Mercedes E-Class Cabrio 2017

Mercedes E-Class Cabrio 2017

What distinguishes an E-Class from the C-Class?

Mercedes E-Class Cabrio 2017-2017

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Mercedes E-Class Cabrio 2017: Open for four

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Mercedes loves coupes and convertibles. While other manufacturers are making their chic image models more and more a stroke candidate, the Swabians are pushing the excerpt on the new season – the next step is the E -Class.

Mercedes relies more than other manufacturers on division models such as coupes and convertibles. These are intended to sharpen the image that should gradually mouse from normal premium to luxury manufacturer. While some car manufacturers convertible and roadster have completely disappeared from the model offer and for others the number will continue to be returned in the next few years, the Swabians take a different way. When the 4.83-meter-long E-Class Cabrio celebrates its audience premiere in June, this is the sun worshiper number seven with the star on the radiator grille. S-, E, C, SL, SLC, Amt GT and the Smart fortwo is available as an open version.

Mercedes has seven convertibles in the program

The surprise is that in addition to the C-Class Cabrio, there is also the slightly larger E-Class with a fabric roof. The two models can hardly be distinguished from each other and even the length difference is hardly particularly important.

Mercedes E-Class Cabrio 2017-e-class
Mercedes Benz In summer 2017, Mercedes brings the E-Class Cabriolet into the market

"The E-Class convertible is a full four-seater," explains E-Class chief developer Christian Fruh, "the open E-Class is 14 centimeters longer than the C-model. You can feel that especially in the rear.“And in fact it can be traveled pleasantly in the double -seated stalls of the prototype with amenities such as seat heating, separate climate control and separately extendable wind gap. The space in the rear is always sufficient for medium -sized people. It is also pleasantly train -free, since the wind is a windshott behind the headrests that offers the forehead. Normally, in a convertible you are alone or at most in pairs and then the large folding wind slot is installed over the fund seats, which hardly leaves drafts in the first row even at higher speeds.

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Mercedes E-Class Cabrio 2017-e-class

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Automobile walking aid

On request, the convertible can be ordered with the automatic windscreen system Aircap and the Airscarf headmath heating. Then you can also save yourself the open roof and the spoiler lip called Aircap, which can be extended from the front disc frame, which leads the drafts over the interior, looks like an automotive walking aid.

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Mercedes E-Class Cabrio 2017-2017

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The tight fabric roof opens and closes in 20 seconds to a speed of 50 km/h. After opening, it lays down quietly and carefully folded in the cover box pan in the trunk. A roller blind separates the cover and the remaining trunk volume. The trunk holds 310 to 385 liters. New is the rear seat backrest in the ratio of 50:50. “The passion for extraordinary vehicles that we share with our customers is reflected in a special way in our new E-Class Cabriolet. With it you can enjoy comfort and luxury in the open air, ”says Britta Seeger, sales board at Mercedes. The engine portfolio will be identical to that of the recently presented Mercedes E-Class Coupes.

Mercedes E-Class Cabrio 2017-cabrio
Mercedes Benz Among other things, the turbine-like ventilation nozzles in the cockpit of the Mercedes E-Class are chic

The basic version is the E 200 with manageable 184 hp and 300 Nm maximum torque. It has as well as the standard automatic naming system as the other models transferred to the rear axle. The open four -seater, for example, is significantly in line with the custody, for example as E 350D or E 400 – for the first time with all -wheel drive. The chassis is 15 millimeters lower compared to the limousine; However, the comfort is clearly in the foreground. On request, as with sedan and coupe, an adjustment damping and air suspension are available. Incidentally, there is also all of this with the open C-Class, which should be cheaper for a few thousands. In terms of price, the E 200 Cabrio should be just under 50.Go off 000 euros.

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Mercedes E-Class Cabrio 2017-mercedes

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