Mercedes EQA 250 (2021) in the test: SUV under power

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The currently smallest electric car from the brand with the star is worth it?

Mercedes EQA 250 (2021) in the test: SUV under power-2021

Sometimes the name of a color stands for other times: Our test car of the Mercedes EQA 250, which you can see in the photos, is painted in "digital white metallic". "Digital white", where it used to be called "arctic white" or "polar white".

What is that?

The EQA has been rounding off for a few months the electric range of the Mercedes brand downwards, Smart is left out here. However, the EQA is not extremely small, it is 4.46 meters long, 1.83 meters wide and has a wheelbase of over 2.73 meters. This has a positive effect in the interior: there is a lot of air for the elbows at the front, the occupants enjoy very good legroom at the rear, but you sit high there. Sure, because the battery is placed underneath.

Only the trunk is mediocre due to the battery, between 340 and 1,320 liters go in. Externally, the EQA (internal H 243) is very similar to the GLA (H 247), even if Mercedes of course emphasizes the independence of both series. But it's not just a look at the dimensions that shows the parallels, but also the cockpit.

Good thing, because different from the new C-Class you won't be overwhelmed by displays here. In addition, real buttons instead of touch surfaces make work easier. The voice control of the sometimes somewhat nested MBUX system works really well. Speaking of excellent: The materials used and the workmanship in the interior also look nicer than in the C-Class. At least the area that the eye sees …

How does he drive?

But let's go! With the paddles behind the steering wheel, I can adjust the strength of the recuperation in a variety of ways; in Eco mode, the EQA recuperates more per se. Incidentally, the maximum recuperation power is around 140 kW.

Since we are currently with the kilowatts: Here we are practically dealing with the basic model of the EQA. The 250 series is front-wheel drive, the EQA 300 4Matic and the EQA 350 4Matic have been new since May 2021 with all-wheel drive and an output of up to 215 kW (292 hp). The EQA 250 does not drive that wild, it is satisfied with a still decent 140 kW or 190 PS.

In addition, there is a battery with 66.5 kWh net energy content, which charges up to 100 kW in 30 minutes from 10 to 80 percent capacity. This works easily in practice, but the result with a full battery deviated significantly from the 426 kilometers according to the WLTP at around 340 kilometers.

Mercedes EQA 250 (2021) in the test: SUV under power-Picture gallery Mercedes 2021 test

Via Mercedes me Charge, customers can use what is currently the largest charging network in the world: it currently has 450,000 AC and DC charging points in 31 countries. In addition, customers have convenient access to charging stations from various providers, even across national borders. With the IONITY package, which is optional for the EQA 250, Mercedes-EQ customers can charge at these fast charging stations at a discounted electricity price of 0.29 euros / kWh.

When driving, you quickly notice that the EQA 250 is not on a dedicated electric platform and that it also weighs 2,040 kilograms. It shouldn't be less than the aforementioned 140 kW in order to get around quickly. 8.9 seconds to 100 km / h won't tear anyone off their feet. If you need rocket thrust, you should use the 350 (6.0 sec.).

No, with the best will in the world, the Mercedes EQA 250 is not sporty. You can feel the tendency to understeer combined with a tendency to roll when cornering. The domain of this car is straight, for example on the motorway. The adaptive cruise control reliably adopts the currently applicable speed limit, and comfortable seats invite you to glide. Downside: Sometimes the security assistants intervene very roughly. (Active Lane Keeping Assist and Active Brake Assist are standard on board.) Incidentally, none of the EQAs manage more than 160 km / h.

For good reason, because the consumption is also high because of the weight: Officially, Mercedes gives 17.7 kWh per 100 kilometers according to WLTP, with us the number almost always started with a 2, up to 25 kWh on average.

The equipment level of the basic EQA has already been raised: the standard features include a heat pump, LED high-performance headlights with adaptive high beam assistant, a tailgate with electrical actuation, 18-inch light alloy wheels, ambient lighting with 64 colors, comfort seats with four-way adjustable lumbar support , a reversing camera and a multifunction sports steering wheel in leather.

The MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) infotainment system, including navigation with Electric Intelligence, are also on board as standard. It goes without saying that it calculates the route which, taking the loading times into account, leads to the destination fastest.

More about the electric cars from Mercedes: Mercedes EQA 250 (2021) in the test: SUV under power-mercedes Mercedes EQB starts in two all-wheel drive versions, FWD version follows

Mercedes EQA 250 (2021) in the test: SUV under power-power Mercedes EQE: A scaled-down EQS, but without a large tailgate

What does it cost?

But the basic price is also higher: In Germany, the EQA 250 before premiums starts at exactly 47,540.50 euros. For comparison: an Audi Q4 40 e-tron with 150 kW (204 PS) and 77 kWh battery, but not quite as extensive standard equipment costs 47,500 euros. So one thing always remains the same, whether analog or digital: Premium has its price.


The Mercedes EQA is spacious, furnished to a high standard, but far too heavy and not exactly economical for its size. If it is to be EQA, I would recommend the more powerful versions, the series is expensive either way. If you are looking for an electric SUV with a lot of space, but don't need massive performance and premium, you should take a look at the Skoda Enyaq iV or Hyundai Ioniq 5 throw.

Picture gallery: Mercedes EQA 250 (2021) in the test

Mercedes EQA 250 (2021) in the test: SUV under power-2021

Picture by: Fabian Grass

Mercedes EQA 250 (2021)

engine Asynchronous machine (ASM)

power 140 kW (190 PS)

Max. Torque 375 Nm

drive Front wheel drive

Gear type Single spur gear

battery Lithium-ion, 200 cells, 5 modules, 420 V nominal voltage, 66.5 kWh net capacity

Acceleration 0-100 km / h 8.9 sec.

Top speed 160 km / h

length 4,463 mm

broad 1,834 mm

height 1,620 mm

Trunk volume 340 – 1,320 liters

Empty weight 2,040 kg

Payload 430 kg

Electric range 486 km (NEDC), 426 km (WLTP)

Charging port AC onboard charger 11 kW, DC fast charging max. 100 kW

Charging time 5:45 h (wallbox, 10 – 100 percent), 30 min. (Quick charge 10 – 80 percent)

consumption 15.7 kWh / 100 km (NEDC), 17.7 kWh / 100 km (WLTP)

Base price 47,540.50 euros

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