Mercedes G-Class: Order stop due to too high demand

Mega demand for cult open-roaders

Now explode the prices? Order stop for Mercedes G-Class model

Mercedes G-Class: Order stop due to too high demand-stop

Site The G-Class comes everywhere-with a V8 engine even into the diesel ban zone

  • Site editor Sebastian Viehmann

Daimler presented its electrical G-Class on the last IAA. That should have been the starting signal for the run on the last G models with petrol and diesel engines. The model is sold out by 2024 – and can no longer be ordered.

Various media and insider blog report this "MB Passion". "What it looks like is there for the Mercedes-Benz G-Class retrospectively for 17. January 2022 an order stop. Accordingly, only available orders of the off -road vehicle are up to and including 16. January confirmed", so "MB Passion". It is said to be a temporary measure, an early setting of the G-model is not known. Of the "Business Insider" reports that orders are to be processed until 2024.

Mercedes will only build electric cars in the future

The G-Class presented in 1979 is one of the few cult models of the Swabians, which is still being built. However, the end is foreseeable: CEO Ola Kallenius has made it clear that Mercedes will get rid of his petrol and diesel buyers and only want to build electric models as soon as possible. The development of new internal combustion engines is outsourced to China.

Mercedes G-Class: Order stop due to too high demand-high
Mercedes-Benz AG/DPA-TMN Rustic icon under power: Mercedes shows the electrical version of the G-Class on the Munich IAA with the Concept EQG.

This also comes out for the G-model in its current form. The cult open -roader – it applies to the Jeep Wrangler, the Land Rover Defender and the Toyota Land Cruiser as the best all -wheel drive vehicle ever – has been built with Magna Steyr in Graz since 1979.

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High six-digit sums for tuned G-models

The prices for a new one "G" are steep: of 102.019 euros (350 D 4×4) to 158.The bandwidth ranges 300 euros (63 AMG V8 4×4). And these are just the list prise. If you look at the current prices at, buyers seem to tear themselves around the car: For models from the year of construction 2021, around 150.000 euros go, refined models from Brabus, Maybach or AMG are offered for enormous six -digit sums.

Mercedes G-Class: Order stop due to too high demand-order
Max Friedhoff/SP-X Mercedes poured the G-Class in Kunstharz

The G-Class works as a cordless car?

Mercedes presented a possible successor to the G-model with battery drive at the last IAA in September 2021 in Munich. But whether and when such a model comes is still unclear. Germany and Europe are rather subordinate markets for the living classic, the USA, Russia or the Middle East are more important. While in the USA due to the trend towards electrical pickups, there are certainly opportunities for an electrical G model, this looks rather insecure in other markets. In Germany, however, a G-Class will probably only be able to buy with battery drive in the future.

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Mercedes G-Class: Order stop due to too high demand-mercedes

Site 1500 meters underground you are not allowed to make this one mistake

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11 thoughts on “Mercedes G-Class: Order stop due to too high demand”

  1. The quintessence ..
    … In this article the statement “The development of new combustion engines will be followed” … … In this article the statement “The development of new combustion engines was outsourced to China. “How did Sarrazin put it so aptly: Germany canceled!

  2. The right G-Class
    is mostly matt lacquered and almost always spartan. It will probably continue to exist with combustion engines, since it is the only G-Class that can really be found in the field and must prove the perseverance. The other G-Class is at home in big cities. Metallic varnish polished, lots of chrome and inside leather. It will usually never get to know the terrain, since it could get dirty. In the end it doesn’t matter how it is driven. Well and then go into "terrain", Then it can be classified as harmless, which will also work electrically.

  3. Whom wonders
    I don’t think that the G is really set as a combustion engine, at least not worldwide. He sells too well for that. Ultimately, the demand significantly exceeds the capacity, which is why the delivery times are now extremely long. Hence the order stop. Is just a coveted car, nobody will be able to deny that. I suspect such a well-groomed G-model runs for a long time when the last e-mobile has his car life behind it. As the Daimler boss did not say long, the last Mercedes that is ever built will probably be a G-model.

  4. This is how the globalists do it
    The combustion engine is simply outsourced to China and the globalist Daimler does not itch what the entire old parties to do here and in the EU. He continues to earn his money. Now stop with a product from China. Whoever looks into the tube are the workers in Germany. As chosen, so delivered.

  5. Aha,
    Mercedes only wants to build e-cars in the future. In the text it also says that the combustion engine is still being built and developed. But not in Germany, but in China. Great managerial performance and many thanks to the German "climate caretry".

  6. Wait !
    Not every country hangs directly on the car and falls into panic and shock rigid ! In fact, that’s actually only Germany. And: I’m sure the G-Class is also available as a real car after 2024. If necessary, the battery version is just parallel…….If one wants…

  7. Germany abolishes itself
    If I watch the car market in this way, I have to determine the combustion engines will be built abroad in the future. Germany loses an important source of income that has long ensured prosperity in the country. At the same time we rely on e-cars. Here in the country not only the electricity is missing but … there will be no sales market for used e-vehicles. If I observe the market in other southern countries (= large sales market for German used cars), the electric car is not accepted. One more point: E-cars are already produced in large quantities in China. Unit price € 5000. I think we have completely betrayed ourselves here, a back will no longer exist. The combustion technology and thus hundreds of thousands of jobs in Germany are lost.

  8. environmental Protection
    I think a car manufacturer who, in my view, does not particularly successful product in over 44T synthetic resin. With its prospectus consumption of 21.5l/ urban, 79er G280 is one of the reasons why so many consumption prejudices have over SUVs. The layperson confused off -road vehicles with SUVs. Mourning is not the order of the day

  9. Oh, Mr. Nagel
    The G-Class is produced in comparatively small quantities, such as 20.000 a year. For the entire world market. Believe the car is to blame for climate change? The millions of V8 vehicles from US production probably contribute much more to this. Driving a class over decades is much more sustainable than e-cars every 3 years new. My G500 lasts very long.

  10. I would never myself in life
    Buy an electric off-road vehicle. At least not before the boxes have a real 800 km range. And until then a combustion engine is driven! Best V8, of course all -wheel drive and with at least 400 hp!


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