Mercedes GenH2: Road approval for fuel cell trucks granted

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Comparative tests with overhead line trucks and the battery-electric eActros are now also possible

Mercedes GenH2: Road approval for fuel cell trucks granted-road

The Mercedes GenH2 fuel cell truck is now allowed to drive on public roads. The hydrogen truck was approved for road use in October.

The GenH2 truck presented in 2020 has been tested on closed test tracks since April.

In the future, tests can now also be carried out on public roads. Mercedes is particularly excited about a direct comparison with an overhead line truck that is to take place on the B462 near Rastatt.

As part of the eWayBW project, a section of the federal road is to be provided with an overhead line on a test basis. Then there are comparison tests with the purely battery-electric Mercedes eActros, overhead line trucks from other manufacturers and fuel cells-Trucks possible. Daimler Truck itself is not planning any overhead line trucks, according to the press release.

Photo gallery: Mercedes GenH2 truck on the 2021 circuit

Mercedes GenH2: Road approval for fuel cell trucks granted-genh2

The road approval of the GenH2 Truck does not mean that the truck will go into series production anytime soon. Mercedes does not want to hand over the first series vehicles to customers until 2027, i.e. six years from now.

From 2039, Daimler Truck plans to only offer zero-emission new vehicles in Europe, Japan and North America. The truck manufacturer is employing a dual strategy for this: In addition to battery-electric trucks, hydrogen vehicles should also be given a chance.

The type of drive varies with the type of vehicle and its purpose: the lighter the charge and the shorter the distance, the sooner the battery will be used. The heavier the charge and the longer the distance, the more likely the fuel cell will be the method of choice.

The GenH2 should offer ranges of up to 1,000 kilometers and more in the series. The payload is up to 25 tons, the total weight around 40 tons. The GenH2 is currently still operated with gaseous hydrogen, but liquid hydrogen is to be used in series production.

The Mercedes eActros is already on the market, but depending on the version, it only offers a maximum range of 400 kilometers. However, an eActros LongHaul with a range of around 500 km is to follow in 2024, as was the case with the presentation of the GenH2 in September 2019 was communicated.

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Mercedes GenH2: Road approval for fuel cell trucks granted-mercedes Daimler Truck and CATL want to jointly develop truck batteries

Picture gallery: Mercedes Gen2 Truck and eActros (pictures from 2020)

Mercedes GenH2: Road approval for fuel cell trucks granted-approval

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