Mercedes E-Class as a long version

Mercedes-Benz E-Class long version

Small Chinese need large cars with star

Mercedes E-Class as a long version-e-class

Mercedes Benz
Mercedes-Benz E-Class long version: Whoever says E can now also say for a long time

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The Chinese market is important. For this reason, car manufacturers make a particularly great effort to offer the perfect vehicle to the customers there. So also Mercedes-Benz, who for this reason have missed 14 additional centimeters of the wheelbase. The long version now measures 5.06 meters in length and has a wheelbase of 3.08 meters. Overall, the rear passenger is available on seats with many comfort functions 13.4 centimeters more legroom.

84 LEDs for the street

The customer has to choose between two design characters: Sedan or Sport Sedan. The former can be recognized by the Mercedes star enthroned on the bonnet. The sporty variant wears it in the radiator grille. The LED headlights are kept in clear glass optics and optionally available as a multibeam LED. The 84 single LED that will then use the street almost completely shine without blinding other road users. A dynamic cornering light is then also available. The rear is determined by the one-piece rear lamp in the two-bar design, the bottom and the brake light also use the LED technology.

Mercedes E-Class as a long version-Daimler autopilot first motorway test
Mercedes Benz The length of length at 5.06 meters benefits the passengers in the rear, which now have a good 13 centimeters more legroom

In the interior, two width, high-resolution displays, each with 12.3 inch image diagonals, which merge into a widescreen cockpit, ensure a real eye-catcher. There are three different display designs with classic, sports and progressive.

Pure luxury and parking by cell phone

In addition to the touchpad with controller in the center console, the driver can also use the touch -sensitive touch controls on the steering wheel to use. Here you can wiped and typed, as is already known from the smartphone. Even manuscripts and characters are recognized. The interior lighting can be adapted in 64 different colors thanks to LED technology.

Harry, get the car? Derrick’s assistant makes this car unemployed

Mercedes E-Class as a long version-e-class

Site Harry, get the car? Derrick’s assistant makes this car unemployed

In addition to the comfort seats, the most popular place in the FOND is rounded off by a foldable center armrest, which, in addition to a USB connection, also offers an integrated touchscreen, also a heated armrest.

Mercedes E-Class as a long version-e-class
Mercedes Benz In China you traditionally like to sit in the back. Mercedes creates more space in the rear seats exclusively for the Middle Kingdom in the E-Class

In the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class long version, the well-known assistance system such as the active brake assistant, the Attention Assist or the Drive Pilot ensure security in the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class. The Remote Park Pilot is also available, which makes parking from outside the vehicle possible using a smartphone app. With 14 additional centimeters of vehicle length not the worst way to park. The newcomer to the Mercedes-Benz family is produced at Beijing Benz Automotive in Beijing (BBAC), a joint venture between Daimler and Baic.

Video: The new E-Class in the test

Look, without hands: Daimler’s autopilot in the first motorway test

Mercedes E-Class as a long version-version

Site/Wochit Look, without hands: Daimler’s autopilot in the first motorway test

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