Mercedes EQXX: Hyper-efficient electric car with 1.000 km range

Mercedes EQXX: Hyper-efficient electric car with 1.000 km range-eqxx

Mercedes-Benz is setting the course for a fully electric future: by the end of the decade, the brand with the star will be ready to go fully electric – wherever market conditions allow. With a new photo, Mercedes-Benz has unveiled its upcoming hyper-efficient electric car with a range of over 1.000 km teased. We were able to take a look at the VISION EQXX some time ago, but are now getting more details.

The automaker plans to use the vehicle to test new technologies to improve the efficiency of its electric vehicles. The vehicle is currently managed under the project name VISION EQXX. It was first announced last year, and at the time the automaker was talking about a range of over 1.200 km. Meanwhile, from over 1.000 km range mentioned.

Markus Schafer, COO of Mercedes-Benz, recently announced that the VISION EQXX will be available on March 3rd. January should be introduced: “As maybe you know, we have been working on our strategic goal” lead in Electric Drive “in a car for some time: Now the vision EQXX is the most efficient electric vehicle we have ever built – with one Real range of more than 1.000 km. And I am very happy that he soon – on the 3. January 2022 – the public is presented.”

The manager argued that the automaker must improve the efficiency of its electric vehicles if he wants to achieve his electrification targets: “That’s why we have set ourselves with the Vision EQXX a more than ambitious goal: we want to develop an electric vehicle of the compact class, which under real road conditions a battery charge 1.000 kilometers at a time, with a single-digit consumption value for kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers at normal motorway speeds.”

Schafer said that the new vehicle will be equipped with battery cells with a 20% higher energy density than in the EQS. The technological advances from the VISION EQXX are to be transferred to the new vehicle architectures from Mercedes-Benz.

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7 thoughts on “Mercedes EQXX: Hyper-efficient electric car with 1.000 km range”

  1. Single-digit consumption values ​​at normal highway speeds, and 1000 km ..
    That sounds really good, and ambitious.
    If Mercedes can get a car on the road that can do that in real world conditions at 130 km/h with the heating on and the radio on, then they are kings and the car is mine.

  2. I suspect that Mercedes is facing an opponent with whom one cannot discuss and this is called PHYSIK

    but maybe they have developed a magic battery that simply weighs 600 kg and has a capacity of 180 kW/h – problem solved.

    But maybe it will also be a compact class for only 2 people – the rear part is then occupied by battery cells – maximum payload 2x 75kg

    Or the new definition of the compact class looks like the US startup Aptera – which brings us back to the two-seater

    Time will tell – I’m curious 🙂

  3. That would be something like the 1 L car with the combustion engine. It has already existed, but had nothing to do with suitability for everyday use.
    If I’m wrong, then it would be the new star in this world and all other e-car manufacturers are amateurs.

  4. 1000km WLTP will soon be possible.
    A vehicle like the Mercedes EQS, with the next generation of batteries, 800V technology and even better aerodynamics and more lightweight construction, could easily achieve a range of 1000km.

  5. oh man Mercedes has never heard of the Osbourne effect???? if you now present a vehicle that drives at motorway speed (min. 130+xx km in Germany) has only 10kw consumption, who then wants to buy an EQS or another E-Mercedes that currently has at least. 25-35 kw consumed per 100km because everyone will wait until the miracle car comes onto the market and its possibly existing. Cancel the order and the others will drive their old car a little longer

  6. No more “visions” please!

    How well. And how easy it is to reach around 10 kwh. Can someone please tell the Daimlers that we don’t need a “vision”? With the L1, XL1 and others, we’ve had so many “visions” just wasted on expensive commercials. We should then buy fossil tanks again, recently with electric motors. Please let’s finally buy something efficient: Small, light, teardrop-shaped, under 10kwh. It could be so easy…

  7. So with a range of 1000km there must be at least 120kWh net battery in it. There are also limits to the efficiency of an electric car somewhere. Air resistance and rolling resistance cannot be minimized indefinitely. 12kWh/100km WLTP in the compact class could still work, but it won’t be much less. In reality there are much more anyway. A car usually manages around 2/3 of its WLTP range over long distances. So that means something at 600-700km could be possible. If you dream of 10kWh/100km at motorway speed, you should drink a coffee to wake up.

    In any case, the attempt to increase efficiency as much as possible and not just to install thicker batteries is commendable.


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