Mercedes Kombis: In the future, no more T-models

T models before the end?

Report on Mercedes-hammer: Manufacturer will no longer build combis

Mercedes Kombis: In the future, no more T-models-future

Site/Wochit Mercedes E-Class T-Modell: Plusch alarm 1977: Mercedes-Kombis then and now

Tourism and Transport – The abbreviation T -model has stood at Daimler since 1977. But according to a media report, it will be over in a few years: the manufacturer no longer wants to build classic station wagons. Because nobody wants to be on the most important market of China.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More info we write the year 1977: Mercedes shows a car on the IAA about that "At the Daimler" was discussed a lot. A station wagon – that really has to be? That had already existed before, for example as "Universal" With the 110 series (rear fin). But pork halves or tools in a Benz, that was actually not in the interest of the inventor.

Pampers bomber with star

But the T-model of the W123 series, which was already very successful in 1977, was not just any combination, but the most luxurious and comfortable pampers bomber on the German market at the time. The T-models are still in their program and are currently popular in Germany, especially among the company car classics C-Class and E-Class.

Mercedes Kombis: In the future, no more T-models-future
Cattle man Mercedes-Kombis: The first T-model (W123) meets the new T-model of the E-Class

But that’s probably over. Mercedes apparently wants to set all of its classic combination models in a few years. That reports the "Automotive week". The reason for the decision should be the Chinese market: "The station wagon with the name addition for ‘tourism and transport’ is not in demand in the mega markets USA and China. The company therefore wants to concentrate on body forms with more potential in the future", So the trade magazine. This means SUV in particular.

New Skoda in the test: The end of the philistine is there

Mercedes Kombis: In the future, no more T-models-t-models

Site New Skoda in the test: The end of the philistine is there

Chinese set the tone at Daimler

Daimler is not only partially in the hand of Chinese investors and is therefore under the influence of the Geely Group; China has also been the most important market for several Mercedes models for years. So nowhere are more S-classes sold than in China. But classic station wagons are not in demand in the huge country, but either limousines or for several years SUV in all forms and sizes. The electrical trend has reinforced this, because most new electric vehicles are offered as SUVs.

As the "Automotive week" further reports, the first "Shooting brake"-Variant of the CLA is eliminated, parallel to the previous A and B-Class models.

Electric car 2022 (display)

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Also E-Class without a T-model?

In the E-Class, there should be no combination at the latest in the next but one and the C-Class after the current model generation, the report says. As a replacement, there should be SUV and crossover models. They are probably driven electrically, because Daimler sorts petrol and diesel engines. At least on the European market you can only buy Stromer with star.The trend away from the station wagon – and also away from the classic sedan – can also be observed with other car manufacturers. VW, for example, plays with the idea of sending his classic Passat Variant in retirement. This initially failed due to the resistance of the dealers. Kombis also hardly plays a role on the US market.

Insider tip: Mazda builds the more beautiful Passat – what can the Japanese really do?

Mercedes Kombis: In the future, no more T-models-future

Site Insider tip: Mazda builds the more beautiful Passat – what can the Japanese really do?

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11 thoughts on “Mercedes Kombis: In the future, no more T-models”

  1. When I remember correctly…
    …has the E-Class with 690 liters of trunk, the biggest volume in this class. That must … A very large SUV to compete. I myself drive a 4.90m station wagon with 570 liters of trunk and 2m loading length. I don’t miss a SUV, even with 61. In this vehicle class, combination is largely sold. I don’t buy that everyone who drives a T-model automatically switches to SUV. But it’s a market economy and you can try it, but then not be surprised when the decision goes into your pants!

  2. One of many undesirable developments
    With a pinch of irony: Now Communists decide on design and strategy for capitalist reasons, too bad. In the past, a Mercedes was a Mercedes and everyone wanted a Mercedes because it was a Mercedes…

  3. Next not bad
    After I would never drive or buy Daimler cars. It doesn’t hit me. But with the decision, no burners and no station wagons. Mercedes will disappear in insignificance. Stupid decisions on the board cost thousands the job, and the failures go to the next manufacturer.

  4. surprise ?
    But something like that: the world market or the Chinese only want SuvÅ›, no station wagons. Our environmentalists (SUV haters) should start to China as soon as possible and work there missionary. Otherwise you buy a car according to the needs, it doesn’t matter in which category they stand. If you look at what is currently "SUV" is not surprising. That an SUV in polo size has no trunk….what a surprise ! And: folding back seat is still possible these days, or ?

  5. for years
    This has been the case for years that the Asian market has a strong influence on the product development of Mercedes. Why are the things now all played so played, rounded up and color -shining in the cockpit like a colorful Christmas tree? Because the typical German Mercedes Buyer wants it that way? No, that’s just the Asian taste. But well, you can also do without the few German buyers with melancholy with melancholy of the former edge elegant shapes. The buyers of new combination then go to Audi.

  6. It’s just a matter of time when it comes to
    Mercedes and later other German car manufacturers their production z.B. move to China. In the dancing through CO2 madness, EU editions and punishments etc. And Oko Wahn won’t surprise me here anyway. The number of jobs affected including. Their suppliers should be astronomical.

  7. The genisis
    from South Korea looks great and was just behind Mercedes and BMW when compared. That fits for me. I already decide what I drive for a car type and a combination is simply more practical.

  8. You can see how much value the car manufacturer…
    … still lies on its European or even German customers. But, dear Mr. Kallenius: the game also works the other way round! From now on we will refrain from ordering our business vehicles (far mostly T-models) from you, very simply. Or had they actually believed that we would also switch to these over-the-counter showed cars called SUV just because this is just fashionable in the USA and China?! And by the way: Even with an electric drive, it remains nonsensical to waste energy with too large and too heavy vehicles than actually necessary – even if your advertising suggests something else.

  9. Wrong decision
    A wrong decision after the next by the bosses of the German automotive industry. The VW Group will produce only electromobiles in this decade, others follow this political wrong path and now Merzedes: The combination popular in Germany is stamped in. Unbelievable, however, we dismantle an entire industry by no longer producing what the market demands, but only what politics and distant Asian co -owners dictate us.

  10. my mother
    drives SUV and when we wanted to transport a little more, it became extremely tight in the car because the trunk does not go so deep and we had to fold the rear seats. Even a bike doesn’t fit in, even if you unscrew the front wheel!


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