Mercedes VISION EQXX: Most efficient Mercedes ever?

Mercedes VISION EQXX: Most efficient Mercedes ever?-eqxx

The Stuttgart-based company wants to present nothing less than the most efficient Mercedes-Benz of all time in the coming year. We were able to look at the Vision EQXX some time ago, have received more details a few days ago and get now tasted that the stromer as a hyper-efficient electric car with a range of over 1.000 km to come to the street. Possible this, because you have everything on efficiency in this alignment.

“The software-based research prototype is the most efficient electric vehicle that has ever built the brand with the star. He is a statement that underlines both the innovation power of Mercedes-Benz and the leadership claim for electromobility and vehicle software, “says Mercedes-Benz in his official message. Life was breathed to the Vision EQXX through the cooperation of interdisciplinary development teams. These have made the Vision EQXX possible in record time.

The automobile manufacturer plans to use the vehicle to test new technologies to improve the efficiency of its electric vehicles. The vehicle is currently under the project name VISION EQXX. It sees itself as part of a far-reaching technology program of Mercedes-Benz to overcome technological barriers and to lead energy efficiency into new dimensions. As the car manufacturer goes on to say, the Stromer shows what progress is possible if you think about the basics. This includes improvements to all components of the state-of-the-art electric powertrain and the use of lightweight and sustainable materials. With a wealth of intelligent efficiency measures and future-oriented software, Mercedes-Benz goes beyond the previous limits of efficiency with the VISION EQXX.

Markus Schafer, COO of Mercedes-Benz, said in a previous announcement that the new vehicle will be equipped with battery cells with a 20% higher energy density than in the EQS. The technological advances from the VISION EQXX are to be transferred to the new vehicle architectures from Mercedes-Benz.

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5 thoughts on “Mercedes VISION EQXX: Most efficient Mercedes ever?”

  1. I believe that Mercedes has a lot of competence in this field. To my knowledge, you have the two current record holder among the serial vehicles in your portfolio, the A-Class Sedan and the CLA Coupe with an air resistance better than 0.49 sqm. There is still something and 0.44 sqm is available with findings from the EQs.

    If you find the components fine and realized on the battery a slightly higher energy density, the 1000 km in it without storage space through a giant batteries are losing. Slowly the German Engineering takes over ..

  2. Now we want to wait for what Mercedes really puts on the legs – I wish you only the best!

    Funny is that the “Germany fan boys”
    Here, after a press release of the manufacturer, everything already as achieved, what you always manufacturers – loose from the hip – arranging.

    For David and Egon, in addition to the post-factory world, it also seems to give a prefactist world at the same time.

    That’s nice – so in the Christmas season &# 128521;

  3. Just as an aside, if Mercedes hadn’t commissioned Tesla to electrify their Smart back then (with a high amount of millions/order), where would Tesla be today? They were in a very bad position at the time. I know I’m about to get a lot of thumbs down, but think first, then judge. Mercedes may not have believed in the speed of e-mobility itself, but it kept its mouth shut, unlike Mr. Matthias Muller from VW. With his condescending manner about Elon Musk, one could only wonder at the time. I’ve been an entrepreneur in a small business for over 30 years, but no matter what your position, you should never underestimate your competitors. Elon Musk has made a huge change and that’s good for the entire industry.
    The E-Technician (Elektrolurch)

  4. In announcements and studies, the German manufacturers are at the forefront. At the share of BEV and PHEV models in the overall market shows the actual state of electrification. In the small car and middle class segment, German vehicles are e.g.B. e-Up not available or. have software problems. Thanks to the expensive German luxury class SUVs and limousines, e-mobility is still a luxury good. I praise the Zoe, 208e, etc.


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