Mercedes EQE: fully electric E-Class is expected in September 2021

Mercedes EQE: fully electric E-Class is expected in September 2021-expected

The electric C-class is expected at the earliest 2024, as we could report in the middle of the week. With the fully electrical E-Class – will come as Mercedes EQE – but is already expected in September 2021. At least in the fall of this year of the stromer, which is positioned as a Tesla model S-competitor, celebrate its debut. Until he comes to the street it will probably take a little bit.

Opposite the Automotive News, Daimler boss OLA Kallenius said that the Mercedes EQE will probably celebrate this late summer, as part of the IAA Munich, its premiere. It may also be assumed that Mercedes-Benz, even if the IAA 2021 does not take place without the audience or at all – is celebrating an online world premiere of the Stromer, due to the current Covid 19 pandemic, as you already know it from other models.

The EQE will share the Electric Vehicle Architecture (EVA) with the flagship EQS. Production should start in the Mercedes factory in Bremen in the second half of the year. Production in China is also part of the plan, but may not start before 2022. 2021 Mercedes-Benz will thus still introduce the purely electrical architecture. In parallel, the company continues to electrify its most successful platforms. In addition to the Mid-Size SUV EQC and the fully electric large-range sedan EQV, customers of the compact car class with EQA and EQB can look forward to two fully electrical SUVs.

Why Mercedes-Benz places the EQE as Tesla Model S-competitors at the latest by the following statement from their CEO understandable: “There will be no luxury sedan in the market, nor there are currently one with the size, packaging and space offering of the EQs is comparable. He is a segment higher, including a back seat, on which one can actually sit comfortably.”Thus, at least for Mercedes, the EQS can not be a competitor to Model S, as the EQs simply in another league games. Of course, this is important to prove this.

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