.

With the model maintenance, a few painful mistakes in the previous E-Class are eliminated. On the one hand, the Mercedes E-Class finally has the long overdue standard LED headlights, which had so far been taken out with the cost look for the taxers. The same applies to the animated instruments, because they are now standard at least in the small 10.25-inch version. Unfortunately, Daimler can still be paid for the two 12.3-inch displays for its MBUX operating system.

Visually, little changes in the Mercedes

"As standard, the E-Class offers LED headlights and our MB UX operating system with two screens," says e-class development manager Michael Kelz, "in the basic version of 10.25 inches each and optionally. Also a new steering wheel with touch -sensitive buttons.“Visually, the model maintenance of the most important model in the Mercedes portfolio is not lush. There are new lighting units at the front, back, new assistance systems and revised drives.

Mercedes E-Class 2020: All data, pictures and information-pictures
Daimler Mercedes E-Class 2020

In contrast to the current model, there will be a total of seven plug-in hybrids; Including all -wheel drive versions and the combination model. The core drive will be the engine with the internal name M 254. The two-liter turbo four-cylinder with an integrated starter generator and 48-volt-sector network has a maximum output of 200 kW / 272 hp. The electrical module controls a further 15 kilowatts and 180 NM additional performance for the intermediate sprint.


Motors and drives – also with diesel hybrid

The engine is a real high-tech engine with its aluminum crankcase, specially coated cylinder career and variable valve control. The diesel hybrids-largely circulated by the competition-also remain on offer. The navigation automatic and probably also the long overdue navigation system is standard in all models. The range of services of the petrol engine is between 115 and 270 kW / 156 and 367 hp, while the diesel unit between 118 and 243 kW / 160 and 330 hp are offered.

1.6 liters of consumption – really? This Mercedes should save the diesel

Mercedes E-Class 2020: All data, pictures and information-mercedes

Site 1.6 liters of consumption – really? This Mercedes should save the diesel

"Unfortunately, the six -cylinder now only plays a supporting role," Michael Kelz makes no secret of his passion for large -volume engines. Even if fewer and fewer customers in the upper class use six or even eight-cylinders, Daimler brought a new engine into the E-Class. The Type M 256 in -line six -cylinder can already be obtained in other models such as the noble CLS. The six-cylinder with the starter generator and 48-volt-board network makes 270 kW / 367 hp and also an additional 15 kilowatts on Boost. New in the program: The Mercedes AMG 53 4MATIC, whose double -charged row six cylinder 320 kW / 435 hp and a maximum torque of 520 Nm.

Mercedes E-Class 2020: All data, pictures and information-data
Daimler Mercedes E-Class 2020: Cockpit

Coupe, convertible and XL version also come

In addition to all-wheel drive and automatic nungang, there is a starter generator that briefly delivers additional 16 kW output and 250 Nm torque and feeds the 48-VOLT board network. Its top speed: 270 km/h. At the start of the automobile spring, the cloth from limousine and combination model is pulled and in summer the double pack comes into international trade. At the New York Auto show, E-Class Coupe and E-Class Cabriolet and shortly afterwards the long version of the limousine in China are to celebrate its premiere.

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It was followed up for the model maintenance, especially in the field of driver assistance. In this way, the distance of the distance not only works with a camera and radar, but also the traffic information of the navigation device. In traffic jams, the E-Class is said to be almost without the driver’s intervention and even automatically drive aside for a rescue alley. If there is a risk of collision when turning via the lane, the E-Class can brake at typical speeds for turning. As already available with other brands, there is now an exit warning of the dead angle assistant in the E-Class. The prices of the refreshed Mercedes E-Class will be at the level of the current model. The cheapest way to drive an E-Class is currently at least 46.116 euro E 200D with 160 hp.

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