Mercedes EQS: Voltage in the luxury class

Mercedes EQS: Voltage in the luxury class-voltage

Mercedes-EQ brings the first models of the Luxury EQS series on the market. This has announced the company. They are on the new modular architecture for electric vehicles of the luxury and upper class. The kick-off make the EQS 450+ with 245 kW and the EQS 580 4Matic with 385 kW. With a new CW best value of 0.20, the EQs is therefore the aerodynamic serial car of the world.

According to own information, Mercedes-Benz wants to offer a CO2 neutral new car fleet in less than 20 years. Even by 2030, more than half of the cars are to be sold as electric vehicles or plug-in hybrids. The vehicles would produce CO2-neutral, it says. In addition, resource-saving materials such as recycled yarn rugs are used.

Mercedes EQS: Voltage in the luxury class-classMercedes Benz

With ranges up to 780 kilometers (WLTP), a capacity of up to 385 kW and unlocked 210 hour kilometers highest speed, Mercedes wants to set standards in the S-Class segment. A performance version with up to 560 kW is in planning. All EQs have an electric powertrain on the rear axle, the versions with 4matic additionally also one on the front axle. The maximum recuperation performance is 290 kW. The delay also results in recognized preceding vehicles up to their standstill, it says.

The EQS also launches a new battery generation with significantly higher energy density and a ten percent reduced cobaltship, so Mercedes-Benz. The management software enables updates over the air (OTA). The EQS can be loaded with up to 200 kW DC. In just 15 minutes, electricity for up to 300 kilometers (WLTP) are reloaded. At home or at public stations, the EQs can pull up to 22 kW alternating current using the onboard loader. Only in Japan should bidirectional charging be possible.

How Mercedes tells, the navigation system plans the fastest and most comfortable route including charging stops and dynamically responds to traffic jams or a change in driving style. Manually added charging stations along the route are preferred in the route calculation. In addition, pre-estimated costs per loading stop are calculated in advance.

Mercedes EQS: Voltage in the luxury class-classMercedes Benz

The EQs are standard on rear axle steering with a steering angle of up to 4.5 °. Alternatively, a stroke of up to 10 ° can be ordered or subsequently released by an upgrade over the air (OTA) for vehicles produced from the beginning of 2022. This makes a turning circle of the over five meter long EQs of 10.9 meters.

The front is summarized to a Black Panel Unit. Over a luminous strip connected headlights and the deep black radiator trim (black panel) form the stand-alone face. The EQS has up to 350 sensors depending on the equipment. These capture distances, speeds and accelerations, lighting conditions, precipitation and temperatures, the occupancy of seats as well as the driver’s lidstock or the language of passengers. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the EQs is even learning.

On request, the EQS has automatic comfort doors front and back. If the driver goes to the car, start the door handles first. Further approximation, the driver’s door opens automatically. About MBux, the driver has the option of opening the rear doors remotely and to let them get in the school at school. With the Remote Park Wizard, the EQs can be parking in and off via smartphone. He is also prepared for automated parking in appropriately equipped pargards. With the special equipment “Drive Pilot”, the EQS can drive on suitable motorway sections first in Germany to Tempo 60 highly automated.

The Headlight Technology “Digital Light” enables the projection of markings or warning symbols on the road. In each headlight a light module with three extremely lightweight LED operates, whose light is broken and directed with the aid of 1.3 million micromirrors. The dissolution is therefore 2.6 million pixels per vehicle.

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