Mercedes shows within “Lead in Electric” on IAA five E cars

Mercedes shows within

Mercedes-Benz puts the course for a fully electric future: until the end of the decade, the brand wants to be ready to become fully electric – everywhere where it allows the market conditions. For these massive change, the corresponding E vehicles are needed. Five new electric cars of the Group are to be presented as part of the IAA 2021 in the world.

By 2022, Mercedes-Benz will offer battery electrical vehicles in all segments in which the brand is represented. From 2025 all new vehicle architectures should be only electrical, and the customers will have a fully electric alternative to choose from for each model. At the IAA, the company will show the entire range of its current and future electromobility portfolios – from the compact model to the performance luxury sedan up to the elevation sedan. In doing so, you want noticeably expressing the own claim “lead in Electric” expression.

On the IAA, several fully electric models celebrate their world premiere: the EQE, the first battery-electric luxury sedan of Mercedes-AMG as well as a concept vehicle, which shows how Mercedes-Maybach will start in the age of electromobility. The EQB will also be presented as the European premiere. In addition, Smart with a showcar gives an outlook on the first vehicle of the new fully electric model generation.

“Electromobility wins ride – especially in the luxury segment where Mercedes-Benz is home. The turning point is approaching, and we will be ready if the markets turn fully on electric cars until the end of the decade.”- Ola Kallenius, CEO of Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz AG

The title photo can guess what Mercedes-EQ wants to put on the street with the EQE. An e-car that can be comfortable and comfortable at the same time. The electrically powered business limousine combines dynamic driving behavior with relaxed travel – and thus sets new standards in its class. And this applies as well for the spacious space. Through the body embossed by the One-Bow design, the EQE occurs athletic.

With regard to the first E vehicle from Mercedes-AMG, a battery-electric luxury sedan is expected. Which nevertheless relies on the typical AMG characteristics. This does not only affect the pure performance data, but also the emotional driving experience. On the side of Mercedes-Maybach, a concept vehicle awaits us to show how the 100-year tradition of the ultimate automotive automotive luxury can continue in a new age.

A true room miracle and thus prepared for all everyday situations is the EQB. The fully electric seven-seater will now give his test debut in Europe after its premiere in China. As confirmed by the message of Mercedes now, the company plans to introduce the concept version of the upcoming smart electro SUV. After we got first sketches to face two months ago, there was recently through the smart automobiles CO., Ltd. to see a first photo of the fully electric SUV concept vehicle. The new five-door model, which is run internally under the code name HX11, is the first model developed by Mercedes and Geely together. The Smart Electric SUV is to be traded in 2022.

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  1. OT:
    Today I have seen a new BMW Naktmull IXE in the company today – the responsible designer for this front should be tarred, sprung and banished from the village.

  2. The classic OEMs must accomplish a true feat. The turn to the BEV manufacturer. You must slowly reduce your Cashcow burners while driving the BEV production slowly. It should not go too fast, because otherwise the pillar breaks away. Besides, buy approx. 88% of the car buyers burners. If Mercedes would say tomorrow: we only sell BEV, then the previous customers would be hiking for competition. Or you would have to offer BEV, which also satisfies conservative burners buyers. That gets difficult. Many people still have absurd requirements for a BEV and are not ready to compromise.

    A Tesla has it easier. They exclusively build BEV and do not have to watch how to get rid of their oldload without breaking the neck. They only serve customers who are so satisfied with the product Bev as it is. You can focus on optimizing your product.


  3. The fairs are not yet sung.
    Just as the Covid vaccine in Germany is currently heavy towards 60, 70.. Percent, so I see the BEV quota on the market unfortunately flatten much earlier, namely significantly below 50 (40, 30?) Percent. Are quite typical curves – with initially pleasing, exponential increase and then as well as end terrain or. Fight with other hurdles.


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