Mercedes-EQ: EQB celebrates world premiere in Shanghai

Mercedes-EQ: EQB celebrates world premiere in Shanghai-world

Mercedes-Benz has been preparing the introduction of a new GLB SUVs, internally, this is currently being carried out as X247. The SUV should be comparable to the Audi Q3, BMW X1 and Lexus NX and come to the road in several powertrain options. This includes gasoline, diesel, plug-in hybrid and a fully electric variant. This weekend is the world premiere of the fully electric compact SUV EQB.

In addition to the EQB world premiere, the luxury sedan EQs will celebrate your Asia premiere on the EQ Night. In order for Mercedes-EQ to ensure its offer consistently over all segments: The two most recent model news complement the already available portfolio on now five fully electric cars and vans. Mercedes had already been able to protect the corresponding brand names for the EQ series in 2017. In addition to the EQB, EQA also counted (compact steep gear model, A-Class), EQC (SUV, GLC), EQE (Sedan, E-Class) EQG (SUV, GLS) and EQS (Sedan, S-Class).

Back to the EQB This should set a new standard in the electrical compact class with its flexible room offer. So he offers space for up to seven occupants or a maximum of 1.700 liter luggage. After the market launch in China, the European version of the EQB will follow this year and be available in 2022 also available on the US market. In the basic version, the battery is between 600 and 700 kilos of heavy battery over a capacity of 60 kWh – so info still from 2019. But this should be scalable in other stages up to 110 kWh. Of a possible range of at least 400 kilometers in electric is the speech. A 150 kW of electric motor drives the base EQB, further power levels of 200 and 250 kW are ready. Where no definitively communicated values are.

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3 thoughts on “Mercedes-EQ: EQB celebrates world premiere in Shanghai”

  1. You probably do not want to show the EQS?
    To the EQB: I can not imagine that the battery up to 110 kWh will be available. That should be a space problem if you look at the EQA.

  2. Mercedes comes slowly in e-mobility. Above all, they seem to have learned from the absence of the EQC. On the EQs comparison to the model S I’m very excited. Here will show how far Mercedes really is.

  3. In the future, you still need such huge boxes that have nothing to do with sustainability and ecological future for more than 100,000?


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