Mercedes reacts with accelerated electrical price to burner-out in 2030

Mercedes reacts with accelerated electrical price to burner-out in 2030-mercedes

OLA Kallenius, CEO of the Mercedes-Benz parent company Daimler, has promised that the company continues to produce internal combustion engines as long as they are economically profitable, but is ready to switch to pure electrification as soon as this makes sense. We could report this only a few days ago. And yet one seems to be a tight e-offensive eye.

As the manager magazine reports, corporate chief OLA Kallenius Mercedes-Benz is preparing for an extreme scenario if diesel and gasoline drives should be banned in 2030, as the Greens demand. Their Chancellor candidate does not want to set itself on an annual number. Collar circles states that Kallenius continues to speed up the electrification of the Mercedes model range. Several electric cars of the next generation planned from 2024/2025 should come to the market one year earlier than originally planned. Killenius wanted to publicly introduce the accelerated electrical rates before the summer break, it is called in the company.

Daimler AG drives the structural realignment of the company with high pressure and promotes the transition to electromobility. In the current year, Mercedes-Benz Cars is clearly expanding the range of electric cars: the compact electric model EQA will soon follow the luxury sedan EQS and the further year of EQB and EQE. Even with Mercedes-Benz Vans, the range of electric vehicles is continuously expanded.

More than half of the current models get in the new edition only electrical drives, the combustion variants with gasoline and diesel engines ran so quickly. Even from a – previously rejected – entry into battery cell production is the group in the Group. However, this is not yet ready to say.

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4 thoughts on “Mercedes reacts with accelerated electrical price to burner-out in 2030”

  1. Amazing how movable the corporations can show themselves when the political and public pressure turns against them. There is suddenly possible, which has been fought even recently vehemently on all channels.

    But Mometh – Something Smells Fishy. The Greens will not enforce a combustion ban for 2030 in a coalition with CDU and / or SPD + FDP and do not have to. The change can also be forced differently.

    So you read between the lines: We have revalued the market situation, our clientel has gel blood and wants to have good electric cars as quickly as possible, the demand pulls on and we have discovered how we can make with the things neat margin.

  2. Ola Kallenius, … has promised that the company will continue to produce internal combustion engines.

    He promised it?
    The shareholders?
    The press?
    The MB diesel driver who can not smell his own cart anymore?
    The city planners who are already very loud about combustion bodies (burners, not diesel!) think?

    Either you still get the curve at MB or you go to a Chinese shopping consortium no later than 2025 together with BMW.

  3. The return will be imploded and the cost of maintenance will eat the innovation. Prefer to immediately redize and re-align than to the bitter end dirt. I think MB will have to give up soon. So what? Who sleeps too long also wakes up too late. And apparently one sleeps deep in the eternal chief.

  4. Do not quite understand what the author wants to say this article exactly.

    Mercedes aligns his strategy according to the world market and certainly not according to a German Chancellor candidate.


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