Mercedes E-Class 2020 in the first check

Mercedes E-Class 2020

Diesel, hybrid and grace period for the six-cylinder: New E-Class in check

Mercedes E-Class 2020 in the first check-e-class

The new Mercedes E-Class 2020: big goals

  • Site author Stefan Grundhoff

Everyone is waiting for the new Mercedes S-Class and the EQS electrical offshoot. But while the S-Class continues to be delayed and the broad mass is only presented in autumn, the E-Class gets a revision in summer.

The cars are still slightly camouflaged-but the model maintenance of the most important model in the Mercedes portfolio is not really great. There are new lighting units at the front and back, revised drives and some errors in the current model are developed.

E-Class comes again with manual circuit

The current Mercedes E-Class in the basic version has not been equipped with LED light since 2016. In comparison to the predecessor, there were only elected halogen light, analog circular instruments and initially even a manual circuit for the small base diesel; Probably to be able to offer the taxlers a cheap base price.

Mercedes E-Class 2020 in the first check-check
Daimler Mercedes E-Class 2020

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But with these gimmicks it is now over. "As standard, the E-Class offers LED headlights and our MB UX operating system with two screens," says e-class development manager Michael Kelz, "in the basic version of 10.25 inches each and optionally. Also a new steering wheel with touch -sensitive buttons."

With a diesel engine, the Mercedes CLS is not a real Babo car

Mercedes E-Class 2020 in the first check-2020

Site With a diesel engine, the Mercedes CLS is not a real Babo car

Seven plug-in hybrids available

With the model maintenance, a new generation of engines moves into the E-Class. In contrast to the current model, there will be a total of seven plug-in hybrids; Including all -wheel drive versions and the combination model. The core drive we are the engine with the internal name M 254. The two-liter turbo four-cylinder with an integrated starter generator and 48-volt-sector network has a maximum output of 200 kW / 272 hp.


The electrical module controls additional 15 kilowatts of additional power for the intermediate sprint. The engine is a real high-tech engine with its aluminum crankcase, specially coated cylinder career and variable valve control. The diesel hybrids – largely circulated by the competition – also remain on offer. The navigation automatic and probably also the long overdue navigation system is standard in all models.

Mercedes E-Class 2020 in the first check-mercedes
Daimler Mercedes E-Class 2020

"Unfortunately, the six -cylinder now only plays a supporting role," Michael Kelz makes no secret of his passion for large -volume engines. Even if fewer and fewer customers in the upper class use six or even eight-cylinders, Daimler brought a new engine into the E-Class. The Type M 256 in -line six -cylinder can already be obtained in other models such as the noble CLS. The six-cylinder with the starter generator and 48-volt-board network makes 270 kW / 367 hp and also an additional 15 kilowatts on Boost.

1.6 liters of consumption – really? This Mercedes should save the diesel

Mercedes E-Class 2020 in the first check-mercedes

Site 1.6 liters of consumption – really? This Mercedes should save the diesel

The official world premiere will be at the Geneva Salon in March, while the new E-Class is rolling onto the international markets from summer. Shortly afterwards there are E-Class Coupe and E-Class Cabriolet as well as the long version of the limousine for China.

He forms the rescue alley by itself

It was followed up for the model maintenance, especially in the field of driver assistance. In this way, the distance of the distance not only works with a camera and radar, but also the traffic information of the navigation device. In traffic jams, the E-Class is said to be almost without the driver’s intervention and even automatically drive aside for a rescue alley. If there is a risk of collision when turning via the lane, the E-Class can brake at typical speeds for turning. As already available with other brands, there is now an exit warning of the dead angle assistant in the E-Class.

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6 thoughts on “Mercedes E-Class 2020 in the first check”

  1. I am sure,
    Here is now a firework of all e-car opponents. What a crap such an e-mobile … and how durable, clean and economical such an E-class has always been, much more environmentally friendly than anything else. why ? The E-Class is the pensioner vehicle par excellence and they vehemently defend the status quo. Everything used to be better anyway, who needs innovation ?

  2. Mercedes does it exactly !
    Top design and top-modern petrol engine and diesel with a small alibi hybrid. Because no customer wants this electrical-Sch… really ! It has up to a mileage of 200.000 km a worse CO2 footprint like any combustion engine, but only when the battery lasts so long …))).

  3. In the themed here
    Vehicle class is still world leaders. And if you once driven a large -volume and powerful V8, of course with automatic, you don’t want anything else. But the fools have different plans. The future will no longer bring mobility for (almost) everyone, so it is intended. A great time comes to an end, at least for the Germans and the EU citizens. This is also called great transformation, and it is chosen. Whether the voters understood what they do?

  4. To the six -cylinder diesel
    The six -cylinder diesel is an excellent engine, very quiet and economical. After the handover of the 400 D in Sindelfingen, 245 km was driven across the Swabian Alb. The consumption: incredible 5.4 liters per 100 km. It would be sad if this top engine with very low consumption and E6 classification had to be sacrificed on the altar of alleged climate protection.

  5. It’s really sad,
    What is sacrificed in DE for the preservation of the status quo. Thousands of new jobs are dispensed with, new industries are rejected, regardless of future developments. Let’s see how long yesterday’s forever can justify this state and be overrun by change. Of course, it is impossible to do without completely unimportant.

  6. Logical
    One does not want to do without a six -cylinder because they are great engines. Which logically not only brought into the E-Class, but are used in several models. This is part of modern modular platforms. In the form also a German invention. We see at all, a lot in automotive construction.


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