Mercedes GenH2 truck is supposed to run on liquid hydrogen

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Series launch of the long-haul truck not planned for 2027

Mercedes GenH2 truck is supposed to run on liquid hydrogen-truck

Daimler Trucks is testing its fuel cell truck called the Mercedes GenH2 Truck. The truck has been put through its paces since the end of April. The focus is on continuous use, different weather and road conditions and various driving maneuvers.

The GenH2 Truck is designed for the same durability requirements as a conventional Mercedes Actros. That means: 1.2 million kilometers of mileage, ten years of operation and a total of 25,000 hours of operation. In the first few weeks of the test, the hydrogen truck has already covered hundreds of kilometers under continuous load on the roller dynamometer and has undergone emergency braking and driving on the curb on the test track.

The GenH2 Truck is a newly designed vehicle with completely new components, such as a fuel cell system, electric drive, cooling and more. These also need to be re-examined. In addition, the individual weight of the components and their position in the vehicle have an impact on the driving characteristics. On bumpy roads or in extreme situations, these components also have different forces acting on the truck than with conventional vehicles. All of this will be tested on the prototype – with a payload of up to 25 tons for a total weight of around 40 tons.

And why the fuel cell and not electricity like with the Tesla Semi? Well, apparently because of the range. Because Daimler only relies on hydrogen for long-haul trucks, especially if these take several days and are difficult to plan. A series truck should be able to drive up to 1,000 kilometers and more without refueling.

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The GenH2 is currently still operated with gaseous hydrogen, but liquid hydrogen is to be used in series production. It has a significantly higher volume-related energy density, which means: the tanks are smaller. And because no high pressures are required for liquid hydrogen, the tanks are also significantly lighter. Overall, this leaves more cargo space and more payload.

New tank systems for liquid hydrogen should be ready by the end of 2021, which will then be installed and tested in the GenH2 truck prototypes. Tests on public roads are also scheduled to begin this year. From 2023 customers will then be able to try out the hydrogen truck and delivery is scheduled to begin in 2027. So it will take some time before the fuel cell truck can go into series production.

Photo gallery: Mercedes GenH2 truck on the 2021 circuit

Mercedes GenH2 truck is supposed to run on liquid hydrogen-supposed


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