Mercedes SL 2020: Information and pictures

Auto Insider: Mercedes SL 2020

Crunchy, more elegant, sportier – this is how Mercedes wants to build on old successes

Mercedes SL 2020: Information and pictures-2020
Computer drawing: Reichel Car Design This is how the next Mercedes SL could look

  • Site author Stefan Grundhoff

The last few years, when the Mercedes SL was only a shadow of itself, should be over from 2020. The new SL should be what it has been since the 1950s: noble, luxurious and desirable. Daimler also slim down his convertible program.

From 2020, Mercedes not only takes a new Mercedes SL to the customers who can finally look forward to an electric fabric roof again. The practical, but anything but chic folding roof is then a thing of the past. In addition, the Mercedes SL returns to its roots, becomes lighter and noble. But it is not done with a new SL. The Daimler managers want to significantly tighten the in-house portfolio of the topless models.

Mercedes clears his convertible segment significantly

The luxurious S-Class Cabriolet should not get a successor from 2020 with the introduction of the upcoming top model. The increasingly smaller number of convertibles between the individual models fragments too much. While other manufacturers have reduced their portfolio of mobile sun terraces to a minimum in recent years, the Stuttgarters expanded this significantly in 2016. In addition to the less successful Mercedes SL, the Swabians offer open versions of Smart Fortwo, C, E and S-Class as well as Mercedes SLC, Maybach G-Class Landaulet and AMG GT. For a long time, an open version of the entry-level model Mercedes A-Class was even in conversation, which was ultimately overturned.

V8 cruiser with sunglasses

Mercedes SL 2020: Information and pictures-mercedes

Site V8 cruiser with sunglasses

It should hardly remain with the end of the open S-Class, because the Mercedes SLC as the successor to the SLK is more a relic from the late 90s, which Daimler could do without. The open versions of C and E-Class are positioned too close together and take away the few interested parties. Here a model would be enough for four people and in view of the space and price level, a lot speaks for the continuation of the open E-Class. If you want it noble in the future, you will get in the 2+2-seat Mercedes SL. If you like it uncompromisingly sporty and alone for two, you will sit down in the AMG GT Roadster, whose successor should be positioned in a sporty direction McLaren and Ferrari.

The SL – Prachtmobil of the 50s

In the late 1950s, the 300 SL became the elegant, sporty magnificent mobile of the beautiful and rich, which were happy to help themselves in the sun and public. The open Mercedes 300 SL, especially with a view to the American market, derived from the spectacular wing door, heralded a success story that is second to none in the car industry. The emphasized sporty W198 started; The much more feminine W 121 followed and after the Pagoden Roadster (W 113) the Mercedes SL (meaning for sports light or super easy) was at the latest with the SL of the R 107 series built between 1971 and 1989 to the chrome-plated design icon.

Mercedes SL 2020: Information and pictures-M117 engine later SL500 R129
SP-X/Benjamin Bessinger Not an original, but still impressive: replica of the Mercedes 300 SL of the US racing driver Paul O’Shea

To date, it is one of the most beautiful roadsters that have ever been produced; Crowned with the US-proposed top model SL 560. Just like the four-door Mercedes S-Class, the SL was always a sign of its time. Just like the angular R 129 series with the indestructible plastic charm that was created for eternity. The successor generation of the R 230 was elegant and stuffed with high-tech, which delighted his fans in particular before the introduction of the glass building block headlights.

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Build on old successes through sporty- elegant design

The current Mercedes SL of the R 231 series is less innovation carrier than its predecessors and in terms of design, especially from the outside, a shadow of himself. Since then, the sales figures have been stumbling without great amplitudes and the average age of the drivers is probably well over 60 years. The pale optics got better after the model maintenance, but the open versions, S-Class and AMG GT Roadster made the top-withoutthlete in the wide Daimler portfolio more unnecessary than ever.

Mercedes SL 2020: Information and pictures-information
Dino Eisele / Daimler Mercedes 280 SL Pagoda W 113

With the successor, Mercedes wants to build on the old successes of the sun worshiper from 2020. The shapes become crisp, elegant and sportier. In itself, it would have been offered years ago to make the newly created Mercedes AMG GT / GT Roadster the SL of modern times – as once in the 50s / 1960s – and then just open. But the decisions were repeatedly delayed, AMG was to be strengthened and so the SL parked unpopular between the chairs. Find out here how much your used car is worth: for purists, the descent began in 2002 as Mercedes for the first time with a varioach. The folding roof, a big trend of the late 90s and early 2000s, is smiled at by many convertible and roadster fans to this day. The overly opulent back of the Mercedes SL could still be exceeded in the generation of the R 230. However, the SL has become more than 1.8 tons over the years. The current SL, at least around 150 kilograms at the end of 2011, has only become very common with the elegant eyes of the past decades. The lines in the style of the predecessor are too pale and inconspicuous.

Mercedes’ answer to the BMW X6!

Mercedes SL 2020: Information and pictures-2020

Site Mercedes’ answer to the BMW X6!

The engine spectrum currently offers six, eight and twelve cylinders with services between 367 and 630 hp. It should also remain with the successor with slight estates. All models should get the 48-volt sector network from the revised Mercedes S-Class as well as high-performance six, eight and twelve cylinders with nine-step machines and performance in abundance. Already in the previous generation there had been considerations to offer the SL with a hybrid module and on the other hand as an all -wheel drive version. As is well known, many of the customers drive the Mercedes SL as a year -round model. The hybridization should be done with the standard 48-volt technology until an electrical sports car with roadster derivative could be implemented in the medium term via the Submarke EQ. But the all -wheel drive seems to be set in the new SL despite the 55 kilograms of additional weight.

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  1. SL – What is the riot trend at the SL ?
    As an ex-owner of a SL 450 W107 model with the M117 engine and later a SL500 / R129 ! … As an ex-owner of a SL 450 W107 model with the M117 engine and later a SL500 / R129 model with the M119 engine, I always wonder why the SL currently has to be sporty. The R129 as a 600 with V12 was the top model and from sporting no trace, even my 500 was anything but sporty. It was all "cozy" Large, long -distance convertibles that brought nature into the car with relaxation and sovereignty and brought you to your destination safely and relaxed. So SL Cabrio ! If I wanted riot I would have got the 190e 2.5 Evo ! The current "Hand" SL have nothing to do with the cultivation of the older generations. The R129 was and sides my last SL.

  2. Convertible
    There is no other brand against an SLK from the 90s, there is no wobble, there are no problems if you maintain the car. Stands there like new and always delights. Never in life in the oh so healed world!

  3. I think foldable sheet metal roof is great
    After the roof was cut into my fabric roof convertible to steal a cheap radio. I switched to foldable sheet metal roof. That consumes more space but is safer to me. The tin roof is also more easy to care for than a fabric roof. Rust is hardly a problem with my folding roof, since this is made of aluminum. What annoys are the excessive prices for convertibles in Germany.

  4. Sales
    The SL has long been out of fashion and the clientele shows rioters on every corner with the GT or AMG foil slugs. Something is hardly visible from the Grober SL Image. The upper class floods itself.

  5. Mercedes
    Just don’t dare – against my (unfortunately long -sold pagoda) or the 300 SL of the 50s, the faceless current convertibles cannot stink. And in a sporting comparison, for example to a 911, these comfort-emphasized anti-sports cars of the SL series are sang and soundless. These are senior ships, perfectly built, but not more either. The word sports car does not fit there, the souped-up AMG-PS giants are enjoying. The Clan clientele of the Arabs. No, MetSedes, you have to do more than a disguised mini upgrade "not do too much"


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