Mercedes SL 2021: All information and pictures

Mercedes SL 2021

V8 cruiser of the old school: Mercedes brings a new SL

Mercedes SL 2021: All information and pictures-pictures
Daimler Mercedes AMG SL 2021

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Mercedes has not meant too well with his icon SL in recent years. The former figurehead of the Swabians only parked on the edge of the model portfolio. Finally there is a new edition – as a classic V8 and as a hybrid version.

The development of a Mercedes SL was put into the hands of AMG for the first time. This has less of this in exaggerated sportiness, but is because the Mercedes AMG SL should replace the AMG GT Roadster, which has become obsolete in the medium term.

AMG was almost the death blow for the SL

Years ago it had almost become a death blow for the former legend called Mercedes SL, who in the past decades the beautiful and rich come this world as well as sporty over the boulevards of the world. The past SL generation was moved again and again, was significantly late and was neither a leading player in terms of design nor technology.

Mercedes SL 2021: All information and pictures-mercedes
Daimler Mercedes AMG SL 2021

That should be different with the new Mercedes SL. This is optically oriented towards the current AMG GT Roadster with a pithy vertical cooler grille and lights in CLS design. Daimler will not be tired of underlining that the car has as little in common with the current AMG GT as with the previous SL, because it is based on a completely newly developed vehicle architecture.

Mercedes SL 2021: All information and pictures-information
Daimler Mercedes AMG SL 2021

Aluminum spaceframe, but no V12

The chassis constructed in bondaluminium structure consists of an aluminum space frame with a self-supporting structure. If one or the other customer had expected that the new Mercedes SL with its length of 4.71 meters would only come purely electrically, there was an all -clear more than two years ago. How so on how to put the SL on petrol power. However, why an image -strong V12 is missing in the model portfolio, which still drives the top models from Maybach or the armored Mercedes S 680 Guard, should remain a secret. At least you can breathe a sigh of relief because you are spared a highly charged four -cylinder with electrical support.

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Mercedes SL 2021: All information and pictures-pictures

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V8 engines or plug-in hybrid

The engine from the upcoming Mercedes AMG C63 would have fit in the long front car of the SL. But in 2023 a plug-in variant should add the current double pack.

Mercedes SL 2021: All information and pictures-mercedes
Daimler Mercedes AMG SL 2021

At the market launch, the Mercedes AMG SL initially rolls into the start in two V8 motorizations. The basic model is the well-known four-liter V8 double turbo as SL 55 4MATIC with 350 kW / 476 PS / 700 Nm, which accelerates the open 2+0-seater in 3.9 seconds to 100 km / h and a top speed of 295 km /h reached. The stronger version of the SL 63 4MATIC provides the similar V8 430 kW / 585 PS / 800 Nm and reach a maximum of 315 km / h. The standard consumption of the two obligatory all-wheel drive roadsters is 11.8 liters of great per 100 kilometers. As standard, it is not only rear wheel steering, six driving programs, all -wheel drive and automatic geriatrics, but also an electrical fabric roof for the first time. This can be opened and closed in 15 seconds up to a speed of 60 km/h.

V8 cruiser with sunglasses

Mercedes SL 2021: All information and pictures-apparently live another world They

Site V8 cruiser with sunglasses

The small V8 is equipped with a steel spring suspension with aluminum shock absorbers and lightweight screw springs. A five -steering axis works at the front and back. The SL 63, on the other hand, is installed a hydraulic roll stabilization, in which active hydraulic elements replace the mechanical transverse stabilizers and compensate for the body movements. The open SL with star rolls on 19-, 20- or 21-inch. The driver assistance systems are at the level of S- and E-Class.

2+2-seater, but actually a 2-seater

The almost 2000 kilogram Mercedes AMG SL offers little surprises inside. Although it is officially offered as a 2+2-seater, the seats should remain as empty as with the Porsche 911 and therefore only serve as an additional luggage rack. There are convenient air-conditioned leather seats that can be adjusted in many ways, animated instruments, head-up display and a central multimedia screen, the inclination of which can be adjusted electrically between 12 and 32 degrees. The cargo area holds between 213 and 240 liters.

In whisper mode against Lamborghini-Poser: i8 Roadster in the video test

Mercedes SL 2021: All information and pictures-mercedes

Site In whisper mode against Lamborghini-Poser: i8 Roadster in the video test

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  1. A joke
    Mercedes, BMW and other manufacturers apparently live in another world. They put on … Mercedes, BMW and other manufacturers apparently live in another world. They bring vehicles onto the market, whether combustion engine or electro with 2 tons and more weight and dimensions that may fit on American highways. In Germany, at least, neither the street widths (have recently also been shared with bicycle traces) nor the parking space dimensions are suitable for this. Apparently it is a huge business for the companies to throw these rolling tanks on the market. Fuel consumption or power consumption doesn’t matter. One comes from the petrol pump and the other from the socket.

  2. It seems more like they are
    live in another world. Otherwise they would have noticed that the vehicles of German manufacturers are not the most global and heaviest. American cars, often with thirsty V8 engines, are often much larger and heavier than the German vehicles. But you apparently have no problem with that. Then you probably call two measurements measuring. Just stay fair.

  3. SL doesn’t go away with super light
    Formerly the designation SL was the abbreviation for "Super light". Lightweight construction has been a foreign word at Mercedes since the 1950s. They cannot do that as little as aerodynamics. The designation SL is therefore a fashion pack, as is the model names and now.A. At BMW the at the rear z.B. With 320 shows, however, only have a 1.5 liter engine installed. Or a 2-tonner "Super light" It should be mentioned as well as dirty diesel emissions after treatment "Blue Tec" to call. Then "Blueness"= clean air is guaranteed not to come out of there. Perhaps the premium carmakers should start not selling customers for stupid.

  4. @Chowaniec
    A answer that you can work with. Since I, as a long -distance driver, complete most of my routes on the highway, the technique of recuperation does not use me. More appropriate in the city, on the highway, tons of electric cars drive to offer range that roughly earns the name. A way to the dead end, according to the study by the Fraunhofer Institute!

  5. Name is sound and smoke
    The SL is dead. The naming does not change that in which the abbreviation "SL" is hidden. The former SL philosophy was associated with a unrivaled market positioning. Classic SL buyers have not flirted with a Porsche or the like. They were only concerned with their personal SL grouping: 6, 8 or 12 cylinders. That had a club character. You were among yourself. By neglecting this uniqueness, the manufacturer has cheated on its regular customers. A SL was a investment. It was also not so much important to own the latest model. The status of belonging only counted to drive a unrivaled icon. It’s a shame that the manufacturer has not maintained this USP exclusivity. Today the SL has become lackluster.

  6. Yes it is clear.
    You have noticed that there are increasing exhaust gas regulations in many markets? How should Mercedes get past it, with a V12? It is rare in these times and courageously to build such a car with a pure V8 combustion. Where is that still? A Tesla, on the other hand, is only cheap -made zeitgeist manure for too much money that has long been scrap when the SL V8 rolls for a long time.

  7. S L stands easy for sport..
    So with almost 2 tons it is anything but easy. It may cut a good figure on the highway or on the promenade, but a tight country road in the Black Forest is certainly a ordeal for an active driver with the dimensions and weight.

  8. no,
    If it is not, I know from my own experience. But what a ordeal is for every active driver are the charging stops with the waiting times with an electric car. At least when you quickly get on that "narrow" Black Forest roads with many meters of altitude are on the road. There is a SL with an open roof much more fun than an emotion-free e-mobile.

  9. V8 ?
    Aua, our climate aphanists survive ? There is actually a car with a V8 in Germany ! There are certainly buyers for this, they then at least drive openly and relaxed into the imaginary end of the world !


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