Mercedes working with ProLogium on solid state battery

Mercedes working with ProLogium on solid state battery-working

Mercedes-Benz is set to take big strides into the all-electric future. We also enter into partnerships for this. Together with ProLogium, they are committed to the development of next-generation battery cells. It is planned that a solid-state battery can be used in the coming years. In terms of time, the deployment is probably seen as realistic in the second half of the decade.

Mercedes-Benz plans to become fully electric by 2030. At least wherever market conditions allow. Through partnerships with leading companies, Mercedes-Benz is actively driving its research and development activities in the rapidly developing field of solid-state technology in order to achieve rapid advances in battery technology and to ensure access to the latest technologies. In the case of the solid state battery, this is to be done together with ProLogium.

Markus Schafer, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz AG, Chief Technology Officer responsible for Development and Purchasing, classifies the cooperation as follows: “Efficiency and range are the new industry benchmarks for electric cars. Solid state technology has the potential to significantly reduce battery size and weight. By working with partners such as ProLogium, Mercedes-Benz is accelerating the development of innovative battery technologies for the automotive sector – for the benefit of our customers.”

ProLogium’s CEO and founder Vincent Yang comments on the cooperation: “We have been working with Mercedes-Benz on testing our battery cells for electric vehicles since 2016 and look forward to strengthening and further deepening the partnership. Together with Mercedes-Benz, we want to work on the effective use of our safe and powerful solid-state battery cells and on meeting the standards for Mercedes-Benz top quality.He also explains that his company believes that innovative technology must be supported by the scalability of production. We now want to tackle this together.

As part of the development partnership, Mercedes-Benz will have a seat on the ProLogium Board of Directors. With the capital investment, Mercedes-Benz is strengthening the further development of battery technology and the partner’s planned expansion of production capacities in Europe. As a side note, China’s e-car start-up NIO has been collaborating with the solid-state specialist since 2019.

As of today, ProLogium claims to hold a total of 129 patents in China, the USA, Korea, Japan, Great Britain and the European Union. NIO itself had proven in the past that batteries are thought of differently and further. Prior to the collaboration with NIO, ProLogium Technology also agreed to collaborate with Enovate Motors during the Shanghai Auto Show in April 2019. In addition, a strategic cooperation agreement has now been signed with AIWAYS to jointly carry out tests and studies on ProLogium Technology’s exclusive MAB solid-state battery solution.

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