Mercedes is preparing to cut the combustion engine in 2030

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Daimler boss Ola Kallenius is apparently planning to accelerate electrification

Mercedes is preparing to cut the combustion engine in 2030-engine

Mercedes apparently considers a politically determined end to combustion engines possible in 2030 and is preparing for this eventuality. Manager Magazin is now reporting on this, citing "corporate circles".

If diesel and gasoline vehicles are to be banned as early as 2030, as the Greens are calling for in their new election manifesto, Mercedes boss Ola Kallenius wants to accelerate electrification, according to the report. A number of electric cars of the next generation planned from 2024/2025 should then start a year earlier.

More than half of the current models will only have electric drives in the new edition, combustion variants of these cars will then no longer be available. In addition, the group is apparently again discussing its own battery cell production. This has so far been strictly rejected by the corporate management.

Kallenius wants to present the accelerated electrical course before the summer break, according to the magazine. The short report does not reveal whether Kallenius wants to use this appearance as a threatening backdrop. Kallenius is actually a friend of electromobility. He may also want to make it clear to politicians that you are prepared for such decisions and can react – that would probably encourage a decision to end the combustion engine.

However, Kallenius has already planned to accelerate electrification, as he said in March:

"Today Daimler has the broadest range of electric products of all manufacturers – from city cars to heavy trucks. But that’s not enough for us. We want to accelerate the electrification of our product portfolio. Almost two years ago we set our Ambition2039 with the goal of a CO2-neutral car -New car fleet presented until 2039. We have the ambition to achieve this goal we have set ourselves earlier. " (Daimler boss Ola Kallenius)

Mercedes still considers a combustion engine out in 2030 to be an "extreme scenario". In May, Green Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock explained her goals to the VDA automobile manufacturers association. At that time, she did not want to commit to a date for the combustion engine off.

More about the burner off: Mercedes is preparing to cut the combustion engine in 2030-2030 These automakers are switching entirely to electric drives

Mercedes is preparing to cut the combustion engine in 2030-preparing Mini does not want to sell any more combustion cars from 2030

A combustion engine off could not only come from federal politics, but also from Brussels. Because of the European type approval, the abolition of the combustion engine can not be done in a single national effort anyway. Because a combustion engine model that receives European type approval in Poland, for example, must also be allowed to be sold in Germany.

Another possibility for a combustion engine off would be to lower the EU fleet limit values ​​for CO2 to zero. And this is precisely what is apparently being discussed in the EU Commission, albeit not until 2035. It is already known that the EU Commission will reduce the fleet limits for 2030 by 60 percent in mid-July wants to propose. But after that, the value could be lowered to zero for 2035, according to a report by Politico citing three EU officials.

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