Mercedes S 500 2017 model maintenance: test, data, prices

Mercedes S 500

The 500 at Mercedes now stands for six cylinders with a mini-hybrid

Mercedes S 500 2017 model maintenance: test, data, prices-model

Mercedes Benz
Mercedes S 500: The over-class

  • Site author Marcel Sommer

Mercedes leaves its revised S-Class from the chain with up to 630 hp. But the actual novelty is the new 500 with a row six cylinder.

Four million S-classes drive around the globe. Mercedes’s spearhead is the best -selling luxury sedan in the world; A model series from which every third copy is sold to China and whose customers are around 40 years old on average. Mercedes development chief Ola Kallenius explains how this can be: “Due to the high millionaire and billionaire density in China, there are now many customers whose first car is an S-Class.“And he also likes to add a smile on your face:“ If you as a taxi driver really treat yourself to something, you also buy an S-Class."

S-Class with row six cylinder instead of V6

That the refreshed luxury class from Stuttgart not only in the dress of the AMG S 63 4MATIC for 160.293 euros, but also for almost half, shows at least 88.447 euros Mercedes S 350 D 4Matic. However, the focus is on the new petrol engines after the revision. Mercedes returns to the in-line six-canllers after 20 years and sends the V6 petrol engine to retirement.

Mercedes S 500 2017 model maintenance: test, data, prices-2017
Mercedes Benz The LED headlights were expanded to include an ultra-clear high beam that shines over 650 meters

What catches the eye at first glance at the new S-Class palette is in the S 500 of the letter r before number 6 in the cylinder column. Treihenschland cylinder? Yes, because the motor called M 256 is designed for electrification.

Now with mini hybrid

The three-liter machine has no V-belt, added parts such as water pump or climate compressor are supplied via a 48-volt network. The integrated starter generator (ISG) provides the system with excitement. It is driven directly over the crankshaft. 435 hp and 520 Newton meters Maximum torque are therefore available to the driver of the mild hybrid system. That ranges for a sprint time 0 to 100 km / h of 4.8 seconds. To ensure that it actually comes about, this ensures exactly that starter generator. With up to 22 hp and 250 Newton meters, it supports the combustion engine when accelerating. The standard consumption drops to less than seven liters of super per 100 km.

Mercedes S 500 2017 model maintenance: test, data, prices-test
Mercedes Benz The distance from the distance of the distance was expanded to include an "automatic" that not only regulates the pace dependent on the person in front, but also takes into account curves, roundabouts or turns

Those who are unsuspecting in the S 500 will hardly guess even after several minutes that two cylinders work less than expected under the long bonnet under the long bonnet. The power development is too similar. Too similar even the engine sound. Of course, the S 500 not only convinces with its driving dynamics, but above all with its driving comfort. Whether over paving stone, street installation or even out of tight curves – the new S -Class never loses its predicate: luxury in all areas. Who asks all of this force, the 25 percent sunken fuel consumption and such a suspension of the same sustainer for an eight -cylinder? Right. Those who want one.

All data and information: Mercedes pickup in the first video check

Mercedes S 500 2017 model maintenance: test, data, prices-model

Site/Wochit All data and information: Mercedes pickup in the first video check

And that is exactly what will be new for the first time for 113.Looking 961 euros from the S 560. However, if you not only feel really comfortable with 469 hp, but only over 600 hp. Thanks to a fresh V8 engine with cylinder shutdown.236 euro expensive S 65.

S63: 3.5 seconds to 100 km / h

The 77.053 euro cheaper S 63 4MATIC has drove up to 18 hp to the 630 hp flagship of the PS parade in the S series and convinces with a huge driving experience. Rarely before were comfort and brutal power so close and especially within a vehicle so finely dosing and configurable. 3.5 seconds to 100 km / h. A top speed of up to 300 kilometers per hour. 160.293 euros expensive. Three values that could apply to some current super sports cars. 1.995 kilograms of pure luxury paired with a four-liter V8 engine, which is brute at the push of a button. In comfort mode, the wheels hardly seem to have contact with the ground, so leisurely, silently and gently the two-ton spaceship glides over the streets.

Mercedes S 500 2017 model maintenance: test, data, prices-2017
Mercedes Benz In addition to a new steering wheel, the two known from the E-Class have entered oversized displays

If, on the other hand, the sport+mode is chosen, it is more robust, clearly audible and also noticeable. Thanks to the all-wheel drive and a rocket-like traffic light start with Launch Control, not only the faces of the passengers fade, but above all that of the co-traffic participants that are just so challenging. The driver doesn’t get too much from all of this if he likes. Massage function, perfect sound system and highly comfortable seats make it possible.

Mercedes S 500 2017 model maintenance: test, data, prices-test
Mercedes Benz Around 85.000 euros costs the entry version of the Mercedes S-Class

Interested parties should not hope for too much new and refreshing from the energy comfort control celebrated as a world premiere. The massage, a not exactly advantageous music and a change in the interior lighting at the push of a button, nothing is said that anything should be celebrated extra. What should also not be carried into public is the standardized fuel consumption of the PS monster: 8.9 liters per 100 kilometers. It is very clear here: If you want to drive a mercedes in consumption, you don’t buy AMG.

Ghost driver protection on board

On the other hand, what is worth more than just a small message are a few new assistance systems. The most suitable and above all sensible are the two: a “in the wrong direction to the motorway uphill warning” and the active parking assistant that is no longer to be removed over a vehicle with an external length of over five meters. The term assistant in the automotive industry was too misleading. Rather, it is a real parking machine.

Bosses drive S-Class. But the boss from the boss drives this here

Mercedes S 500 2017 model maintenance: test, data, prices-maintenance

Site Bosses drive S-Class. But the boss from the boss drives this here

Whether gas or braking activity, or a change of the driving level, the new S-Class does everything alone. And it is also possible to park from outside the vehicle via smartphone. In the future it should even become a reality that you don’t have to pass a parking space in order to recognize it. But that’s the future music. What still belongs to this category today, but will be implemented very soon, the market launch of the S-Class with hybrid drive including 50 kilometers of purely electrical range is.

Almost all buttons out! The cockpit of the new Audi A8

Mercedes S 500 2017 model maintenance: test, data, prices-2017

Site Almost all buttons out! The cockpit of the new Audi A8

Type Mercedes S-Class S 500
engine Reated six-cylinder petrol engine
Displacement (cm3) 2999
Performance in PS (KW) at U/Min-1 435 (320) at 5900
Max. Torque (nm) at UMin-1 520 Nm at 1800 rpm
Speed (km/h)
Acceleration 0-100 km/h (sec.))) 4.8
transmission 9-speed automatic
drive Rear -wheel drive
Fuel great
Consumption EU third mix (L/100 km) 6.6
CO2 emissions (g/km) 150
Length (mm) 5125
width (mm) 1899
Height (mm) 1496
Weight, manufacturer-
Specification (KG)
Exhaust gas standard Euro 6

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14 thoughts on “Mercedes S 500 2017 model maintenance: test, data, prices”

  1. A car that nobody actually…
    …needs ! Whether it is also equipped with a shit software. What if … The alleged innovations in Daimler really really towards "clean car" went. Otherwise the corporations sleep over the automotive future. 2 tons must be accelerated. Supposedly with 6.6 liters super at 100 km/h. Sorry, I have to laugh there. I had an old 280s with 6 cylinders, weight, 1.7 tons. Consumption was mixed at a good 12.5 liters with a moderate driving style city and motorway. With a quick motorway ride 180 – 200 km/h, 18-19 liters went through. Nobody trusts these numbers today.

  2. Car and cleanliness
    Can’t go together. Anyone who believes is clean on electric vehicles only thinks up to the socket! Therefore, please compare realistically and then comment! Otherwise just ride through the forest by bike, at least that doesn’t bother the environment!

  3. Bad development
    Only highly bred engines that break faster in the long run and are more susceptible. This does not only affect Mercedes but all manufacturers. You can only look at the scrap from VW, TSI FSI and what the must is called. If I buy an S class, you could buy the 280 SE or 300 SE earlier, pure 6 cylinders, but from 380 SE or later 420 SEL there were 8 cylinders. There are people who buy a car because of an 8 cylinder, not because of their performance. It’s about calm, the prestige. It is fun to look when the tachometer almost does not move thanks to the displacement and many cylinders. One reason was still 12 cylinders, there is almost nothing more happening. It’s about cruising. If you want rockets, AMG and Co. S500, a 300 SE.

  4. 500 without V8?
    That must be a printing error, I thought first. But now everything is possible with Mercedes. Well, maybe you can at least open it up on Lada and Alfa when it comes to rust prevention. The former technology leader in German automotive construction would be desired.

  5. Rows six -syliner, yes, back to the running culture
    Very nice that Mercedes has returned to the inline six -cylinder and his resting rest. The engine is hardly suitable for transverse installation, but if you want cars with front -wheel drive, there are other brands for you. The name S500 is very bothered by me, a V8 is another caliber. Something like that must not die out.

  6. Rows 6-cylinder are 1A engines
    BMW also maintained these engines for a long time. The 48V electric motors support sensibly in the lowest speed range. Per Biosprit Super E30 (Made in the USA) would even have a chance to lower the CO2 value close to 100g/km. The combustion engine is far from dead 😉

  7. S500
    I still drive the "old" 500. A purebred eight -cylinder. I like to do without the new one because I don’t want a six -cylinder with alibi hybrid. Mercedes, what did you think about? I’m off.

  8. I no longer drive my 500.
    When the family got bigger, unfortunately I had to sell my 500. I then switched to a 124 special of the same company. A huge leap in terms of comfort. Later I bought a 1600 and stayed with it. He doesn’t run like an 8 cylinder, but I still have money to eat a pizza.

  9. Wrong price information
    Where they always claim everything has become more expensive with the euro. Unfortunately, as so often, the facts are missing. This is also a weaker comparison. Motors are much more costly than before because of the standards as well as many extras from then today are standard.

  10. PC
    Today you also get a faster PC for the same money compared to earlier. My first PC was a 486er with 66MHz and 8MB RAM for 5.000dm with 15" Monitor and keyboard. The hard drive was one with 240MB and the graphics card had 2MB. Software was nothing on it. MS-DOS 6.0 and Windows 3.1 I got as a copy of colleagues. What kind of PC do you get for 2 today.500 euros without inflation.

  11. Funny, not?
    -Around 85.000 euros The entry-level version of the Mercedes S-Class-around 165,000 marks costs the entry into the S-Class today! Almost 70.000 DM in 2001. The euro makes it possible. Without "real" inflation! Don’t forget, at the moment we have almost been "deflation", After an official reading!

  12. @Muller:
    Yes what now? The entry -level version now costs around 85.000 € or around 165.000 €? Somehow confusing, your comment!

  13. A successful car
    But because of a little guided to talk about Hybrid with the starter, there is probably a stairwitz. Similar to the A8, an innovation is celebrated here that is none. Well, after 20 years of deep sleep and diesel illusion, German manufacturers have no more to offer. That will not be enough to survive in the premium segment.

  14. Mini hybrid
    Technology that has been installed in small cars in Japan for a few years. Here the celebration is celebrated as well as a full LED headlights that are already a series in Japan in Japan. In Germany, the customer is being fooled.


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