Mercedes E-Class Drive Pilot in the practical test

Mercedes E-Class Drive Pilot

Driver sleeps? This mercedes does not matter

Mercedes E-Class Drive Pilot in the practical test-practical

Site/Wochit Look, without hands: Daimler’s autopilot in the first motorway test

  • Site editor Sebastian Viehmann

He is a bit scary, the new Daimler autopilot. And takes some getting used to. But "Piloted driving" offers many advantages – for example, they can never be flashed again.

In addition to the Tesla Model X, the E -Class from Mercedes is one of the first series models that can drive automatically – even if the manufacturers prefer it "Piloted driving" to name. Of the "Drive pilot" the E-Class (as a complete package "Driving assistance plus" To have an additional cost of 2856 euros) works in city traffic and on the highway – up to a maximum speed of 210 km/h.

Keep your distance from ghost

He is not only based on road markings, but also in the front man-and can therefore also have the car in the city and on an invisible leash behind the front men in the stop-and-go traffic:

  • keep distance – As usual from the distance control, Distronic, you can set the distance in several stages. Already in city traffic you can leave your hands off the steering wheel and foot from the gas, the Benz brakes independently and automatically starts again. However, you have to stroke a tribute to the legally still to be clarified circumstances of the autonomous driving – again and again over the steering wheel.(Sensors recognize this), so that the car knows: the driver is still there and can intervene at any time.
  • Change track: With its radar sensors, the Mercedes gropes its entire environment. If you press the turn signal lever at least two seconds, the car automatically starts overtaking. Another tip on the indicator to the right and he shears in again. If a car drives on the side lane or comes from behind too quickly, the car does not change track-and release the usual dead angle warning if the driver wants to do it manually.
  • Somewhat irritating is the fact that the car does not always react to the commands. He doesn’t do that even if the "Autopilot time" Shortly before the process is: a small green steering wheel on the display becomes orange first, then there are several warning tones in a row. The maximum time that the car can roar over the train without any intervention by the driver is one minute.

Mercedes’ answer to the BMW X6!

Mercedes E-Class Drive Pilot in the practical test-e-class

Site Clickdown Mercedes GLE Coupe: Mercedes’ answer to the BMW X6!

And now without a driver

  • "dead man": We also simulated the scenario (in a phase with correspondingly little traffic), which the driver receives, for example, a heart attack and no longer reacts to the system’s warnings, i.e. neither steering wheel nor pedals do it. The E-Class then did the following: It slowly reduced the speed to the standstill and previously switched on the warning indicator. But she stayed in her trail. The developers did not program automatic driving on the stand – among other things because it could also be attached and the change of lane with brakes is not entirely harmless. In the event of cases, a controlled brake with warning indicators should still be safer than a car that is uncontrollably over the motorway.
  • Never be flashed again: Another function that makes the connection of the traffic sign recognition possible by camera and the Drive Pilot is the automatic speed adjustment. Mercedes wasn’t the first, Ford already had the idea.The system automatically detects speed limits and reduces the speed. Since the speed limits are constantly changing on German highways, especially at construction sites, this could help avoid one or the other point in Flensburg. But don’t forget: petting the steering wheel from time to time so that the machine does its job well.

Mercedes E-Class Drive Pilot in the practical test-pilot
Mercedes The E-Class can not only drive automatically, but also automatically parking

Of course, all the robot functions have a problem: in case of doubt the driver is always responsible. So there were situations during the test drives in which the electronics reacted a little too slowly or too sluggish for our taste, especially when it came to lane guidance. Simply let the car make it and open the newspaper behind the steering wheel – it is not that far yet. But the way there is definitely not far anymore.

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7 thoughts on “Mercedes E-Class Drive Pilot in the practical test”

  1. Self -driving cars
    Can’t wait. Nowadays everyone seems to get a rag. 3 snowflakes … and the traffic breaks down. Drag on the left lane with speed 90 on the motorway and then accelerate only. Very good 30/50/80/100 drive even if the route can be seen far and wide. Thread how does that work? 2 lane roundabout and 99% are completely overwhelmed. Therefore, I think the idea is more than good to get into a self -driving car and then not have to worry about the others in road traffic. We build cars with dozens of PS to then follow a speed limit, how cool is that. In good German a bit too stupid to drive we are already.

  2. I agree with you
    Unrestrained and in every point. I also have the feeling that there are no more rules on the highway, especially on the highway

  3. Oh oh…
    What kind of serious problems do you have. … I would plunge to the B class again when the little helpers are not annoying. The money saved in my account…..

  4. Well, the car is doing….
    there is nothing like the driver sleeps. But in the event of an accident, this is liable for incorrect programming or defective electronics. After today’s vehicles have to struggle with electronics problems again and again, I can not entrust it to my life so easily.

  5. Who wants something like that ?
    For everything I read there is buses u. Rails u. Taxis. Nobody wants such an emotionless driving . That is all in stark contrast to the advertising of the auto industry . The Slogans advertises how " driving pleasure " " Autoemozione" or " Zoom zoom " Now the monotony should be made tasty for us ? No thanks, I’m driving myself . Have fun driving !

  6. Yes but….
    You don’t have to use the system all the time, but sometimes it would be nice, z.B. in traffic jams, column driving without overtaking and the like.

  7. Madness, technology!
    I myself worked for years in a world -famous automotive supply group in organization projects. I know the innovative jumps. But what is currently offering the E-Class is a historic milestone because it is offered in series at compatible costs.


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