Mercedes E-Class: Cabrio and AMG version

Auto Insider: Mercedes E-Class Cabrio / AMG

Power, sun, mud: The new models of the Mercedes E-Class

Mercedes E-Class: Cabrio and AMG version-cabrio
Computer drawing: Reichel Car Design Outlook on the Mercedes E63 AMG

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The Mercedes E-Class is being expanded into a large family. After the limousine started in the spring, the Swabians lay the station wagon and the "All -terrain" to. But that doesn’t end with that. First information about the convertible and the AMG version with 600 hp.

Limousins and combination of the E -Class are already there – now Mercedes wants to be at one of his "Cash Cows" add. First of all, Mercedes looked at the success of the Audi all-road models very closely. After A6 Allroad and A4 Allroad have been enjoying great demand for years and drove the gap between Avant and the larger SUV models Q5 and Q7, the Stuttgarters also bring a model with slightly increased ground clearance and pseudo robust plastic planks on the market. In spring 2017 the time has come. His name: Mercedes E-Class Allterrain . Sounds like from the tire advertising-but it is not only to be obtained in black and offers the characteristics of the Mercedes E-Class T-model almost congruently.

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Mercedes copies the Audi principle

Like the Audi competition, the Mercedes Allterrain can only be obtained as a combination variant. All -wheel drive, dark planks all around, more ground clearance and air suspension are series. The small entry -level engines as well as the hand switches remain on the outside.

Plusch alarm 1977: Mercedes-Kombis then and now

Mercedes E-Class: Cabrio and AMG version-cabrio

Site/Wochit Plusch alarm 1977: Mercedes-Kombis then and now

If you like it more sporty, you have to wait until spring. Because then the E-Class family is crowned with the new AMG E 63. It clearly puts the 401 hp half-AMG called E 43. The E 63 AMG produces around 600 hp, in addition to the luxury equipment, offers a tail-heavy all-wheel drive and the well-known e-class drafts. In contrast to the All Terrain, the E 63 is available as a sedan and T-model.

First details about the convertible and AMG model

Only at the end of 2017/2018 will E-Class Coupe follow and then the open variant of the Mercedes E-Class Cabrios. The engine portfolio ranges from the 211 hp four -cylinder E 250 convertible to the 401 hp E 43 AMG convertible with a mandatory all -wheel drive. Like its predecessor, he has a fully electric fabric roof and the extensive safety and comfort equipment of sedan and station wagon.

Mercedes E-Class: Cabrio and AMG version-cabrio
Computer drawing: Reichel Car Design So the new E-Class from Mercedes could look

In the design, however, it will have to struggle that C, E and S-Class look confusingly similar. The S-Class Cabrio is more elegant and independent than ever, but the difference between the coupe and convertible versions of the C and E-Class family is very manageable. For many of the customers, the lighter and hardly less elegant C-Class Cabriolet should be enough-especially as a convertible. The engine portfolio: 211 to 401 hp.

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