Mercedes GLB: pictures, data, prices

Mercedes GLB

Tiguan meets G-Class: New Mercedes GLB in the first check

Mercedes GLB: pictures, data, prices-China gene Volvo compact test

Cattle man
Mercedes GLB: New compact SUV GLB from Mercedes

  • Site editor Sebastian Viehmann

Mercedes is expanding its SUV segment. The angular GLB is built in China and Mexico and, as a seven-seater, is supposed to fill the space gap between the narrow GLA and the expensive GLC. Site made the sitting test: What can the new Kraxler?

The Mercedes G-Class is a design icon and at least in Europe the last of its kind. The current model could only be approved for EU exhaust gas and CO2 regulations, because despite the massive revision, it is ultimately only a facelift of the old generation. In the future, the edge Kraxler will have poor chances in the EU, because an electrical or hybrid drive is not feasible for this platform.

Mercedes GLB: A hint of G-Class

With the small GLB, Mercedes now wants to at least receive the nimbus of the G-Class; in the form of a compact but seven-seat world SUV at affordable prices, but with design bonds on the legendary edge scrambler. The SUV based on the front -wheel drive platform MFA2 is 4.63 meters long, so surf in the segment of a VW Tiguan Allspace. The technology known from A and B-Class is under the sheet metal skin. The GLB’s market start is the coming November.

Mercedes GLB: pictures, data, prices-prices
Cattle man Mercedes GLB

The first sitting test in the new Benz Kraxler shows light and shadow. Positive: The car has (optionally) seven seats, which, according to Daimler, is particularly important for the Asian market. The trunk volume climbs to a lavish 1755 liters when all seats are folded down. A flat loading floor then arises. Basically, the unit seat series can be moved by 14 centimeters in the longitudinal direction, the tendency to bend and can be partially and foldable in a ratio of 40:20:40. The passenger backrest can also be folded down optionally.

Mercedes GLB: pictures, data, prices-mercedes
Cattle man The trunk of the GLB – optional is the car as a seven -seater

Third row: hardly any space, uncomfortable entry

But there are also shadows: when the third row of seats is set up there is almost no trunk left, the loading edge is high and the seating position on the back seat is only LALA. Only with the optional, two-part panoramic glass roof is there enough headroom as an adult in the rear. The approach to the third row of seats is uncomfortable. In any case, you can only banish children or adults with mega-short legs there.

The G-Class comes everywhere-with a V8 engine even into the diesel ban zone

Mercedes GLB: pictures, data, prices-data

Site The G-Class comes everywhere-with a V8 engine even into the diesel ban zone

The cockpit of the car is not as high quality as that of the GLC, but technically up to date. The – naturally subject -liable – infotainment system with the XXL monitor, which extends over half the dashboard, is already a show in this vehicle class. Daimler’s MBUX infotainment system sets standards, here the competition struggles. In the front, in the rear and also in the third row of seats, USB plugs are waiting for the new USB C standard. The storage compartment in the center console and the glove compartment are quite small.

Mercedes GLB: pictures, data, prices-China gene Volvo compact test
Mercedes Benz The GLB’s cockpit was optically upgraded with a special aluzic rate

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Motors and drives of the GLB

There are four four -cylinder for the GLB for the market launch for the GLB. The two gasoline engine 200 and 250 are 120 kW / 163 hp or 165 kW / 224 hp. Alternatively, the diesel 200 D and 220 D with 110 kW / 150 hp or 140 kW / 190 hp. All drives are linked to an automatic. There are seven forwards for the basic petrol engine, otherwise eight. The weaker diesel can be combined with all -wheel drive, the top diesel and top petrol engine can basically distribute the power over all four bikes. The GLB 200 is only available with front -wheel drive.

Sweden steel with China gene: Volvo’s new compact SUV in the test

Mercedes GLB: pictures, data, prices-data

Site Sweden steel with China gene: Volvo’s new compact SUV in the test

All drive versions sprint from a standing start to 100 km/h in less than ten seconds, all reach over 200 km/h. In the case of the GLB 250 4MATIC, a sprint time is possible in 6.9 seconds, a maximum of 236 km/h is possible. With a consumption of 7.2 to 7.4 liters, it is the thirstiest drive variant. It is around five liters at 200 d. An electrical or hybrid version is not planned; In this market segment, Daimler only counts on its new electrical platforms. In the future, further SUVs will appear in smaller size classes according to the EQC.

Mercedes GLB: pictures, data, prices-China gene Volvo compact test
Cattle man Angular instead of round: Mercedes GLB (front) in front of the Mercedes GLC

The price is not hot

The prices have not yet been determined, but the first house number is already high. It starts at the GLB at around 34.000 euros, mind you with basic petrol engine and front -wheel drive. For this price you can get a fully outstanding SUV with all -wheel drive from other manufacturers, such as Hyundai or Kia. However, the GLB competes with the VW Tiguan Allspace, which Daimler also identified as the main opponent. And not only in Germany, but on the whole globe: The GLB built in China and Mexico is said to be a real world SUV.

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KIAS MINI SUV is a direct hit – and offers better guarantees than VW

Mercedes GLB: pictures, data, prices-pictures

Site KIAS MINI SUV is a direct hit – and offers better guarantees than VW

The car mainly builds on its angular design, which stands out from many rounded SUV. The GLB is supposed to fill the gap between the GLA, which is far too narrow for a family -friendly SUV, and the – by the way, hardly larger – GLC, which with prices from 46.000 euros Most of the family health insurance companies blow. Since the trend towards SUV continues worldwide-even in an auto-hostile Europe, which is becoming less and less important for the car companies-the GLB could certainly become a seller. But you have to know that the car is by no means as noble and high as the larger SUV of the brand.The author traveled at the manufacturer’s invitation

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