Mercedes Vision EQXX – 1000 kilometers range

Mercedes Vision EQXX

Daimler wants the electric pre -ruling – with a range of 1000 kilometers

Mercedes Vision EQXX - 1000 kilometers range-kilometers
Daimler Mercedes Vision EQXX

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In the run -up to the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, Mercedes introduces a coupelimousine with the vision EQXX, which should easily create more than 1000 kilometers with a battery charge. Tesla should still be very impressed.

In itself, Daimler wanted to be the first car manufacturer in Las Vegas with the premiere of its EQXX -related technology study on the CES 2022 in Las Vegas, the electric model of which can cover a route of at least 1000 kilometers with a battery charge. The Stuttgarter snapped this target the Chinese Crossover Gac Aion LX Plus Weg a few weeks ago.

Chinese were faster than Daimler

But while the 4.84 meter long SUV for this route requires a gigantic battery with a capacity of 144.4 kWh, the future sedan of the Swabians is on the road with a battery pack that is large below 100 kWh. The fact that the unique piece can still cover such an advertising-effective route from Berlin to Paris without recharging, this ensures intelligent lightweight construction, modern technology modules and an aerodynamics that make you breath, because the CW value measures just 0.17.

Mercedes Vision EQXX - 1000 kilometers range-vision
Daimler Mercedes Vision EQXX

This means that the Mercedes EQXX sets a technological records like Volkswagen around ten years ago with its hybrid economy model XL 1, which at that time came out with less than one liter of fuel per 100 kilometers. Visually, the Mercedes EQXX is almost an old acquaintance, because its design is based on the remarkable IAA study of 2019, which was already secured with its extendable rear CW best values.

Better aerodynamics instead of more and more batteries

The excellent air resistance value can be seen in the 1750 kilogram electrical blunder, because in particular the flat front, the low roof line and the long rear, which is reminiscent of a long-tail racing car, there are signs that the fourth door is almost trying to dive under the headwind. In addition to the weight-optimized battery package in the underbody, the reduced weight enable an ultra-high steel body with numerous aluminum, CFRP and GfK modules.

Mercedes Vision EQXX - 1000 kilometers range-eqxx
Daimler Mercedes Vision EQXX

A 150 kW / 204 hp electric motor on the rear axle ensures that the Mercedes Vision EQXX is driven, which is at least 140 km / h in efficiency operation. The magnesium smear bikes have a lush 20-inch circumference, but are as narrow as possible with a width of 18.5 centimeters, similar to BMW i3 or VW XL 1.

Consumption under 10 kWh promised

The real consumption of the future model should be less than ten kilowatt hours per hundred kilometers more economical than with any other vehicle. “The Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX shows how we imagine the future of the electric car. In just one and a half years we developed the most efficient Mercedes of all time-with an energy consumption of less than 10 kWh per 100 kilometers, ”says Daimler CEO Ola Kallenius,“ The vision EQXX has a range of more than 1000 kilometers with a single load- Driven by a battery that would fit into a small car.“The chemistry of the anodes also has a large part in the increased energy density. Their higher silicon content and their composition allow to store significantly more energy than the anodes available so far.

Crash test with the Tesla Model Y: Video shows impressive pictures

Mercedes Vision EQXX - 1000 kilometers range-kilometers

Site Crash test with the Tesla Model Y: Video shows impressive pictures

Less volume, more storage capacity

The efficiency of the electric motor also set top marks, because 95 percent of the battery energy arrives on the four wheels. Knowhow from the in-house Formula 1 smithy helped the battery experts to compress the EQXX, which weighs almost 500 kilograms, to a compact format. The battery package of the vision model stores almost 100 kWh of energy with 50 percent less volume and 30 percent less weight than the current high -tech package in the Mercedes EQS. Not entirely new, but helpful when it comes to every kilometer of range: ultra -thin roof panels with 117 solar cells feed the battery system and ensure up to 25 kilometers of additional range. The Swabian Formula 1 team in British Brixworth also contributed the competence of the electronics suspension.

Cockpit close to the series

Inside, the EQXX is almost like a series vehicle. There are four individual seats, a narrow 47.5-inch display with 8K resolution that runs across the entire dashboard, and a center console with cup holders that underlines the puristic overall character still. In the future study, however, noble leather, like in Mercedes series models, is looking for unsuccessful-seat covers, cladding and carpets are produced animal-free and so the homely star heat is replaced by a high-tech-resilant. However, one must not be too big in the EQXX at the front or back, because the flat roof line sometimes cramps the head space noticeable. The carpets consist 100 percent of rapidly renewable bamboo fiber.

Mercedes Vision EQXX - 1000 kilometers range-mercedes
Daimler Mercedes Vision EQXX

While it is still being tested in Stuttgart, it is already being built in Grunheide

The Mercedes Vision EQXX is still a single piece, but it is already scrubbing the first kilometer in the testing company. However, its technologies should find its way into future series models in a variety of ways. This applies to the recycled materials as well as to the efficient drive, low-on-board streams or the 900-volt-sector network. "The technology program that is behind the EQXX Vision will redefine and enable future models and vehicle functions from Mercedes-Benz," says Daimler Development Board Markus Schafer.

The pressure on the manufacturer is of course great – as the embarrassment in Las Vegas shows through the Chinese, no longer just from Tesla. The Americans still have no 1000 kilometer cars, but around 600 are already in there; In contrast to the most Daimler models with battery. The Stuttgarter have successful plug-in hybrids like the A-Class in the program, but the power is missing from the pure streamers. The SUV EQC is a range flop, the electric S-Class EQs is better-but not a mass car.

Daimler’s feasibility study is impressive, but similar progress is in rivals such as Tesla, Xpeng, Lucid, Nio, Rivian and Co. also to be expected or already announced. If the Swabians want to get the electrical leadership and thus defend their premium claim in the upper class, the new technology must quickly become ready for series production.

German electricity is twice as expensive as abroad: that’s the reason

Mercedes Vision EQXX - 1000 kilometers range-kilometers

Site German electricity is twice as expensive as abroad: that’s the reason

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  1. Very nice study
    Now it is important to bring some of them into the series. It’s just a shame that the essentials … Now it is important to bring some of them into the series. It’s just a shame that the essential innovation driver is the battery and was not developed by Daimler, but has to be bought by Catl and thus has to be bought with value creation in Asia and also not a unique selling point (if you have not bought it very expensive).

  2. In other news
    Wow, now it has finally been recognized that you can not only screw it together in order to continue to be able to offer premium products. From 2024, Daimler now wants to manufacture the electric drives themselves. Late, but better than never.

  3. Luxury brand
    I understand your comment. But Mercedes actually represents a luxury brand and therefore does not build cars for the mass. The Volkswagen should actually do. But there the company name is no longer in the foreground. VW also no longer builds cars for the “normal people”

  4. The whole thing is a advertising work without content
    A lot is announced for in 2 years …What will come in 2 years then nobody can pay anyway, apart from that, I doubt a consumer 8kW/h to 100km, this would be necessary with an 80kW/h battery. The EQS is already a flop of the real range to announce …So now Mercedes is trying to give the project a positive image …Overall a laughing number, too bad

  5. First deliver
    What counts is what can also be ordered in the car dealership and then for what price. The VW 1 liter joke has no 5 seats and also no large trunk. In terms of price, also very severely withdrawn. The CW value may be important. For me, however, more counts how I sit in and what I can charge. If you have a garden, you need a delivery service at your hand in these studies. My first car had 40ps and was only minimally slower. For a Mercedes that regulates at 140km/h, I can also buy a lada. I wouldn’t want to drive faster with that either. But the Lada doesn’t tear me so big hole in the wallet. You can also buy a new Lada every 3 years and you still save on these Mercedes.

  6. Exactly, deliver first.
    Just like with Tesla the cybertruck or semitruck. I bet the Daimler is much closer to reality than the Tesla vehicles mentioned.

  7. All brands marketing
    then nothing. Audi’s Elektrohit GT costs a mere € 100.000 basic price and is advertised with "lead through technology". The addition is missing: "only for rich". The Daimler will never be able to get under such a tariff, what is that supposed to do?

  8. No, Mr. Harper
    Is not Tesla, not for me and many others. And obsessed with Tesla are people like you, I don’t think anything of the company. This is not arrogant but the truth. The fact that you do not want to recognize the difference is just your problem. Someone who wants to drive EQs laughs at Tesla. And yes, there are people who don’t want Tesla, more than they admit.

  9. technology
    We see technology is developing further and further! Less power consumption, longer ranges, shorter loading times. All of these things will continue to progress and at some point will continue to find their way into series vehicles. In ten to 20 years, no one talking about diesel.

  10. The further, the further?
    If you buy or read an electric car as a company as a company, you can save yourself so much money that you can treat yourself to a Mercedes instead of a VW. I also enjoy that I no longer have to put the plug in every two days in order to always have 80 km range than safety. But as a second car with a parking lot and electricity, small e-cars are also highly recommended. Every E-Auto owner can apply for the THG quote and receive € 300. Not to be forgotten is tax exemption. No wearing parts and much less maintenance also saves money. The THG quota and tax exemption already make 7 to 10 thousand km at € 0.3 per kw "for free"! After deducting the funding (€ 6,000), there are already e-cars for € 11,000 ! For few drivers, the 200 km are sufficient for a load. One like that, the other like that.

  11. 144 kW battery. More aerodynamic cars.
    Means deeper, flat e.T.C. For the aging population, the desired. If you have to peel yourself out of a mini. For pulling up the door, the strength is missing in old age. And roll out of a car, like in a funny YouTube video, will not work either. The SUV does not have such aisle for nothing. But no matter, the old die away and then there is no more. How sang Pippi long stocking again? I also read nothing about how long this huge battery is charged. Certainly in a very short time. All in all, once again praise for praise for a desired technology. You can also afford this miracle car? After deducting all subsidies, it is certainly cheaper than a Dacia. Widdewidde I like it. Once again Pippi.

  12. You could save yourself a big battery
    The battery madness should be easy to end. For what reason the manufacturers defend themselves according to a battery system that works with exchange batteries. The owner would always be on the latest battery and can replace the battery at a change station within 50 minutes. But everyone has to cook their own soup. Let’s see how Nio will position itself in Europe.They have such a system. And I think that could prevail.

  13. Mr. Bombeck
    I am firmly convinced that only a manufacturer’s cross-manufacturer’s battery change system will bring e-mobility where you would like to have it. It will be developed in Asia and the European car manufacturers will pay patent fees to the Asians because they go to bl…. such a system are to be set up. I only buy e-cars when there is such a system.

  14. people
    Comes down from the rangwide madness and the huge battery. That is a lived Schw…. . S sit together, develop a scalable, cross-manufacturer’s battery change system, store battery research and production, let the battery manufacturer build the required change and charging infrastructure, as well as the recycling capacities and build cars instead of batteries. Cars that drive 20-30 years without problems that adapt to new battery technology and keep up with new battery techniques. Cars without planned obscene science. Without these huge, soon no longer manageable batteries. The ranging madness loses importance and e-mobility becomes a bit more suitable and sustainable and Tesla can pack up. If only the greed of money wasn’t…


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